8 Best Novelty String Lights For Camping

Who doesn’t love adding a little atmosphere to their tent with some cute novelty lights? Novelty lights can be both fun and practical when camping, whether you are in a tent, caravan or even a motorhome.

We love using string lights to create a soft atmsphere in the tent, use them to read on a night or just find them easy to find and put on if we wake up in the night. They are also great for those families with small children who are a little scared of the dark.

I personally recommend using battery powered lights as you can put them where you want and hang them out of the way. The battery powered lights are easier to use and cause less accidents within a tent having less wires tied down to plug sockets. I love using battery operated lights when we go camping as they don’t require a plug or electricity from a mains.

Here are the best novelty string lights for camping.

BrandNumber Of BulbsLength Of StringLEDBatteries NeededIndoor/Outdoor
Star Lights505myes3*AABoth
HoneyBee Lights404myes3*AAIndoor
Maple Leaves203myes3*AABoth
VW Lights203myes3*AAIndoor
Woodland Creature162.5myes3*AAIndoor

1. Honeybee String Lights Battery Powered

Why not bring the outdoors in with these super cute bumblebee LED lights. They are small, cute and bright so you can have a soft warm glow of the light while you drift off to the sounds of the surrouding nature. They are for sure the only bugs you want in your tent!

With 40 LED honeybees to keep you company in your tent you can enjoy a soft warm glow. There are 4 metres of string so you can make the most of the length and really decorate your tent so you get a lovely warm atmosphere.

There are 3 settings which come with the lights from on, flash and off. They are easy to control and switch on at a moments notice, perfect for those moments you need to get up and head to the bathroom or even to find that extra pair of socks.

2. Star Fairy Lights LED Battery Operated

Star shapes lights are common but still a great first choice, they are multipurpose and can be used in a number of settings and even just at home for movie nights. We love using star-shaped lights as they are so handy to have along with looking super cute and pretty.

Just imagine looking up from your camp bed to the pretty starry lights listening to the birds settling in and the distant sounds of the trees blowing.

Even if you don’t get to see the real stars you can climb into your tent or camper and enjoy the soft glow of your own stars. There are 50 stars on a 5-metre long string, making these perfect for campervans, caravans or even lighting up your tent for a cost night in.

3. Maple Leaf String Lights Battery Powered

I love the soft texture of these maple leaf string lights, they are warm and bright and perfect for an outdoor adventure. Put them up in your tent, camper or caravan and enjoy the beautiful colours spreading around the room.

These battery powered LED ligths are perfect for nights away camping for lights to help you drift off or even just some lights to soften the evening darkness.

These lights have 20 LED leaves on a 3m string perfect for stringing up in your tent or camper for a soft warm glow. They come with a small battery pack which holds 3*AA batteries (not included) and come with an on and off switch.

These are multipurpose lights as they can be used in both the outdoors in a garden or inside to decorate any space.

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4. Volkswagen Hippie Bus String Lights Battery Powered

These Volkswagen camper style LED lights are perfect for anyone looking to add a little humour, colour and theme to their camping trip. They come in 3-4 colours on the bulbs and look super fun.

There are 20 camper bulbs in total on a 3m string chain making them a great length for decorating any space in your home, camper, caravan or tent.

Batteries are required for these lights which are 3*AA which are not included in the purchase. The use of these lights is suggested that they are used indoor only as they are not protected against water and adverse weather conditions.

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5. Woodland Theme Children’s Bedroom Fairy Lights Battery Powered

I love these super soft and cute felt shaped woodland creatures made into string lights. These are perfect for a family with young children who want an added little light for an evening or just something cute to decorate the space.

These are great for using in bedrooms in caravans and motorhomes for children who like to have a night light to fall asleep with.

There are 16 LED lights included in the pack include a fox, mountain, tree and enchanting mushroom. The lights are placed on 2.5m string which is only suitable for indoor use. The battery pack nor the lights themselves are waterproof and so are only suitable for indoor use.

They are battery powered and require 3*AA batteries which are not included in the set.

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6. Novelty Banana String Lights Battery Powered

Who doesn’t love a novelty banana?! These are perfect for hen or stag events or even if you are looking to add a tropical theme to your next trip. These are fun, fruity and colourful which make them perfect novelty lights for camping.

There are 20 banana lights in total on a wire string of 3m, the lights are LED which make them lovely and bright and great for adding a little atmosphere or brightness to your tent or caravan.

The lights are battery powered and at one end of the lights there is a battery pack which holds 3*AA batteries which are not included. The lights can be replaced easily be taking off the banana and there you can change the bulb.

These are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so you can use these in your garden along within your space while your camping. Be sure to make sure that the battery pack is covered and cared for before leaving in an outdoor space.

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7. Dinosaur String Lights Battery Powered

I know so many children who love the mystery and stories behind dinosaurs so these had to be on our list! These are super cute and fun and make for really fun and playful gift. If you have any dinosaur lovers in your family you should definitely have these lights to keep your little ones entertained and happy while your camping.

There are 10 dinosaurs on the string which comes with a different types of dinosaurs and colours which make the lights super fun and exciting. The string is 2m long which is perfect for stringing lights across a bed frame or canopy in a tent or caravan.

The lights are LED lights so they are super bright and last longer and are battery powered by 2*AA batteries. These are only useful for indoor use as the string lights and battery pack are not covered or waterproof.

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8. Unicorn String 10 LED Illuminated Lights

Unicorns are one of the most mythical creatures along with dinosaurs and mermaids, so there should be no surprise that they made our list. These white unicorns are 3D and fun to look at whether they are lit up or not.

There are 10 unicorns on these string lights that are LED bulbs. They are on a 2m length of string lights making them perfect for draping over a bedframe or hanging in your tent and caravan to create a soft atmosphere.

The lights are powered by 2*AA batteries and are stored in a clear plastic battery case. They are not suitable for using outdoors and only suitable for indoor use.

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