12 Best Awnings for Eurovans

Buying an awning for the first time can be challenging. You have to look for information on the available ones, compare them, and choose the one most suitable for your needs. In most cases, you’ll be inquiring: which are the best awnings for my Eurovan?

The best awnings for your Eurovan are large enough to provide a great shade cover. They are made of high-quality, durable, rust-resistant frames. Their fibre is designed to last and does not rot, shrink, or fade. Top-quality awnings also come with meshed panels and insulated groundsheets.

The rest of this article will describe what to look for when buying an awning and the best offerings on the market. Read on for more insights into the topic.

What Should I Be Looking For In An Awning For A Eurovan?

Before buying an awning, you should always ask yourself this question: What exactly am I looking for? This question helps you to identify the best awning, depending on how you intend to use it.

Let’s help you answer it – the following are the things to consider when buying a Eurovan awning: 


We consider size as the most critical factor you should consider when choosing an awning. When doing that, it’s advisable to determine the height of your caravan’s floor above the ground and the length of the awning rail.

Most awnings offer a 10cm (3.9in) allowance from their quoted sizes.

However, if in doubt, you should study the available designs carefully and compare them with your Eurovan’s shape. Doing that enables you to decide whether you should size up or down on your awning.

Before choosing a full awning or a porch, it would be better to ask yourself these questions: Do I need extra space for tables and chairs? Will I need some extra room to accommodate other family members?

Asking yourself these questions enables you to make a better choice.

The Type of Frame

When choosing an awning, it is advisable to select the one with a high-quality and durable frame. Besides, the frame should be resistant to weather elements.

Awning frames can be made of air, glass fiber, aluminum, or steel. This leaves you spoilt for choices. However, you should choose the one that’s suitable for your camping needs.

Let’s highlight some of the features of the frame types we’ve mentioned:

  • Steel: This is the best option if your awning will be up for extended periods or in different weather conditions. Steel is strong and less likely to deform, meaning you get a sturdy awning. However, unless you get a stainless steel frame, you may have to buy another awning sooner because of ordinary steel rusts. Another drawback is that steel is heavy.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is lighter than steel. It will be ideal if you do not want your awning’s weight to exceed your vehicle’s payload. Additionally, it’s easier to set up an awning with an aluminum frame than one with a steel frame. Aluminum is also more durable since it’s rust-resistant.
  • Glass Fiber: Like aluminum, it’s lightweight and easier to handle than steel.
  • Air: This is the latest innovation in awning construction. Awnings with air frames are easier to construct – they’re often inflatable. You can also use electric pumps to inflate your awning. 

The Fabric

Most awning’s fabrics are made of cotton, polyester, or acrylic.

Generally, the acrylic material is superior since it does not fade, shrink, or rot. Although more expensive, acrylic is tauter and more rigid. Nonetheless, with acrylic material, you’ll never go wrong with durability.

If you prefer lightweight fabric, you could also pick an awning with polyester fabric. Polyester materials are easier to pack away and dry quickly. However, polyester is prone to condensation, meaning your awning may become damp, causing discomfort.

In a nutshell, you should pick an awning made of high-quality material. Specifically, choose an awning whose fabric is:

  • UV resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-fading
  • Easy to clean

Do the Awnings Come With Drapes and Roller Tubes?

Drapes are the part of your awning that shields you from the sun.

Roller tubes are the slots that store drapes – you’ll be mounting the tubes onto your vehicle. Although most awnings come with both parts, some stores may sell them separately. Therefore, you should check if your awning’s price includes the two.

When choosing drapes, consider their length, design, color, and the height of the shade they provide. 

Ability To Withstand Harsh Weather

If you frequently camp or go on road trips, you’ve probably experienced how sudden weather changes can cause inconvenience. Harsh weather can not only ruin your day but also your awning. For that reason, you need an awning that can withstand inclement elements.

For example, you should pick an awning that has a stable stand and enhanced tensioning system.

You could also select one that has intelligent weather technology. 

Visual Impact

How would you describe the feeling that comes when you watch your pitched awning beside your campervan from a distance?

We’re guessing you prefer a beautiful setup with the right color mix, right?

You should never hesitate to pick one that suits your taste.

Awnings can be semicircular, dome-shaped, or have closed or open sides. You could also pick the waterfall type.

Choose the colors that allow you to express yourself while complementing your Eurovan’s exterior appearance.  

Tip: Light colors absorb less heat, meaning they’d serve you better in hot sites. However, if your awning will serve as a bedroom, a darker color would serve you better. 

Warranties and Guarantees

Have you ever bought an item and later discovered that it had a manufacturing defect? 

If so, awnings are not the exception – you’ll probably come across one with a fault, although the chances are usually slim.

For that reason, your awning should come with a warranty to protect you if you discover a fault that you haven’t caused. 

Always check the terms of the warranty – they should specify the seller’s remedies when you return a defective product. 

