12 Best Carpets for a Motorhome

A motorhome’s floor is considered a high-traffic floor. Therefore, the floor material is the most important aspect to consider when choosing it. Most people choose vinyl for their motorhomes because it is easy to maintain, durable, and can look nice. However, many people decide to put carpet in their motorhome instead because it can have many advantages over other types of flooring.

Carpet is much more cozy than vinyl. It can make your motorhome feel like a true home. It is more comfortable to walk on, as well. Also, the many different colors and designs of carpet can alter the aesthetic of your motorhome.

Unlike vinyl, carpet will not be as discolored from long exposure to sunlight. There are plenty of advantages to using carpet. Read on to learn all about the 12 best carpets to use inside your motorhome. 

Should I Use a Carpet in a Motorhome?

Carpets are suitable for families with children or pets since they are safer to walk on, can have a fancy aesthetic, and, depending on the specific carpet material, can be as durable and easy to maintain as vinyl. If you have children or want your motorhome to be extra safe and comfortable, carpet is a great way to go.

Carpets come in all kinds of options, as well. This allows you to customize your motorhome to your specific standards. While vinyl and other materials come in different options, carpet opens up your choices unlike anything else. 

When choosing carpet, you can choose all of the following options: 

  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Materials
  • Types
  • Styles

Motorhome carpets also have the advantage that they are extremely easy to install, which makes replacing the floor easier when compared to harder flooring materials. 


Carpet is one of the most cost-effective options on the market. You can find a luxury carpet that costs $140 per 10 feet, but you can also stay well within a tight budget with carpet options for as little as $0.72 per 10 feet. 

Depending on the carpet style and type you go with, you can find great options for all budgets and lifestyles. Additionally, there are specialty carpets that work especially well in motorhomes because they offer extra protection and resistances that work best in high-traffic areas like motorhomes. 

What Type of Carpet Should I Use?

If you made up your mind and decided to install carpet on your motorhome, for you to have the best experience, there are some factors that you need to consider. The carpet you should use for your motorhome needs to be:

  • Durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Lightweight

First, the material best suited for motorhomes is different from the carpet you would choose for houses. For example, one of the best materials for carpets is wool. Wool is soft, durable, and natural.

However, even if it is one of the best materials for carpets on the market, it is not suitable for a motorhome floor because it is not stain-resistant than other materials like nylon, and it is more expensive. The best carpets for this kind of flooring are made of nylon. 

Low Maintenance

Stains can be a bigger problem in motorhomes’ floors than other floors. It is important to choose stain-resistant carpeting. These carpets can make it easier for you to keep them clean. Stain-resistant carpets are also lightweight but stay warmer in cold climates.

Keep in mind that quality stain-resistant carpet is not cheap and will cost approximately $5.50 per square foot. Still, for most motorhome owners, the low maintenance nature of stain-resistant flooring will more than make up for the upfront cost. It will save time and money in the long run because it will require less heavy-duty cleaning. 


Color is a significantly important factor in a motorhomes’ carpet since traffic is higher in motorhomes than in homes. Carpet color can make a huge difference in the aesthetic in the long term.

Think carefully about the color that you would like to choose for the carpet in your motorhome. The most popular bright colors are white or beige, but those do not hide dirt. Darker colors like dark blue or dark brown are recommended for motorhomes since they can better hide dirt and stains.  

12 Best Carpets for Motorhomes

Not just any carpet will suit a motorhome, as shown above. Because of this, below is a compiled list of 12 of the best carpets to install inside a motorhome.

These carpets meet the requirements of durability, comfort, and ease of installation that motorhome owners want to experience.

RecPro Extreme Duty Indoor/Outdoor Textured RV Carpet 

Most motorhome owners complain because there is not a specific carpet made exclusively for them until now. RecPro produces a carpet that is perfect for motorhomes because it has all the features of vinyl and the look of a carpet. 

This carpet is available in four popular colors:

  • Tan
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Burgundy

RecPro is made of 100 percent polypropylene, making it highly stain-resistant and mostly moisture resistant.

The RecPro Extreme Duty Carpet is a thick carpet, so it is durable, comfortable, and soft at the touch. It is also extremely easy to install. You can do it yourself with glue. Also, you can clean this carpet with only warm water and soap. 

