6 Best Airbeam Electric Pumps

Electric Airbeam pumps for tents have grown in popularity recently, offering a fast, efficient solution to inflating Airbeam tents for camping and recreational purposes. While there are many manual options available, the electric pump is ideal for saving time. Among the many brands that offer electric pumps, what are your best options?

The best Airbeam electric pump is the Zephyr Electric Airbeam Pump. It works best with the Vango Airbeam 12v PowerBank, convenient for charging your accessories from your vehicle. The pump features a color-coded indicator, preset options, and works well with large family-sized and display tents.

This article provides a list of the best Airbeam electric pumps you should consider for your tents and awnings for commercial and recreational needs. I’ll also discuss why choosing an electric pump is better than manual pumps for specific situations and areas.

Why Choose An Electric Airbeam Pump Over a Manual Pump?

There are several main advantages to choosing an electric Airbeam pump versus a manual pump:

  • You’ll save a significant amount of time inflating a tent or awning, especially if it is family-sized or larger. In most cases, your time will be cut by half when using the electric option.
  • All you need is one power source. Your vehicle offers adequate power to operate the pump and inflate your structure within minutes.
  • Electric pumps require no manual work. You’ll have more time available to prepare other supplies while your Airbeam does all the hard work for you!
  • You can inflate other outdoor furniture and pool items. Depending on the brand and type of electric Airbeam pump, you can adjust the PSI to inflate (and deflate) other air-filled items for camping and a day at the beach.

Due to the increased use of electric Airbeam pumps in recent years, it’s essential to know which brands are best to consider for your next camping trip. Besides considering Airbeam electric pumps, some alternatives may be considered to fit your budget or when a specific model is not currently available for purchase.

What To Look For In An Electric Airbeam Pump

When shopping for a new electric Airbeam pump, it’s essential to review the following factors and options are necessary to check for each brand:

  • Is the price of the electric Airbeam pump reasonable? Some suppliers or retailers may charge more than necessary, while others offer a better price. Always check multiple sources to determine which store offers the best rate.
  • Is it portable, lightweight, and easy to use? Check customer reviews and feedback to note various experiences with the product.
  • Is there a warranty or guarantee available with the purchase? For most Airbeam products, there is little concern with the value and function. However, it is worthwhile to find out if your supplier offers a money-back guarantee or additional protection in the event of a defect or issues with a specific model.
  • Do you need a basic electric air pump or a model with advanced features? The price range is low to modest for basic electric pumps and USD 100 or more for advanced options with LCD screens, programmable PSI settings, cooling and filtering systems, and more. Once you determine what you’re looking for, the search for the ideal pump becomes much more manageable.

What Can I Use My Electric Pump For?

Electric pumps are swarming the market thanks to their convenience and ease of use. You don’t have to bend over or break a sweat using an electric pump. They’re primarily used for two reasons:

  • Electric pumps are useful for pumping up inflatable tents. If you have an inflatable tent and you’re using a manual pump, upgrading to an electric model will make a world of difference. You can inflate an awning with most electric pumps, especially the ones designed by Airbeam.
  • Some electric pumps can inflate rafts, beach balls, sports equipment, and more. Check the included accessories to know what your electric pump can handle.

Electric pumps take about the same time as manual pumps to get the job done, but you can walk away while it inflates the tent or awning.

Do I Need An Electric Air Pump?

Getting an electric air pump is an excellent idea if you have inflatables in your camping kit. There are countless benefits of owning one, so let’s break down a small list below.

  • If you have an inflatable item, you should get an electric pump. They’re budget-friendly and as easy to use as possible. You don’t have to bend over and hurt your back or exercise to inflate tents and awnings.
  • Those who have rafts, basketballs, footballs, beach balls, and similar equipment will benefit from electric air pumps. Many of them come with several attachments to fix almost any situation.
  • It’s always best to be prepared. You never know if you’ll want to buy inflatable equipment when you arrive at a beach, campground, or forest.

What Is Unique About Airbeam Electric Pumps?

Airbeam electric pumps are unique because they’re specifically designed to inflate air tents. Rather than pitching a tent, setting up the poles, and running all over the place, you can hook up an Airbeam pump and let it do the job. It inflates your tent or awning in less than a couple of minutes, allowing you to enjoy the scenery without stressing.

Some Airbeam electric pumps come with numerous attachments to inflate other items, but most of them are designed for their camping products. Before you choose your favorite option from the list, make sure you know what it’s used for. Once you find the perfect fit, you’ll enjoy a bundle of camping and convenience.

