10 Top-Rated 12V Campervan Fans

Adequate ventilation is crucial to creating a comfy living environment inside a campervan. Having a dedicated 12V fan doing your bidding is the best way to improve airflow and keep cool during the sweltering summer months. So, which of the top-rated 12V campervan fans should you pick?

The top 12V campervan fans include Dometic Fantastic Vent – 2250, Fiamma Turbo Vent with Thermostat, Dometic Fantastic Vent 7350, MaxxAir Deluxe 7500, and 2012 RV Roof Vent. These roof-mounted fans are highly efficient, have inbuilt thermostats and variable speeds.

This article explains why you need a 12V fan in your campervan and why 12V cooling fans are the best option. We’ll top it off with our picks for the best 12V fans for campervans. After reading the article, you’ll be more confident when installing a cooling fan in your campervan.

Why Do I Need a 12V Fan for My Campervan?

To answer this question satisfactorily, we’d need to look at the electrical system in a typical RV or campervan.

A campervan comes with two electrical systems:

  • A 120-volt AC system or shore power. This electrical system activates when you plug the RV into a 20-, 30-, or 50-amp power source. It feeds power to your major appliances while recharging your reserve batteries.
  • 12-volt DC reserve batteries. It’s the most crucial electrical system in a campervan and is powered by a series of 12-volt DC batteries. The deep cycle batteries are connected in series to increase the battery’s strength.

The 12-volt DC house battery system in the campervan powers the appliances, including the fan. The system needs good batteries and a charging system. Your campervan comes with a power converter that converts 120-volt AC when plugged into shore power into 12-volt DC power.

You need a 12V fan for your campervan because it allows you to run and power the fan from the van’s house battery system. It means you get to use the fan when you’re boondocking or dry camping, away from shore power, and without a generator.

A 12V fan is ideal because it’s entirely powered by your camper’s battery reserve, saving you the need and cost to run a generator for an extended period.

What Makes a 12V Cooling Fan Better Than Other Cooling Fans?

Direct current fans come with voltage values of 5V, 12V, 24V, and 48V and the ability to run them depends on the voltage capacity of your battery.

Naturally, high voltage battery systems are required to run the more powerful 24-volt and 48-volt fans.

Matching the fan to the battery system’s output is the best way to determine a fan’s voltage. Matching the fan’s consumption to the power supply ensures the fan runs safely and efficiently while increasing its lifespan.

For instance, powering a 12V fan with a 5V power supply causes it to spin at a lower than average speed. Some fans can’t operate if the voltage is too low.

On the flipside, powering a 5V rated fan with a 12V supply would cause it to run twice its speed, causing it to overload and fail.

A 12V fan matches the camper van’s battery system voltage and allows it to operate at maximum efficiency. Such a fan has low power consumption and won’t drain the battery, which will enable you to run it for a long time.

10 Best 12V Fans for Campervans

1. Dometic Fantastic Vent – 2250

You can’t go wrong with the Dometic roof vent if you need a capable fan to improve airflow in your campervan. This powerful and capable 12V fan effortlessly lets you create a serene environment in your campervan.

Despite its compact build, Dometic Fantastic vent is a 10-blade fan with three-blade speeds – low, medium, and high. Variable blade speeds coupled with an in-built thermostat are crucial in letting you maintain the ideal temperature.

The high-performance rotary fan is ideal for pet owners or if you like to sleep with the fan running. It lets you maintain the perfect on-board temperature even when you’re away from the campervan for an extended period.

The thermostat helps maintain a constant temperature, so your campervan is never too hot or cold.

A hand reverse switch on the campervan roof vent fan puts you in charge of the airflow. A quick flip of the switch reverses the direction of airflow as the fan draws air into the campervan.

Bottom Line: The Dometic Fantastic vent fan is an excellent choice if you wish for total control of your campervan’s internal environment. The compact, 10-blade fan comes with an in-built thermostat and variable speed setting. With the proper setting, you get to cool your campervan on automatic.


