Are Caravan Covers Worth It?

Caravans are not cheap to buy so it is well worth investing into some tools and equipment that will help protect it and look after it. Though not all tools and equipment are worth buying.

Caravan covers are worth purchasing and using as they are a great way of protecting your vehicle from falling leaves, dirt and sun damage. They are well worth using if you only use your caravan for half of the year. They are worth using if you store your caravan on your drive or at your property.

In this article we are going to talk through the reasons you might want to use a caravan cover, the advantages and disadvantages along with whether we think caravan covers are worth buying or not.

What Are Caravan Covers?

Caravan covers are large pieces of fabric designed to protect caravans, motorhomes, or RVs from environmental factors like rainfall, dust storms, UV light, bird droppings, tree sap, etc.

Caravan covers are usually made to be breathable so moisture and condensation would escape from within and waterproof to prevent damage from water and other elements mentioned earlier coming from outside.

There are different types of caravan covers, and each one serves a different purpose to the vehicle it is used on. So, it is impossible to know what exactly your need before spending on one. Factor in where you would park the caravan, how often you would cover it, and how long.

If you are in a warm climate region, then a thinner caravan cover would be more appropriate, but if it will be more exposed to cold weather – especially snow – then a thicker cover would be suitable for protection.

Note, however, that the thicker the caravan cover is, the more expensive it will be. No need to break the bank; just make sure you get something that would keep your vehicle protected.

What Do Caravan Covers Do?

If you think caravan covers exist to just lay on top of the vehicle, you would be wrong. They are used to preserve the look of the RV since constant rainfall and dust carried by the wind can wear out the paint job and special effects on the exterior making it “age” quickly.

Also, water might find a way to get into the caravan through the roof during an active rainfall in the absence of a quality cover, leaving property inside the vehicle vulnerable to damage.

In some instances, snow might repeatedly collect and defrost on a non-leaky exposed caravan roof, causing it to rust and create tiny holes water can use as a channel to get in. This should not happen if a suitable caravan cover is used to protect the vehicle.

Additionally, if the caravan would be kept directly under the sun, the cover would help regulate its temperature since it would prevent sunlight’s direct contact on its body. 

Are Caravan Covers Worth It?

It would be hard to say “no” to that question because everyone under normal circumstances would want to preserve their vehicle’s look if they wish to sell it later down the line or they just want it last longer.

It would be nice to get a healthy sum of money if you decide to sell your caravan one day because you invested in a quality caravan cover. Caravan covers are worth purchasing and regularly used, although they have some disadvantages; overall, the pros outweigh the cons.

People that regularly use and have to wash their caravan frequently might not think it is worth investing in covers, and this is understandable because the vehicle is always on the move. Caravan covers are more suited for mid to long-term “storage” of the vehicle.

Nobody would want their RV to be showered all winter long with rain or be continuously exposed to dust. That will be like a human standing outside without an umbrella, jacket, or raincoat. Things might be okay initially, but in the long-term, it would not be ideal.

Advantages of Using A Caravan Cover

Even though some of the perks of using caravan covers have been implied previously, they will be listed appropriately in this section. The following are reasons why buying and using a caravan cover is ideal.

  1. Caravan covers protect your vehicle from dust, dirt, dead leaves, etc., that could accumulate and settle on it.
  2. It holds the resale value of the motorhome intact, and when it is time to sell, it would appear more presentable compared to when there is no cover for it.
  3. They help keep the paint bright and safe from intense sunlight on your motorhome.
  4. By keeping out direct sunshine, it decreases the vehicle’s interior temperature.
  5. Many caravan covers keep the rain out of the vehicle and let the atmosphere absorb internal moisture.
  6. They minimize the number of times you would have to wash the caravan, which would have been a lot despite its not being in service.

Disadvantages of Using A Caravan Cover

Even though caravan covers provide good value for the amount they are sold for, sometimes they can be inconvenient. Some campers, particularly if they like to go camping frequently, completely avoid them. Here are the problems facing campers when using caravan covers.

  1. Some caravan covers are of poor quality and do not provide appropriate protection against weather conditions.
  2. If used for an extended period, they may wear out from resisting the effect of the conditions that would otherwise have worn out the caravan, creating the need for replacement.
  3. It is difficult and time-consuming to cover a big caravan completely.
  4. As the wind blows, it might make the caravan cover move around, scratching the vehicle’s surface.
  5. When wet, because of its weight, it’s not easy to take off a caravan cover. On its own, it is hard, but more so when it is wet or covered in snow.

Cost of Caravan Covers

The price of a cover for a caravan depends upon its size. Campers can get the smallest size for about $60, but they can budget about $200 if they want anything substantially larger.

Most short-term caravan covers are sold anywhere between $100 and $200 and protect from harmful UV light from the sun, as well as harsh winds, rain, and dust. This type of caravan cover, however, can be destroyed pretty easily by nasty thunderstorms.

Caravan covers that go for anywhere from $200 to $300 typically survive extreme weather conditions and are more durable. These covers are designed to safeguard both the inner and outer sections of caravans and protect against rust and mold.

They are made of materials that allow air to escape to the outside from the inside of the cover, enabling the caravan to breathe.

To suit their vehicle perfectly, campers can get custom-made caravan covers. These covers are typically covered with more protective materials, just like they are required by the user, and can cost anywhere from $300 to $1200. The specific price depends on the size of the vehicle to be used.

The best caravan covers you can get are those that adequately prevent your vehicle from external variables regardless of the season. There are different caravan covers on the market, and various materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester are used to make them.

Each of these materials has the elements that they are most able to withstand.

For example, polyethylene covers are sturdy enough to withstand water damage. They are waterproof and provide considerable protection from sunlight, snow, and dust.

Also, many high-quality caravan covers have double or triple layer protection to make them more durable by keeping out foreign bodies. However, these covers are more costly, and when campers are on the hunt for a new cover for their RV, the expense should be taken into account.

Polypropylene caravan covers are at their best in cold weather but are still durable in hot conditions. When compared to other motorhome covers, they are less likely to crack and wear out.

These covers can withstand rainfall and acid damage while also preserving the characteristics that, when in use, allow air flow in and out of the cover. They are not waterproof on their own, but they can be made with a waterproof spray coating.

Lastly, polyester motorhome covers provide the best protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, especially in the summer. If you intend to keep your motorhome outside throughout the time it stays unused, this type of cover is perfect.

Polyester covers usually consist of many fibre layers designed to prevent harsh rays of sunlight and other elements of the atmosphere from penetrating.

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