Another unique feature is the auto-shutoff valve included with most Airbeam electric pumps. It stops once your tent reaches a set PSI, preventing overinflation and structural damage. Power it with a 12V car battery and watch it work its magic.

6 Best Airbeam Electric Pumps

The following electric Airbeam pumps offer excellent quality and durability for inflating a wide range of Airbeam tents (of all sizes) and awnings. While all inflatable tents include a manual pump, you’ll save more time and effort in the long-term by investing in a high-quality electric pump.

Product NamePrice RangePowerSize
Vango AirBeam Zephyr Pump$85 to $10512V DC3.08lbs (mid-sized)
Vango DC Electric Pump$20 to $3012V DC0.63lbs (compact)
Furein 20PSI SUP Electric High Air Pump$95 to $11012V DC4.25lbs (mid-sized)
AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump$20 to $3012V DC or 110V AC1.23lbs (compact)
Yauman 20PSI SUP Electric Air Pump$90 to $10012V DC4.78lbs (mid-sized)
Outdoor Master High-Pressure SUP Electric Air Pump$165 to $18012V DC4.63lbs (mid-sized)

Vango Airbeam Zephyr Pump

The Vango Airbeam Zephyr Electric Pump is one of the easiest to use and conveniently fits into your car’s outlet or socket. The 12V electric pump adapts well for use with all sizes of Vango awnings and tents.

It inflates up to 16PSI and cuts off automatically at the PSI it is set at (the required level for your tent or awning or canopy). Other features of this device include the following:

  • An LED display to indicate the required PSI recommendation for your tent size 
  • Manual work is not required; simply plug the electric power source, and your tent will fully inflate within minutes.
  • Several nozzle options are available to make your awning or tent pitching process quick and effortless.
  • Once the required PSI level is reached, the electric pump automatically shuts off to prevent over-inflation. 

This product is offered by World of Camping, which is based in the UK. There are limited offerings on Amazon.com, though they may be available for sale on the UK-based Amazon website. It is the ideal model for Airbeam inflatable tents and awnings specifically, though the electric pump may work adequately with other brands of a similar or comparable size.

If the product is periodically unavailable, some suppliers may offer alerts from their website or the option of signing up by email to receive regular communication regarding sales, discounts, and when specific products become available.

For a video review, try this YouTube guide by Norwich Camping & Leisure:

Vango DC Electric Pump

A simple model that operates efficiently with your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, the Vango DC Electric Pump comes with a DC adaptor and multiple nozzle attachments. This product is inexpensive and ideal if you’re looking to upgrade from a manual air pump to an electric option.

It’s a light item, weighing 10.4 ounces (295 grams), making it portable to carry and use indoors and outdoors. 

While some Vango electric air pumps are only available in the UK, this item can be purchased online from Amazon for shipment throughout North America. There is a return policy for this item if it does not perform according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

It’s relatively inexpensive and makes a great backup option for long road trips if you prefer to have one on hand.

Furein 20PSI SUP Electric High Air Pump

This high-pressure power pump with a two-stage function that includes automatic shut-off is ideal for outdoor tents, inflatable boats, paddle boards, and air mattresses. 

This Furein model is easy to use with your car’s 12V DC plug. The electric pump’s settings allow for a maximum speed of 350L per minute or adjust at a slower pace pressure at 70L per minute. The target inflation rate can be set so that the pump shuts off automatically once the PSI is reached and over-inflation is safely avoided.

There are other benefits to using this 20PSI Electric Air Pump for your Airbeam tent, which include the following:

  • In addition to tents and awnings, smaller items such as air mattresses, paddle boards, inflatable pool items, and similar sized items can be easily inflated.
  • The manufacturer offers customer service to resolve any issues you may experience with the product to ensure satisfaction.
  • The order includes one 3.3 ft high-pressure hose, five inflatable nozzles, a manual (in English), and an 11.2 ft DC car power cord.
  • You can safely use the electric pump indoors or outdoors.

This product is perfect for inflating multiple items for your camping trip. It’s versatile and lightweight, with more than one nozzle to fit your sports inflatables. 

AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump

This product is a perfect high-powered electric pump for all your outdoor and indoor needs. This high-pressure inflator and deflator are multi-purpose and suitable for pumping tents, cushion furniture, mattresses, swimming inflatables, and camping gear. The electric pump comes with a 110V AC/12V DC and three nozzles. 

If you’re looking for the most powerful and high-pressure electric pump on the market, this is the ideal choice. Like other models, it can be used with a car power adapter or a power source adapter from home, adapted for inflating outdoors or inside. 