  • 10-blade fan. The fan is well-balanced to accommodate all the blades resulting in a quiet, highly effective fan. The compact blades have a superior alignment, allowing the fan to produce less ambient noise as it moves through the air.
  • Easy installation. The RV fan weighs one pound and fits in the standard 14 x 14-inch aperture in most campervans. A few screws, sealant and butyl tape is all you need to install the fan on your camper.
  • Variable speed setting. Three-speed settings – high, medium, and low – let you adjust the airflow in the campervan to suit your needs. You can have it running full tilt during the day and slow it as you turn in for the night.  
  • In-built thermostat. A thermostat lets you keep the campervan at an ideal temperature regardless of the ambient weather. It saves you the need to keep fiddling with the fan’s control. It lets you automate the entire climate control process.
  • Airflow control. A reversible airflow control button on the fan means you don’t suffer unpleasant odors and fumes. You can reverse the airflow and push the fume-laded air outside the van or have it pull clean, crisp air from outside.
  • Quiet operation. The unit hums quietly as it moves air around the campervan, so you can leave it running during the night. It’s ideal if you’re a light sleeper and won’t subject you to sleepless nights.
  • Low energy consumption. A 12V RV fan consumes about 2 amp of power and is unlikely to drain your reserve batteries. That means you can keep the fan running for a long time without running out of power.
  • Set and forget. You only need to set your preferred fan speed and temperature on the thermostat, then leave the unit to handle the rest—no more fiddling with the fan during your camping trips.
  • Handy manual knob. You have the option to open the hood cover manually if you wish or the remote malfunctions.


  • Requires installation. Installing the fan on the campervan might pose a challenge if you lack the skills or if the van has a differently sized aperture.
  • Manual opening. You need to open and close the hood cover manually each time to operate the fan.

2. Fiamma Turbo Vent With Thermostat

If you’re a light sleeper and a noisy vent fan can result in sleep deprivation, The Fiamma turbo vent is just the thing for you. This powerful, Italian-made vent is about the quietest campervan fan on the market. You can be assured of peaceful night rests even when you leave the fan running on its lowest speed setting.

Fiamma fan also comes with Polar Control System, a super cool feature that lowers the fan’s power consumption by up to 50%. The highly efficient system also regulates the airflow depending on the temperature inside the campervan.

The vent fan comes with an in-built mosquito screen to keep bugs, leaves, and other debris from gaining access into the van. That means you can keep the unit running while the campervan is in motion without damaging the fan.

Bottom Line: The Fiamma Turbo Vent is an ideal choice when looking for a powerful, efficient, and quiet fan that won’t keep you up at night. You can trust the Italian-made vent fan not to drain your batteries even after running through the night. You can prop it up as you drive without worrying about damage, debris, or high winds.


  • Excellent build quality. The unit is made from superior material and craftsmanship by a leading Italian giant Fiamma.
  • Lower power consumption. An innovative circuit mechanism increases the fan’s efficiency while reducing power consumption. The unit consumes up to 50% lower power than a standard RV fan.
  • Shock-resistant. Durable construction and sturdy hook anchors let you drive with the hood up with the risk of impact damage.
  • UV-resistant. The fan housing and cover are made of UV-resistant materials and so won’t fade and lose their luster with constant sun exposure.
  • Quiet operation. The Fiamma Turbo tops the class of the most silent RV fans on the market. You’re unlikely to hear the fan hum when running in its lowest setting.
  • In-built thermostat. Setting the thermostat lets the fan kick into gear and cease operation once the camper van’s temperature reaches the set threshold.
  • Manual central arm. A centrally placed level raises and lowers the outside vent. The central location offers additional stability against high winds when cruising down the highway.  
  • In-built mosquito screen. You never have to suffer pesky bugs during your camping tricks if you fail to lower the hood. The screen keeps away the bugs, grime, and debris.
  • Vent housing cover. The aerodynamic hood cover keeps the rain away without increasing the camper van’s drag and ruining your fuel consumption.


  • Manual controls. All the fan’s controls are on the unit itself, which can be a tad inconveniencing as you must walk up to the unit to change the settings.

3. Dometic Fantastic Vent 7350

If you prefer a hands-free approach to maintaining a comfy environment within your campervan, you’re better off with a Dometic Fantastic Vent 7350. This rugged yet compact, 10-blade fan fits the bills of tranquil van life. It boasts all the features of the Dometic Fantastic vent 2250 but with an added convenience.

The vent fan couples three-speed settings and an in-built thermostat with the power of a remote controller. Never again will you need to pause whatever you’re doing to adjust your climate setting. The remote puts the fan’s entire operation at your fingertips.

What’s more, the 7350 comes with a fully automated fan and intelligent rain sensor. Never again will you pull over or get out of bed to manually close the vent cover. A quick press of a button on the remote is all it takes to keep the camper van’s interior dry during a rainstorm.

