Are Berghaus Jackets Worth Buying

Berghaus is a stunning company based in the UK that takes pride in stocking and selling superb outdoor gear. At first, the store only sold outdoor equipment manufactured by other people, but they soon gained a few ideas about what makes great outdoor gear truly great. After a while, they began to make and sell their own superb quality gear, from rucksacks to specialist jackets.

Interestingly, Berghaus was the first UK retailer to import and stock the now legendary SCARPA walking boots – how impressive!

Berghaus jackets are worth buying if you are looking at hiking, camping and general outdoor activities. They are made with high-quality materials and have a number of technologies to keep the warmth in and the cold out along with waterproofing technologies.

In this article we are going to be talking about what Berghaus make, what they are known for and whether we think that Berghaus jackets are worth buying.

What Do They Make?

Berghaus make a wealth of different outdoor clothing and gear of the highest quality. They offer outdoor clothing and equipment for men, women, and children. More specifically, they supply waterproof jackets, fleeces, base layers, and legwear. They also produce a selection of outdoor-specific accessories and footwear.

Berghaus has a long history of making products that are both useful and cutting edge. For example, in 1977 they made some of the first GORE-TEX jackets commercially available in Europe, which was an impressive move towards making a brand that is known for its high-tech and otherwise impressive equipment.

This high-tec philosophy was followed up in 1979 by the development of the Yeti Gaiter. This item is universally known to offer an exceptionally high level of foot and leg protection and is considered one of the most significant developments in outdoor clothing ever to cross the market.

What Are Berghaus Jackets Like?

Berghaus jackets are very well known for their superb insulating properties. We’ve spoken before at great length about the best types of insulation, so you may know that trapping air is the best way to insulate a given space for any purpose at all.

Berghaus jackets use proprietary materials in their construction, namely Hydrodown and Hydroloft. These materials have been tested extensively in extreme temperatures, and always come up well.

Berghaus also uses Reflect technology in their jackets, which helps you to retain up to 20% more body heat while wearing the jackets.

What Styles Of Jackets Do They Make?

Berghaus make a large number of different styles of jacket, all designed to make sure that you stay warm, dry, and comfortable no matter the weather.

If you’re a big fan of windbreakers then we’d recommend you check out their Tangra jacket. It’s insulated, making sure that you’ll be able to keep warm in even the coldest of weather. Furthermore, like all windbreakers, it has a design specifically designed to protect you against the wind chill or any other kind of bluster that you might encounter.

If a fleece jacket is more your style, then Berghaus have you covered there too. Fleece jackets are ideal for use when you’re trying to keep warm but you still need a little bit of movement – for example, while you’re hiking in cold conditions.

Personally, we love how Berghaus’ fleece jackets have turtlenecks. This means that if you are hiking in cold conditions, you’ll be able to protect that part of your body from wind chill, which is certainly ideal.

Finally, Berghaus also offer a wide range of different puffer jackets, all of which are ideal for using for style or for the cold. Berghaus’ puffer jackets are really visually distinctive, and often showcase the red and blue of their iconic logo. If you’re going for a puffer jacket to keep you warm while hiking, then we’d really recommend a puffer from Berghaus’ extensive range.

While those are three great styles that Berghaus offer, they also offer a large number of other jackets in styles that we haven’t touched on here. We’d really recommend going and checking out their site in order to see what you like the look of.

How Much Are Berghaus Jackets?

Berghaus jackets can get really expensive. There’s a good reason for this, however, they’re exceptionally good quality! One of these jackets will likely last you for a particularly long time and will hold up in its quality until the last time you take it off.

Berghaus’ cheapest jacket is still quite pricey by most standards. The Men’s Corbeck Wind Smock retails at £75 on the official Berghaus website, which is certainly not cheap. However, the jacket does come highly recommended, with a star rating of four-point-five, with a total number of twenty-four reviews.

Berhau’s most expensive jacket usually retails at £490 but is on offer at the time of writing – down to £343. The reason that this jacket is so expensive is that an awful lot of engineering has gone into it. According to the product listing, the jacket was two years in the making.

The lining of the jacket is packed with Hydrodown, which is said to provide up to sixteen hours of warmth even in wet conditions. That’s only the tip of the iceberg – the listing includes technical specifications sure to impress even the most technically minded of people.

Are Berghaus Jackets Any Good?

Berghaus jackets are market leaders on a number of fronts, but we don’t blame you for wanting to make sure that you’re getting the best possible value for money. Depending on what you’re looking for, it may be worth looking through the whole of the Berghaus catalog to find the right jacket for you.

As a general rule of thumb, nearly all of the jackets that Berghaus offers are windproof. They are all made of a deeply impressive fabric designed to help you cope with the wind in the best way possible. As with almost all windproof coats and jackets, the hoods are designed to be close to your face – thereby protecting your head from high winds.

While not all of the jackets that Berghaus sell are entirely waterproof, the vast majority of them are – they are designed for use outdoors, so they need to be particularly impressive. Berghaus was the first brand in Europe to use the revolutionary GORE-TEX fabric, so they have a long pedigree of making high-quality waterproof garments.

Berghaus offers a really impressive product lifetime guarantee, which shows how proud they are of making products that last for an awfully long time. Berghaus assesses all garments or pieces of equipment on a case-by-case basis and promises to fix or replace any piece that has more damage than would be expected under normal wear and tear.

Generally speaking, Berghaus makes equipment that is designed to be used in cooler temperatures. Nearly all of their jackets are insulated to ensure that they will keep you warm no matter the weather. This means that their equipment might not be particularly suitable for use in weather that is exceptionally hot. In that situation, you might be better suited to another brand of outdoor gear.

On this site, we talk about both camping and hiking an awful lot, so we thought we’d better quickly mention how these jackets match up to those two use cases. Well, when camping you’re generally looking for gear that will keep you warm, and the overall weight of the gear doesn’t matter too much: you’re likely to be carrying it in your car for a large portion of the journey.

On the other hand, you’re looking for a low-weight above all else when hiking. Your entire hike is dedicated to the journey itself, so sacrificing some functionality to shave off a few pounds of gear is more than sensible – it’s recommended.

Impressively, Berghaus makes gear that’s good for both of these uses. On the one hand, they make and sell a lot of gear that is really great at keeping you warm but is also a little bulky. For an example of this, check out their puffer jackets. These jackets will be superb for keeping you warm at night, but will not be superb for carrying around on a hike.

On the other hand, they also sell a large range of lightweight gear that is ideal for carrying on a hike – it will keep you protected from wind and rain without excessively weighing you down.

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