The electric pump is also light in weight, easy to carry, and use anywhere, making it the essential item for camping road trips and travel.

What are some additional benefits of the AGPtEK Portable Quick-fill Electric Pump? 

  • The three nozzles adapt to various sizes of inflatables, making it easy to quickly fill all your outdoor camping gear, tents, furniture, and swimming items. 
  • It’s easy to use and compatible with two power supply sources: 110V AC and 12V DC. All that’s needed to operate the pump is to affix the correct nozzle size, adjust the settings, and switch on to inflate. Once you’re finished with the inflatable, attach the nozzle and switch to deflate to release the air.
  • It’s easy to pack and transport for travel. You’ll have the advantage of using the air pump anytime you need it.
  • Inflate all your inflatable items of all sizes, except for air balloons (avoid using the pump for inflating balloons or similar things). 

The electric air pump is not rechargeable and requires a power source to operate. 

Yauman 20PSI SUP Electric Air Pump With an Upgraded Portable LCD Double-Stage Electric Pump

If you’re looking for an electric air pump with a few more options than the standard while keeping within a reasonable price range, this SUP model is a perfect choice.

This specific pump offers a range of upgrades for more than your tent, including six nozzles for inflatable boats and water-based inflatables, made with marine-grade nylon material for durability, and resistant to humidity or changes in temperature.

There are numerous benefits to considering this pump as an option for your next camping trip or weekend at the beach:

  • It’s the most advanced electric air pump of all the SUP20D PRO Signature Edition options on the market. This product includes a sensor for voltage levels and temperature changes, protection to manage and prevent overheating, and dual-stage inflation with a programmed digital controller. 
  • The LCD display screen provides an indicator that tracks and provides an up-to-date status while in progress.
  • It’s a lightweight pump with a handle, making it easy to carry and handle. It’s ideal for pumping smaller items such as boats (six nozzles are provided), paddle boards, and SUP. The hose’s primary air connector is flexible and airtight, making it easy to fit in various positions to make pumping more comfortable. The adaptors are fastened by screw-in turning with a full 360-degree rotation to ensure a tight fit.
  • A 3.3 ft air hose is included. The hose is reinforced and works excellently for inflating boats and other swimming gear.
  • The electric pump comes with a 12V DC connector and a 12A fuse to work adequately with your car’s lighter connection.

In addition to the above features, the SUP Electric Dual-stage Air Pump offers the following benefits:

  • The pump operates with low power consumption, between 60-120W, which is beneficial for conserving energy and using less power than other models.
  • Pressure settings are accurate and work on a dual-stage system, with the first speed setting reaching 350L per minute and the second up to 70L per minute. While these options are standard for most electric pumps, this model offers a real-time system that monitors and stops the inflation within an accuracy of 0.01 PSI. These controls are managed by a digital module that supports a range between 0.5-20PSI. 
  • The electric pump filters sand and small debris during air intake to make the process more efficient.
  • Noise reduction is a significant benefit, including a diaphragm with a one-way valve that allows for impressive speed while keeping the inflator protected. 
  • The air intake system offers a cooling system, keeping the pump operating at its best at all times.

Overall, this model offers everything you need in an electric air pump for your camping and beach needs, plus a lot more convenience and technology. It is a versatile product that works well in every environment and quickly inflates any item, small to large, within minutes.

The pump can be used frequently, even daily, without much wear and tear, as it is a high-quality product with filtering and cooling benefits to maintain its function.

Outdoor Master 20PSI High-Pressure SUP Electric “Pump the Shark” Air Pump

If you’re in the market for a premium electric air pump, the Outdoor Master 20PSI is an excellent fit for swimming and camping gear. This product will pump your tent, inflatable SUP boards, and boats quickly and efficiently. 

The high-pressure pumps offer an impressive cooling system for up to 20PSI when inflating the equivalent of three SUP boards in a row. This makes it perfect when you have a group of family or friends who need to share a single pump. The electric pump is quick and makes the job easy to inflate and deflate.

The standard 12V DC connector and 12A fuse are included so that you can use your car’s power source.