Bottom Line: The Dometic Fantastic 7350 is a luxurious campervan cooling solution for campers who value comfort and convenience. The fully automated vent fan lets you maintain fresh air and temperature at the touch of a button. An intelligent rain sensor means that you never have to contend with wet décor and the resultant water damage.


  • Fully automated operation. All the fan’s processes, including raising and lowering the hood and setting the speeds, are fully automatic.
  • 10-blade fan. High blade count creates a streamlined, highly efficient fan that runs quietly with minimal ambient sound.
  • Rain sensor. The hood cover lowers automatically when the rain sensor gets wet to protect your valuables. The hood stays closed if there’s water on the sensors to open when the rain sensors are no longer wet.
  • Automatic hood cover. A quick flip of a button is all it takes to raise and lower the vent cover on this RV fan. However, it comes with a manual control button to complement the remote control.
  • In-built thermostat. The thermostat is an effortless way to control the camper’s temperature by automating the fan’s speed and operation.
  • Manual on-board hood switch. A manual control lets you raise and lower the hood cover if you happen to misplace the handy remote controller.
  • Quality build and materials. The 7350 is a high-end RV vent fan from Dometic Fantastic brand. It’s built with superior materials and excellent craftsmanship and design.
  • Noiseless operation. The efficient motor pushes the fans noisily to let you keep the fan running through the night without ruining your beauty sleep.


  • Noisy hood cover. Raising the hood emits a considerable amount of noise, but that’s common in most RV vent fans.
  • Requires installation. It takes skills and knowledge to mount this fan on your camper van’s roof successfully.

4. MaxxAir Deluxe 7500

The MaxxAir Deluxe 7500 is an ideal choice when you need a complete RV ventilation system for your campervan. The unit combines a vent, fan, and rain shield into a compact design. All operations of this roof-mounted 12V fan are automated to afford you greater peace of mind.

It features a 10-speed exhaust and intake fan to ensure a ready supply of fresh air quickly and eliminate fumes and odors. An inbuilt thermostat affords you the luxury of keeping your van’s interior at your exact preferred temperature.

The hood cover is mounted with two sturdy lifting arms to ensure that it doesn’t flutter or rattle in the wind as you speed down the highway. The hood closes to a compact, aerodynamic design to reduce your campervan drag.

Bottom Line: The MaxxAir Deluxe 7500 is a powerful and luxurious vent fan that lets you get the most of the campervan lifestyle. It comes with a 10-speed setting and fully automated features, including closing and lowering of the hood—this vent fan couples luxury and functionality to give you the best value for your money.


  • Complete RV ventilation system. The unit comprises a vent, hood, and fan capable of exhausting fume and simultaneously drawing in the fresh air.  
  • Superior design and build. As a high-end campervan vent fan, the Maxxfan boasts excellent craftsmanship resulting in a low-profile aerodynamic design. It won’t protrude high above your campervan and ruin aesthetic appeal.
  • Automated operations. MaxxFan Deluxe is the epitome of hands-free operations. You can operate the entire unit without touching the on-board controls, including raising and lowering the hood.
  • Sturdy hood cover. The sturdy, impact-resistant vent cover is securely held in place with two struts. The hood won’t rattle and shake or create a ruckus when cruising down the highway.
  • 10-blade fan. Multiple fan blades contribute to the unit’s quiet operations, which is ideal for catching some sleep or working.
  • Varied speed settings. The fan’s ten-speed granular settings give you more options when customizing the airflow in the campervan.   
  • Ships with mounting hardware. You don’t incur additional expenses or run the bad installation risk since the unit ships with all the mounting hardware.
  • Flush mounted. The vent fan sits low on your camper’s roof and boasts a streamlined design. It’ll not ruin your van’s aesthetic appeal or your fuel consumption.
  • Quiet operation. The fan is relatively quiet even on higher speed settings but virtually noiseless on the lower settings. You can leave it running overnight without waking up a baby.
  • Fully-enclosed. The entire unit is encased, so you don’t worry about debris or the weather. You can have the unit humming along during a rainstorm and enjoy a conditioned living environment.


  • Requires installation. You need considerable skills and knowledge to mount the vent fan on your camper van’s roof. Poor installation can ruin the unit and damage your roof.