For additional information on what to consider when picking an awning, I suggest that you watch this YouTube video:

12 Best Awnings for Eurovans

Now that you’re teeming with information on what to look for in an awning for your Eurovan, you’re probably wondering: Which are the best awnings on the market then? Let’s highlight some of the high-quality awnings you can purchase today:

1. AirAway Kela Inflatable Awning

The AirAway Kela is one of the rare pole-free awnings on the market. The awning comes with Vango Airbeam Technology, making it easy to erect – you can install it within minutes!

Still, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the flexible pitching options. You can use webbing straps, Velcro roof bar straps, kador, a pole, or a clamp to pitch this awning.

You also get a clear view of the environment without fear of anyone intruding on your personal space, thanks to the side attachment that comes with crystal clear windows and the awning’s privacy curtains.

Additional features include: front and side doors with complete secondary mesh doors, an extendable front door, and side zips for easy access to Airbeam points.

If you want a first-hand experience of Vango’s luxurious fabric, then you’ll never go wrong with the Airway Kela. This inflatable awning is made of the premium quality, breathable, and water-repelling Sentinel Signature fabric. 

That’s not all! You get a storm cover, a rubber mallet, and a pump when you purchase this awning.

In a nutshell, this is a top-quality awning that will undoubtedly leave a good first impression.

The main drawback of the Airway Kela is the accompanying pump – it fits poorly. It may keep coming off as you inflate the awning.

2. Outdoor Revolution Shed XL Handi

This awning is undeniably one of the best products from Outdoor Revolution.

It’s ideal for protecting yourself from inclement weather during your weekend stays or vacations. The awning comes with Fluorescent Chavo floor lines, a distance disc kit, and a storage pocket.

The Shed XL Handi has ample interior space. It can store regular camping items, including tables and chairs. If you need some extra space for relaxation, a shower area, or where you can put your mastiff’s crate, then this is the best pick.

The interior is well-lit and adequately ventilated, thanks to the awning’s clear windows and the conveniently placed opening points. There are opening points on the roof and the Shed XL Handi’s roof.

Did we mention that you can use the awning’s optional poles to transform the front door into a sun canopy? Additional features that make this awning worth buying include its accompanying repair kit, cable access point, and intelligent design that minimizes the time you’ll take assembling it.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, high-end awning, I recommend that you buy the Shed XL Handi. It has been tested under strict quality control processes and can withstand strong winds and heavy downpours.

A notable complaint is that it is difficult to assemble this awning without a helping hand because of its large size. However, the pros earn it a spot among the best on the market.

3. Lichfield California Awning

The Lichfield California awning, a top-quality, medium-sized awning, adds to the list of the best awnings on the market, thanks to its straightforward installation process.

This product comes in two options: the 180cm – 210cm (70.7in – 82.7in) inversion for low vehicles and the 245cm – 290 cm (96.5in – 114.2in) option for tall vehicles.

Do you find assembling awnings’ poles burdensome? Something you may like about this awning is that it’s inflatable, meaning no separate poles to erect. Follow these steps to erect the Lichfield California awning:

  1. Inflate the primary integral tubes at the end of the awning.
  2. Next, inflate the removable center tube – it fits between the main tubes.
  3. Peg the awning down and tension the guy ropes.

With practice, the process should take you at most 10 minutes.

Besides, this awning comes with high-quality polyester fabric. The material is durable and waterproof, reasons to add it to the list of awnings worth trying out.

Comfort isn’t a strange phenomenon when it comes to the Lichfield awning. It comes with ventilation panels for proper air circulation through the canopy, reducing condensation. As a result, the awning keeps you comfortable and dry.

The Lichfield comes with factory sealed seams for a watertight seal, a pump, steel pegs, a 6mm (0.2in) Kador strap, and a mallet.

The cons? Some customers have complained that the seams on the awnings valve sometimes lets air escape, making it difficult to pump it.

4. Fiamma 07350-04 Awning

This is the ideal owning for you if you go on road trips or camp frequently. Installing the Fiamma 07350-04 is a quick and easy process.

The awning has a double roof with ventilation, besides versatile mounting. You can install it on any type of Eurovan wall. Besides, the awning has flexible side walls that you can extend or retract using an aluminum rod kit.

Additional features are: a transport bag, a cross rafter for extra stability, tension straps, a mounting kit, and ground spikes.

If the weather becomes too hot, you can add a blocker to this awning’s front wall. 

5. Smittybilt Tent Awning

This is the perfect awning if you have a long vehicle or prefer camping in temperate climates.

Notable features include its roll-out cover, stakes, ropes, and polyester cotton fabric. The cover is made of heavy-duty PVC and can be mounted using UV-resistant straps. Because of these properties, you are protected from harmful UV.

That aside, this awning provides an excellent shade cover – the perfect amount you’ll need on either a hot afternoon or a rainy day. The telescoping steel poles can extend and collapse quickly, providing a setup that you can assemble or tear down within minutes.

Reviewers have complained that the aluminum stands are not thick enough, meaning the awning is not as stable as other top-quality alternatives on the market. Also, it does not fit shorter vehicles well.