There are many other features to consider when you decide to purchase a brand with more options and features than the standard model, which are included in this pump:

  • The electric pump comes with a full kit of nozzles to fit all your inflatable items and their various valve sizes (H3 and C7 included). These nozzle sizes work with a range of inflatable products, from tents and outdoor furniture to boats and water-based gear.
  • A digital screen display allows you to monitor your pressure in real-time so that you can check the status on an ongoing basis. The digital display gives you the option of setting the required PSI level before switching on the machine.
  • Both maximum pressure and maximum speed can be set up with the pump’s dual pump system settings. This feature offers standard settings of 350L per minute or 70L per minute for the two settings while providing an automatic shut-off to prevent over-inflation and an easy-to-use deflation that makes it easy to pack up and go when you’re finished camping.

One prominent feature that sets the Shark model apart is its certification as an environmentally friendly device. This status was achieved with thorough testing and includes eco-friendly fabrics and materials. The electric pump successfully passed both the CE and CA65 certifications in meeting the environmental requirements.

Inflatable Air Tents vs. Pole-Supported Tents: Is There a Benefit for the Newer Inflatable Option?

The air tent is a recent product. While the inflatable tent option is more expensive and newer to the camping market, there are some remarkable benefits to consider when shopping for gear and supplies for your next outdoor camping or road trip.

While the cost may seem too steep for some budgets, it’s best to review the advantages of investing in an air tent system, especially if you plan on camping and spending a lot of time outdoors:

  • Air tents are stable and structurally safe. They are supported with a single beam and can withstand a pressure level of up to 24PSI. Spares for replacing internal valves or tubes in an inflatable tent are easy to replace on your own and don’t require additional assistance. In most cases, you likely won’t need to use the spare items, though they are ideal to have on hand in the event of an emergency.
  • There is no danger of over-inflation. Air tents can be physically pumped up to 11PSI, while they can take up to 24PSI. Electric air pumps are equipped with automatic features to stop the inflation process once a specific PSI level is reached, preventing too much air.
  • Inflatable tents are a good investment for frequent camping trips. You may notice that air tents’ cost is higher than traditional pole-supported options. There is a bit of a price range, which may fit your budget and provide an excellent investment when you’re ready to make the purchase. Some traditional tent options of a high grade are not much cheaper than their inflatable counterparts, making air tents a good choice.
  • Air tents are great for families and accommodating large groups of people. While air tents do not offer the same maximum capacity as traditional pole-supported tents, they provide adequate space for family camping trips. They are easy to roll out and inflate without hassle. 
  • There is little chance of leaking. Air tents also provide a warm air layer, even when the outside weather is cooler, providing a level of insulation as an added benefit. Any possibility of a leak can be resolved with a spare tube or valve, often supplied with the tent or bought separately.
  • The outer fabric is tear-resistant and not prone to damage. Your tent will have the best level of protection with durable, weather and rain-resistant materials that last for years. These fabrics protect the tent’s structure and the contents and air tubing inside, preventing leaks and damage.

Air tents and pumps are generally safe in most weather conditions and provide a layer of protection and comfort against the outside elements. You can set them up in an open area or nestled in between trees. The tent system is versatile and can accommodate various terrain or weather conditions. 

Understanding AirBeam Tent and Awning Products for Your Camping Needs

AirBeam tents are relatively new to the camping gear market and quickly becoming popular. Initially, an air-tent model was developed in the 1960s, some of which are still available and collected today. Throughout the 1970s until recent years, the focus on tent structure improvement honed in on the support beams or poles’ durability, which were traditionally rigid and prone to damage.

If just one pole broke or became damaged while setting up a traditional tent system, this meant the structure’s integrity was ruined, with little or no options for repairing the poles, unless a spare or replacement was available. As pole materials improved, they became more flexible and less prone to breakage. 

While this process made tent structures more secure, the poles themselves were difficult to transport, as they are not easy to collapse or fold without potentially impacting their function.

Why AirBeam Tents Are Growing in Popularity Today

The introduction (or re-introduction) of new and improved air tents provided a reasonable and space-saving solution for traditional tent supplies by eliminating pole damage or breakage concerns. 

Instead of centering the structure around poles that are subject to sudden weather changes and storm damage, AirBeam tent poles are inflatable and easy to manage in any situation. They are quick to inflate and deflate and can be easily collapsed and transported within minutes. 

AirBeam tents are constructed from durable, renewable plastic and nylon fabrics, which are recyclable to maintain an eco-friendly status while providing long-term durability.

These materials are naturally water-resistant and keep your camping gear and items inside the tent protected and unaffected from the outdoor elements. The fabric weave is also resistant to tearing, and there are several layers of material that provide protection.