5. 2012 RV Roof Vent

The 2012 RV vent fan is an ideal choice when looking to combine convenience and comfort on each campervan trip. The 12V RV vent fan is fully automated to allow for hands-free operations. A quick touch on the remote controller lets you control the unit’s entire process, including raising and lowering the hood at your fingertips.

The vent fan comes with ten powerful blades and a reverse airflow function to ensure a steady supply of fresh air in the campervan. The in-built thermostat lets you keep the van at your most ideal temperature regardless of the weather.

The 2012 RV vent fan boasts a built-in rain sensor that will lower the hood cover on sensing the rain to keep your van and belonging safe and dry. It’ll automatically raise the cap as soon as the rain abates to ensure you have clean, fresh air.

Bottom Line: The 2012 automatic RV vent fan is just what you need to complement an idyllic campervan life. It’s well-built and fully automated to give full control of your van’s internal climate. The rain sensor means you’ll never contend with the aftermath of rainwater getting all over your belongings.


  • Reliable, compact build. The low-profile fan feels solid and is made from high-quality plastics to increase durability and improve its lifespan.  
  • Automated functions. Each of the unit’s operations down to raising and lowering the hood cover is automated.
  • Remote controller. The remote control lets you access the unit if installed in awkward or hard-to-reach places. It also allows you to control the airflow from any part of the van, including the bed.
  • In-built thermostat. A thermostat lets the vent fan double as a climate controller. You can automate the fan’s operation to revolve around keeping the campervan at your most preferred temperature.
  • 10-blade fan. Fans with many fan blades are more efficient and operate noiselessly to give you peace of mind.
  • Rain sensor. The hood will lower automatically when the sensors detect the rain and raise it once the rain abates to ensure a steady supply of fresh air.
  • Reverse airflow. You can set the unit to purge the fumes or sour aromas from the campervan after a heavy cooking session.
  • Standard size. The fan will fit in the standard 14 x 14 -inch roof vents found in most campervans.
  • Small fan apertures. The openings on the fan and its housing are about 1 mm in size to protect your space from invasive bugs.
  • Low noise operation. The vent fan 12V motor drives the fan blades smoothly and noiselessly to create a quiet, serene environment in your camper.


  • Bulkier than most models. The unit weighs 12.8 pounds and rides higher than most other models

You shouldn’t have a miserable summer if you’re not ready to replace the vent fan on your camper just yet. You can have your pick from the various portable 12V RV fans and enjoy a steady supply of clean, fresh air during your camping trips.

Unlike the vent fans, portable 12V RV fans require no installation. You only need to plug them into a power source, usually the lighter socket, for them to work.

Portable RV fans provide a cost-effective yet efficient cooling solution when you’re living off the grid.

6. Sirocco II 12V Portable RV Fan

You can’t go wrong with the Sirocco II when you need a compact portable RV fan that won’t drain your batteries yet deliver reliable performance. This beautiful mobile RV fan boasts a 3-speed setting to give you greater control over the airflow inside your campervan.

It comes with a 360-degree airflow capability to deliver a stream of cool air inside the campervan despite the mounting position. Such versatility comes in handy if you choose to mount the fan permanently in a campervan. It means no jostling to sit under the fan on a hot day as it cools the entire space.

The portable fan comes with four timer settings to let you customize the airflow to your liking. It also enables you to program the fan to turn off or change the rotation speed as you fall asleep. It runs quietly to let you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep as it doesn’t exceed 45db in the highest setting.

Bottom Line: The Sirocco fan is an excellent portable RV fan with flawless operations. It’s programmable and comes with four timer settings, low power consumption, and quiet operations. The fan will never ruin your sleep or drain your battery reserves despite running all night.


  • Minimalist build. The American-made fan sports a minimalist design that adds to its functional appeal. The beautiful design makes the fan lightweight.
  • Programmable. It has four timer settings, so you can set it to turn off after 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours. That’s useful when turning in for the night or leaving the camper van for a while.
  • Innovative gimbal design. The unique gimbal allows the fan to provide a 360-degree airflow to keep all the campers cool.
  • Noiseless operation. The fan is ultra-quiet, thanks to its flawless motor and minimalist design.
  • Low power consumption. The fan draws 0.13 to 0.36 amps from your batteries, so you’ll never run the risk of draining your reserve.  
  • Three-speed setting. Unlike most of the fans in its class, the Sirocco fan comes with three-speed settings – low, medium, and high.
  • Lightweight. The fan weighs a mere two pounds, allowing you to mount it on just about any surface in the campervan.
  • Easy installation. You can opt to mount the fan permanently or as a stand-alone cooling device since it comes with a handy base.
  • 12V/24V sensing. The fan automatically detects the camper van’s power supply to allow the proper wattage.