Tip: To increase this awning’s stability, you could use extra support straps.

6. Thule HideAway Awning

The HideAway is another awning you’ll find irresistible. This is one of the rare all-aluminum awnings on the market. You’ll never go wrong on durability with this product from Thule, thanks to aluminum’s rust-resistance property.

Most awnings usually look tacky because they are wrapped in canvas bags, which will probably bleach out and fray within a few seasons. That’s not the case with the HideAway – this slick awning has no cover. Instead, the Hideaway comes with a sleek, durable, hardshell box.

The HideAway’s telescoping crank is another deviation from ordinary awnings. Unlike most awnings that must be within reach to open, you can mount the HideAway high up on a tall vehicle without climbing it each time you need to do that. This is one of the best picks for taller Eurovans.

This awning is light and stable at the same time. It has sturdy supporting tension arms and peg holes at its base, making it resistant to strong winds.

7. Outwell Blossburg 380 Air

This awning is designed to be fitted on either side of your campervan. The connection points allow you to run it parallel to your van, with its front door alongside the bonnet.

The awning has a Link Access Zone that you can remove to make it a stand-alone tent.

The main poles are designed to be inflated individually with an efficient accompanying manual pump.

The Blossburg 380 air also comes with three types of pegging systems:

  • Conventional steel for the corners
  • Black plastic for the sides
  • Yellow plastic for the guylines

The edging is elastic, holding the canvas tightly to your van. The awning has double zips and meshed panels that keep out insects.

The groundsheet is sewn-in, improving the awning’s insulation while keeping bugs at bay.

For privacy, the Blossburg 300 has tinted windows.

The HookTrack system is another desirable feature of this awning – you can add items weighing up to 1.5kg (3.3lb). This feature comes in handy when adding accessories, such as lights. 

8. Wild Earth Canopy Awning

This is one of the best-in-class awnings if you’re looking for a product that is both lightweight, strong, and durable.

The Wild Earth Canopy awning has a Polyurethane Coating for better shelter from the rain. Besides, the high-quality product provides sufficient cover from the sun, protecting you from harmful UV.

This is one of the most versatile awnings on the market – it can fit any motorhome, caravan, van conversion, or campervan. It covers about 7.2 square meters and is easy to attach.

9. Aleko Motorized Retractable Awning

This is one of the few awnings that give you more time for fun and relaxation, thanks to its built-in motor that allows you to open and close it within minutes. The push-buttons make it easy to retract or expand the awning. Besides, it comes with a hand crank for manual operation.

This awning is designed to offer you years of rust-free service. Its frame is made of powder-coated, corrosion-resistant aluminum.

This owning comes with PVC fabric that’s resistant to water, mildew, and UV. For that reason, you’re guaranteed a durable product.

It’s also available in multiple colors, from one-sided to vibrant, long-lasting colors that complement your Eurovan’s to give a touch of sophistication.

10. Motor Montelena 330

Another top-of-the-range awning from Vango, the Motor Montelena 330, is made to serve you in all conditions.

Comfort describes this awning’s fabric. Notably, Vango adds an extra layer of fabric on its roof. This feature reduces the amounts of condensation and heat in the awning, letting you enjoy relaxing and watching beautiful sceneries.

This awning’s side doors have meshes, and the windows have curtains for enhanced privacy. Additionally, the Motor Montelena 330 has clip-on storm straps and extra bracers for the roof. Rest assured of a secure and stable set up.

Unlike most inflatable awnings with short pumps, this awning’s pump is slimmer and taller, meaning less bending when inflating it. The valve uses Vango’s Airspeed technology; thus, it opens and shits automatically.

The awning’s material is made of Ripstop polyester, dyed, and double-weaved for better UV resistance.

Depending on the level of privacy or ventilation you require, you can remove the side and front panels. You also get plenty of skylight and window space.

11. Thule Outland Awning

Durable, lightweight, and high-quality are the words that summarize the features of the Outland. The awning’s fabric is made of high-strength polyester, while the casing is made of aluminium, extending the product’s lifespan.

It comes with a push-button, making it easy to operate the awning. Besides, the push-button feature means you can install it alone. The Outland has Thule’s Quick-Lock system, making adjusting the awning’s support legs a quick and easy process.

The awning has an exclusive tensioning system, coupled with a pump buckle to increase its fabric tension. It has telescopic legs that you can conveniently store inside the lead rail.

The lead rail is also versatile, allowing quick attachment of panels or accessories. 

12. Fiamma Awning F45 S 300cm

Three words describe the Fiamma F45 S: versatile, elegant, and user-friendly. The awning is designed to be installed on all Eurovans.

The side panels come with Fiamma’s stable Clip System that improves stability.

This is one of the few noise-free awnings available on the market. Say goodbye to the irritating awning noise you’ll hear when opening or closing other awnings.

The awning’s front panel has a window that you can roll up for a better view of your surroundings. Additionally, this awning’s windows come with mosquito nets.

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