There are many benefits to using inflatable tents, and specifically AirBeam tent and electric pumps, for the following reasons:

  • It’s an easy system to use and understand. An inner tube is used only for inflating air, which offers only one-way airflow, preventing leaks, an inner tube for protection, and an outer layer for overall durability.
  • “Ripstop” nylon is used as one of the significant materials, a heavy-duty fabric with a robust weave on the outer part of the tent to protect the inner tubes and valve system. This fabric reinforces a sturdy layer of climate resistance by withstanding tears and ripping. It’s the perfect material for supporting inflatable AirBeams by keeping them stable and resistant to damage.
  • The inner tubing inside comprises robust and transparent plastic to protect the inside inflation valves. Once adequate air pressure is achieved, the internal tubing does not allow air to escape unless the deflation option is activated. This system allows the entire framework or approach to remain robust and withstand immense pressure so that awnings and other fabrics draped over it can be equally supported.
  • Air tents are lightweight compared to their traditional counterparts and easy to move and store. If you need to collapse and set up your tent, this can be done in a matter of mere minutes.

How To Set Up an AirBeam Tent

You can avoid packing numerous bags and items needed for traditional pole-supported tents with an air tent system. AirBeam poles are ready to inflate and already attached to the overall structure, which takes all the hard work out of setting up your campsite. The steps for setting up the tent and pumping air (manually or electronically) is as follows:

  1. Remove the AirBeam materials, the electric pump (the tent will have a manual pump, though an electric pump is recommended).
  2. Determine where to set up your tent and place the small pegs in the ground. These are included in the inflatable tent package and easy to use and set up.
  3. Set the tent in the center and inflate it. If you have an electric pump, this makes this step effortless, as you’ll have about ten minutes of extra time to set up other materials and gear for your camping trip while you wait for your tent set up on its own! In some cases, tents may inflate in as little time as three to five minutes. 
  4. Once your tent is ready, affix each corner or beam to the pegs, which should be set in each corner of where the tent is set up. These pegs are strong and provide adequate anchoring for your tent’s structure.

Considering the inflation process, the entire setup procedure can be done within ten minutes or less. This timeframe is an ideal option when you need to set up your campsite quickly.

When you’re ready to leave, the deflation process works just as quickly, as all you have to do is set the electric pump to deflation, attach the device to the tent’s valves, and watch everything happen automatically.

Once you have your tent ready, let your electric air pump handle your pool/water inflatables, outdoor furniture, air mattresses, and paddleboards. All these items take a fraction of the time to inflate, and your electric pump’s settings can be adequately adjusted to fit any size or air pressure you need. 

Some of the more robust, premium air pumps can provide air to three or more paddleboards or air mattresses in one session, which makes them ideal if you plan on camping with a family or large group of people.

Like the AirBeam tent system, all your inflatables are easy to store, requiring only minimal space when you travel by car or boat. All the electric air pump systems are handheld and portable, making the transition from traditional gear to inflatable options a welcome change for your future camping excursions.

Tips for Safety and Getting the Most Out of the Airbeam Electric Pump

Airbeam electric pumps and compatible alternatives are an excellent way to make your camping experience more comfortable.

They provide the fastest and most efficient option for inflating all your recreational sports items, from water or pool boats and inflatable toys to air mattresses, paddleboards, kayaks, and more. To avoid potential problems with your electric pump, review the following points before using your product:

  • Ensure there are no punctures or holes in your inflatable item. Punctures or tears are unlikely, though they will slow down the inflation process and use additional power that can be avoided if they occur. Check the ground outdoors and ensure no sharp items (twigs, branches, debris) can puncture or damage the tent or inflatable. Fortunately, AirBeam tents are high quality and offer layers of protection around the inflation tubes.
  • Supervise the inflation process around small children and pets. While the electric pumps are easy to use and generally safe, they should be kept out of reach and only operated by adults. The tear-resistant fabric on the tent’s outer shell and awning make your product safe around pets and kids once the tent is fully set up and ready to use.
  • Use your electric air pump for the correct size of tent or inflatable only. Read the details on the package’s package and manual to ensure you set the PSI level correctly and avoid any action that may lead to over-inflating your outdoor tent or items. For example, inflating balloons or similar inflatables is not recommended by most electric air pump brands.

The AirBeam tent system is ideal for keeping your setup minimal and focusing on relaxing, enjoying your trip, and taking in the scenery on your camping expedition. You’ll find the beams are easy to manage, store, and don’t create the stress of dealing with traditional poles and structural setup that can take an hour or longer to complete. 

Overall, using an electric pump system with the AirBeam tent is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors without the frustration of traditional gear and a long setup time frame.

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