  • Not very powerful. Even at full speed, the fan generates a gentle breeze that can’t cool an entire campervan.

7. Transcool EC3 Evaporative Cooler

When you need a fan that does more than just moving air around the campervan, the Transcool EC3 evaporative cooler will come in handy. The miniaturized evaporative cooler is a squarish plastic box with four outlet vents on three sides and an in-built water tank.

The science behind the evaporative cooler is quite simple – the fan blows air over water-soaked pads to produce a cooling effect. To use the Transcool evaporative cooler, you only need to fill the tank with water and set the speed.

The fan not only pushes the air around but also produces a cooling effect to lower the temperatures inside your campervan quickly—the unit ships with a 12-volt cigarette lighter plug and a 240-volt to 12-volt transformer.

Bottom Line: The Transcool EC3 is an innovative fan that doubles as a cooler to let you control the temperature inside your campervan. It’s a better alternative to a regular fan since it runs on 12V and uses water as a coolant. You can use the evaporative cooler to cool your home as well.


  • Beautiful compact design. It comes in a unique squarish design to give it a sort of sophisticated appeal. The shape allows you to set the fan on the passenger seat and enjoy its cooling power.
  • Uses water as a coolant. In addition to moving air around, the fan regulates the camper’s temperature using cold water as a coolant.
  • Power-efficient power consumption. The fan’s small and compact motor will barely dent your battery reserve despite running for a long time. You can have multiple units running in the camper and still not drain your batteries.
  • No installation is necessary. The Transcool EC3 is a self-contained unit and requires no installation. It fits in the lighter socket and comes with a long power cord and stepdown transformer.
  • Cooler than a regular fan. It’s way cooler than a typical fan because of its fancy shape and the ability to regulate and control the temperature.
  • Low voltage cut-off. The Transcool EC3 can detect when your batteries are running low on power and shutdown to avoid draining them.
  • In-built water tank. Despite its dainty size, the fan comes with an inbuilt 1.8 water reservoir. For extended cooling, the manufacturer offers a 5-liter auxiliary tank.
  • Uses 12V, 24V, or AC mains power. You can use the innovative fan to keep cool on the road and at a campsite or home because it connects to the power main.
  • Variable speeds and adjustable vents. You can adjust the fan’s speed and the orientation of each of the four vents to suit your cooling needs.


  • Not very powerful. You’d need several units to cool a large campervan since the fan isn’t very powerful.
  • Can be noisy. The Transcool EC3 is noisy at full speed, but there’s hardly a need to run it at that speed.

8. HueLiv 12V RV Portable Fan

The HueLiv car fan is the ideal cooling solution for maintaining a steady airflow in your campervan without draining your batteries. The circular car fan with adjustable speeds measures 5.9-inches (15 cm) in diameter and won’t take up precious space in your van.

The highly efficient RV fan runs on a quiet and super-efficient copper motor and will hardly dent your power supply. It uses an innovative suction cup mechanism to anchor anywhere in the campervan. A 360-degree rotation and variable speeds keep everyone in the van cool.

The HueLiv RV fan packs a punch and moves a considerable amount of air despite its small size. It packs enough power to cool a large campervan, and its noiseless operations won’t distract you while sleeping or driving. You can mount it on the windshield without the risk of damage.

Bottom Line: The HueLiv 12V RV fan is an ideal choice when looking for a powerful yet discrete cooling solution for your campervan. It comes with a highly efficient copper motor for flawless operation and won’t drain your reserve batteries. An innovative suction cup lets you mount the car fan anywhere in the van.


  • Unique circular design. The circular design makes for a compact miniature fan that moves air in every direction.  
  • Small-sized. Due to their small size and unique design, you can mount several of these fans in tight spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, or partitioned sleeping areas.
  • Innovative suction cup. The robust suction cup enables you to mount the fan on any surface of the camper to meet your unique cooling needs.
  • 100% pure copper motor. Copper fan motors are renowned for efficiency and durability, so this fan will serve you for a long time.
  • Lower power consumption. The fan will hardly dent your camper’s battery reserves to ensure a steady supply of fresh air. You can use several units without straining your camper’s power supply.
  • Quality material. The fan is built from high-quality and durable plastic materials that won’t crack or wear out with continued usage.
  • Stepless speed regulation. A handy speed controller lets you shift between fan’s speeds effortlessly and cool your immediate environment.
  • Easy installation. The fan lugs in the lighter socket and comes with a long power cord.
  • 360-degree airflow. The fan makes a 360-degree rotation to make for easy mounting and a greater cooling effect.
  • Quiet operation. You can leave the fan running as you turn in for the night and enjoy your beauty sleep thanks to its noiseless operation.