All these features are unique in carpets, making them exceptionally durable carpet. At about $150 per 10 feet, it is not the cheapest option, but its texture and durability will give your motorhomes’ floor a luxurious look for many years. 

Marine Carpeting Pontoon Boat Carpet 

This is a carpet perfect for motorhome owners who still want a luxurious look in their second home without paying the price of the RecPro carpet. The Pontoon Boat Carpet is sold by Marine Carpeting in four colors:

  • Burgundy
  • Granite
  • Jasmine
  • Sand

The price ranges between $165 and $320, depending on the size. This carpet has a luxurious look because it has patterns built by a mix of looped cut spots. But also, very efficient for motorhomes since it withstands water, strong winds, and corrosion. 

An important feature of this carpet is that it is a cut pile carpet, where the fibers are all packed together, creating a smoother look. It is one of the softest and most luxurious carpets in the market. They are quite common in hotels, as well.  

This carpet is specially designed for boats but can suit perfectly in motorhomes since it is made of polypropylene, a highly stain-resistant material. Like the RecPro, the Pontoon Boat Carpet is designed for a glue-down application. This carpet is very heavy, so it is exceptionally durable because it is not easy to unravel and protects against engine heat. 

House, Home, and More Indoor-Outdoor Carpet with Rubber Marine Backing 

Another option that is only $99 is the Indoor-Outdoor Carpet with Rubber Marine Backing sold by House, Home, and More. This is a carpet made of polyester fibers, so it is tough and resistant to the elements.  

  • Resistant to stains
  • Resistant to mold
  • Resistant to extreme weather
  • Resistant to fading from sunlight

This carpet is sold in large pieces, but it can be adjusted to your motorhome’s dimensions. It is as simple as cutting it with scissors since the edges do not fray. 

This carpet is very thin and lightweight. Therefore, the installation can be done by yourself very easily. Also, it is very convenient and suitable for motorhomes because it is extremely easy to clean. 

SmartStrand Stain Resistant Carpet

The SmartStrand Stain Resistant carpet is considered one of the cleanest carpets in the market. Its producer, Mohawk Flooring, is well known because of its premium carpeting. These carpets are recognized as luxurious, stain-resistant, durable, and, most importantly, the easiest to clean carpets on the planet.  

Prices range from about $1.50 per square foot to $8, depending on style and color. 

SmartStrand carpets come in many different materials, including:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Olefin 

Ribbed Carpet Tiles Residential Modular Carpet Squares

If you believe 10 feet of carpet is more than what you need, and you want a more affordable option, you should also check out these ribbed carpet tiles. These are swatches of carpet available in different square or plank sizes and many different colors. This type of carpet is immensely popular because it is amazingly easy to install, saving money and time.

Carpet tiles can save you money because they are easy to install, so you can do it yourself, and you can buy what you need. Another advantage of carpet tile is that you find way more color varieties, so you can have more décor options for your second home. 

Flooring.com offers a large variety of Ribbed Carpet Tiles in several colors that are quite easy to install and are quite durable. These carpet tiles are made of polyester fibers. This is an excellent material for carpets for a motorhome, second only to nylon. 

  • This fiber is more affordable than nylon.
  • It is resistant to abrasion and water-soluble stains.
  • This material is thinner than other materials and easier to maintain and clean than nylon.

One disadvantage of this polyester material is that it can be discolored easily when exposed to sunlight for long periods. Even though it is not the most resistant option, it is the most affordable on this list at $2.23 per tile. 

Home & Office Stock Carpet Slate Needlebond Carpet (Indoor or Outdoor)

Lowes also offers a great option for a carpeted motorhome. The Needlebond carpet is a carpet that can be used indoors and outdoors. You can get it for only $0.72 per square foot, and you can find it in three different colors:

  • Slate
  • Bark
  • Blackberry

It is made of polyester that is stain-resistant, which makes it easy to clean and resistant to mildew. Polyester also provides a great aesthetic at an affordable price.

