4 Things Not To Use on Your Caravan

Purchasing a caravan is one thing but maintaining it can be significantly more difficult. When you discover scratches, stains, or faded paintwork, you can’t simply use anything that appears suitable to clean it. 

Here are four things not to use on your caravan:

  1. Car polish
  2. T-Cut
  3. The Pink Stuff
  4. High-pressure washer

Taking care of a caravan can sometimes be much different from taking care of a car. Keep reading to find out more about each of the things to avoid and why they’re bad for your caravan.

Things NOT To Use on Your Caravan

Nowadays, caravans are a must-have for avid campers looking to secure a comfy home away from home. It’s not out-of-the-ordinary to want to ensure it retains its pristine beauty and function for as long as possible.

However it’s important not to be overzealous with maintenance. While some things might seem like they should work, they can do more harm than good.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Can You Use Car Polish on Caravans?

Although it’s common among caravan owners to use any car polish to clean their caravans quickly, how advisable is it? Can it cause any damage?

You cannot use car polish on your caravans because your caravan’s surface might differ from a car’s. Some caravans have an added gelcoat finish which will be damaged by conventional car polish. Caravan windows are also sometimes made from perspex which will be damaged by car polish.

If you wish to polish your caravan, options like this 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner or Autosol Metal Polish from Amazon.com are good choices.

Can You Use T-Cut on Caravans?

For most people that discover new scratches on their caravans, T-Cut quickly becomes an option to remove them, but how well can it work? Although T-Cut is a good option for cars that take superficial damage to their exterior, it isn’t always a good option for caravans.

You cannot use T-Cut on your caravan because it will remove more than the surface layer of paint. Unlike a car’s thick paintwork, caravan paint is thinner so using T-Cut will penetrate much deeper than it should.

Fenwicks Windowize Scratch Remover from Amazon.com is a better alternative for your caravan.

Can You Use Pink Stuff on Caravans?

The Stardrops The Pink Stuff Paste from Amazon.com is effective for removing stains on multiple metal types, from in-door kitchen utensils to car wheels. However, caravans are an exception.

You cannot use The Pink Stuff on your caravans because it is too harsh on its thin paintwork. Pink Stuff is a good cleaner but it’s made to work on objects with much stronger finishes. Using it on a caravan can leave scratches on its body.

Alternatively, you can use a less abrasive chemical like this Autoglym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner from Amazon.com. It’s highly effective in removing stains and won’t compromise your caravan’s paintwork.

Can You Use a High-Pressure Washer on Caravans?

High-pressure washers are ideal for stress-free washing of buses, cars, and other automobiles, but it’s a different case for caravans.

You cannot use a high-pressure washer on your caravan because you could damage delicate parts like the chimneys or fridge vents. It could also ruin the seals around the windows and other parts of the caravan causing leaks.

Although some people advise to use it with care, it’s highly inadvisable because of the potential damage. A leaky caravan is very hard to manage, especially when it rains.

Also, water damage to your gas heater or fridge can do more harm than simply stop them from working. Damaged electrical appliances like this are potential fire hazards.

Considering all the potential damage, it’s better to err on the side of caution. Rather than using a high-pressure washer to clean, opt for a low-pressure washer or simply use a bucket and a soft cloth.

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