  • Not very powerful. The fan won’t cool a large area due to its small motor.

9. Hopkins Go Gear Oscillating 12v RV Fan

When you need a handy way to improve your campervan’s airflow and eliminate smells, you can’t go wrong with the Hopkins oscillating fan. The two-pounds portable fan provides continuous airflow to keep you cool on the hottest of days.

The dash-mountable car fan plugs into the standard power outlet in your campers and oscillates 90-degrees to keep everyone cool. It’s made from durable materials, comes with a rugged design, and will withstand daily use rigors.

The fan’s small size makes it ideal for improving airflow in small tight spaces. You can procure several of them and mount them in the bathroom and separate sleeping areas if sharing a camper van with your kids.

Bottom Line: The Hopkins oscillating RV fan is an excellent choice if looking for a cheap and affordable way to improve airflow in your camper van. It’s hardy, durable, and can withstand the rigors of daily use without breaking down. You can mount them in separate sections of your RV.


  • Protected blades. The blades are encased in a protective cage for added safety, which adds to the miniature fan’s appealing design.
  • A 90-degree swing. The fan oscillates 90-degrees to produce a significant cooling effect in its immediate surroundings.
  • Made from quality durable materials. It is made from durable ABS plastic which allows for quiet operations while increasing its lifespan.
  • Easy installation. The fan plugs into the light socket and comes with a stepdown transformer attached to an extended power cable.
  • Fits in small, tight spaces. You can permanently mount the fan in small areas such as the bathroom and ensure fresh air circulation.
  • Comes with mounting gear. It ships with a clamp and mounting screws to save you additional purchases.
  • Quiet operation. The small motor and quality build let you enjoy the fan’s soft breeze in your sleep.


  • No variable speed. You can’t raise or lower the fan’s speed to suit your specific needs.
  • Not very powerful. It’s not powerful enough to cool an entire campervan.

10. Caframo Marine 12V 3 Speed RV Fan

The Caframo Marine RV fan provides you with a long-term solution to cooling compact spaces in your campervan. The compact RV van ships with a long-life motor that delivers at least 5,000 hours of service. The highly efficient, low-power draw motor hardly dents your power supply despite running for a long time.

The Caframo Bora marine fan comes with 3-speeds to let you custom the airflow within the campervan to your liking. You can kick the fan to high gear during the sweltering summer afternoon and tone it down for an afternoon siesta or a good night’s rest.

The fan ships with a 2-year warranty, attesting to its excellent quality and superior craftsmanship. Its quiet and efficient motor delivers an impressive airflow without saddling you with loud, uncomfortable noise.

Bottom Line: The Caframo Bora 3-speed marine fan is an excellent choice for a small and powerful campervan cooling solution. The efficient motor drives the fans on three-speed settings and won’t annoy you with loud noises. The durable, compact fan will serve you for at least 5,000 hours without breaking down.


  • Rugged design and construction. The fan is primarily designed for use in the harsh marine environment.
  • Long lifespan. It’s made of durable ABS plastic and comes with little maintenance needs.
  • Compact design. The fan measures less than 10-inches on its longest side and is made of lightweight materials.
  • Low power usage. Mounting several of these fans in the tight sections of the camper won’t drain your reserve batteries, even after running them through the night.
  • Impressive airflow. Since it’s designed for use in the open waters, this fan can move a considerable amount of air for its size.
  • Quiet operation. The Bora fan is the quietest in its class and will cool your campervan without disrupting your sleep.
  • 3-speed setting. You can select the most suitable fan speed to suit your cooling needs.
  • Touch control. The fan’s controls are inbuilt in the power cable and are easy to adjust with looking at the fan.
  • Waterproof. Unlike other fans, the Caframo Bora fan can fully submerge in water without ruining the electrical bits.


  • Not very powerful. It only cools the immediate area by producing a gentle breeze.
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