This ensures the carpet’s durability even if it is highly exposed to sunlight. Most motorhome carpets get exposed to sunlight due to their outdoor nature. One important fact about the Needlebond carpet is that it is UV-stabilized. 

AbsoluteUSA C20GR 80 Square Feet Gray Carpet 

The AbsoluteUSA C20GR carpet is a great, affordable motorhome carpet option that you can find on Amazon. The price is only about $60 for 80 square feet. This carpet is designed for all kinds of recreational vehicles that are exposed to the elements:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Motorhomes

This carpet is made of polyester. Therefore, it is stain-resistant, mold-resistant, and highly resistant to gas, oil, and salt. It is made for high traffic areas, and it does not discolor when exposed to sunlight since it has UV protection. 

It is also extremely easy to cut because its non-woven fabric will not unravel even when cut with scissors.

Triluc Carpet Tiles Peel and Stick 

If you are in a rush and you are looking for something to be installed very quickly, the Triluc Carpet Tiles are an amazing option for you.

Triluc Carpet Tiles are swatches that you can install by removing the adhesive backing and placing them on the floor of your motorhome. They will stay safely put to people running and walking. Also, the installation is amazingly simple since you can cut and shape each tile to your desired size.

These tiles are extremely easy to clean since they are made of a material water repellent, but also, they can be removed to be washed and then used again. 

It is also a very affordable option, as you can get eight pieces for about $30. You can choose this carpet from 14 different colors.

Masland Dorado Carpet 

The best fiber for a motorhome carpet is nylon. This is the most popular carpet material for motorhomes and homes in general since this is the most resistant and durable fiber for high traffic surfaces.

Nylon is quite resistant to

  • Rot
  • Abrasion
  • Insect damage

This fiber is expected to last at least 12 years, depending on use. 

Even if it is not the cheapest option in the market since it is quite durable and easy to maintain, flooringinc.com offers the Masland Dorado Carpet in 12 colors at a price of around $6 per square foot. 

Even if it is not the cheapest option in the market, it is cheaper than wool and looks just like it. This carpet has the advantage of being more stain-resistant and is more resistant than wool to sunlight, making it perfect for high-traffic surfaces.

Happybuy Blue Marine Carpet 

This is a carpet suitable for motorhomes since it is made of polyester fiber, and you can find it in modern colors like gray, brown, and blue. The price of this carpet ranges between $94 to $234, depending on the size needed.   

It is perfect for motorhomes because its backing layer is waterproof, helping to protect your motorhome floor. 

The Happybuy Blue Marine Carpet is a low pile carpet. Thus, it has fibers that look and feel short, flat, and dense. This marine carpet is easy to clean and durable. This style of carpet is the preferred style for high traffic areas and rooms where dirt, mud, or other messes are a concern. It does not hold on to a large, noticeable amount of dirt or debris. It can stand up to foot traffic without fading or changing colors. 

Marine Grade Boat Carpet

This is a very affordable, high-quality plush carpet. This carpet is made of 100 % polypropylene. According to Value Carpet, the Marine Grade Boat Carpet is extremely moisture resistant. 

This carpet has protection from the sun’s UV rays, so it does not become discoloured after long periods of sunlight exposure. Even if your carpet does become sun damaged over time, the Marine Grade Boat Carpet has a two-year sun fade warranty. 

Value Carpet offers this carpet in several colors:

  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Navy
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Teal

The price is about $120 per square foot.

All American Carpet Tiles Wellington 

 All American Carpet Tiles Wellington are about $53 per two-square-foot tile. These tiles are quite easy to install, saving time and money. You do not need to buy any glue since they have a system where you only need to peel off the plastic film and place it where you want. The adhesive is highly reliable, and the tiles are treated with Scotchgard to prevent stains. 

They are perfect for your motorhome because they are amazingly comfortable. The soft, springy carpet tiles will make you feel like you are walking barefoot at home. They are affordable and give your motorhome a cozy feeling.

You can find them in six modern colors:

  • Malt
  • Mink
  • Sable
  • Saddle
  • Whisperwood
  • Woodstock

The Wellington carpet tiles are not exactly plush, but the material is very similar, and these tiles are half the price. You can also cut these tiles to size if they do not fit your motorhome’s exact size needs

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