Are Caravan Towing Covers Worth It?

Caravans are not too similar to your car but can often be much more expensive, they are a home from home and well worth taking care of for a number of reasons. One of the ways you can do this is by using a caravan towing cover.

Getting a caravan towing cover is well worth it, however, it is advisable to research various models out there and weigh your options. Opt for a towing cover that is UV-resistant, waterproof, and manufactured with high-quality materials and will increase the resale value of your caravan. 

In this article we are going to talk about what a caravan towing cover does, the benefits and drawbacks of using one and whether we think they are worth having.

What Are Caravan Towing Covers?

Caravan towing covers are a shield to protect the front area of your caravan while you’re on a journey. It differs from a storage cover, which protects the entire caravan over a long period. The caravan towing covers are mostly used while you are driving or on a long journey. 

A caravan towing cover otherwise known as caravan front cover is a significant means of protecting your caravan windows and the entire front section that is prone to damage (due to the way a caravan is built to be towed), it safeguards these areas from road debris, stones that can damage your caravan windows, etc. 

However, some caravan users don’t see the need for a caravan towing cover, but it is essential because replacing the front window of your caravan can be expensive.

Also, if there’s a notable stone impact damage on the front section of your caravan, it might no longer be pleasing to the eyes. This further requires changes that can eat deep into your pocket. The installation of a towing cover while you journey with your caravan can curb these incidents. 

For a newbie, the thought of a caravan towing cover might not sound logical, as the usual belief is: “it’s just a front cover, too stressful to handle, and makes no difference”.

However, over the years, manufacturers of caravan accessories have developed positively. Also, the caravan towing cover fitting and quality have improved tremendously. 

Some recent modified towing covers are advantageous to caravan owners due to the non-stamping clasp framework that is made of. this is a significant element as, without this, the dark clasps can leave an imprint on the caravan or scrape the caravan. 

Additionally, the recent towing covers are not just sheets placed to protect the front section of your caravan. Most quality ones have been carefully modeled to fit the width and length of your front caravan area due to its flexible protective buckles. 

To make it fitted to a caravan, these buckles are connected to the outer roof bars of the caravan. There is additionally a flexible clasp to safeguard it around the edge. 

A Towing Cover Should Add Value to Your Caravan

There is also a place of value when considering getting a caravan front cover. Some caravan owners buy because of an advertising campaign they saw, while some are lucky to get a custom made one that fits just perfect into the front area of their caravan.

No matter your reasons, make “safeguarding your caravan”  your utmost priority. 

Look out for the semi-custom fitted front covers. Some are designed to match the length and width of your caravan with little differences, which can be adjusted at the buckle area. 

Road debris, bugs, exhaust smoke, etc are enemies to the quality state of a caravan’s exterior. They are also difficult to remove. A well-layered foamy sheet (AKA towing cover) can curb this appropriately. Arriving your destination neat as at when you departed is attainable with the aid of a caravan towing cover. 

Covering the front area of a caravan has become well known as of late. Because it’s not delightful to set off on a journey with a pleasant clean caravan, then smokes from vehicle exhaust, small road stones, and specks of dirt will then make you feel irritated at the site of your caravan upon arrival.

Recently, The appropriate response to prevent this is a towing cover. With the maximum protection, it gives to the entire front section of a caravan, it is also not difficult to install.

Caravan towing covers are very simple for one individual to fit albeit two will speed things up a considerable time frame. Some towing covers come in three pieces with the external two sliding into the roof bar at each side.

Then a fundamental board connects them with zippers or buckles. For towing covers that come with side zips, they are usually made to be elastic, and designed flawlessly. While the model that comes with only buckles (in an elastic way too) are made to hold the edges in a perfect static condition to prevent shifting. 

Gears to Pass Production Requirements 

In the process of covering a caravan, it is also important that the towing cover does not damage the caravan. Towing covers are not exclusively made out of waterproof fabric, they are made with layers of breathable foams to decrease the likelihood of fog settling beneath the caravan. 

Every one of these prerequisites implies that efficient towing covers are produced using a few layers, of quality gear and three is the standard, but some premium towing covers are produced using up to five layers of material.

What Do Caravan Towing Covers Do?

The primary function of a caravan towing cover is to add a layer of protection to the front of a caravan. As you journey with your caravan it is important to make a spotless appearance. A towing cover helps you achieve this effortlessly. 

Towing covers are also a helpful deterrent to the small road stones, Mud sprinkles, dead bugs, general street waste, dirt, bad water, and other road-related damages a caravan is inclined to suffer when you journey with it.

Also, the vehicle towing a caravan tends to expel smoke through the exhaust, and this can leave imprints on the shimmering nature of your caravan. Direct sunlight can also harm the front exterior of your caravan. 

Fortunately, a caravan towing cover can help curb hot sunlight rays that reflect on the front windows and the bodywork while journeying with your caravan.

Before now, it was surprising to see few caravan owners shielding the front window of their caravans while towing it. It may look somewhat peculiar but it has been proven to be an effective measure towards safeguarding the window and entire front section of a caravan. 

Caravanners have always seen towing covers as a debated issue and not a “caravan necessity subject”. Most caravan owners still journey without caravan towing covers and have maintained the caravans for years past the warranty. While those that have a towing cover have said it’s safer and effective in shielding the window from direct sunlight, small stones, and other road-related harms. 

Some caravan owners who purchased towing covers think It’s a tremendous venture to secure the window and entire front of a caravan while it’s being towed, as the advantages surpass the disadvantages. Simply ensure you lookout for the one that suits your caravan width and length front area, so the cover won’t shift while you’re driving.

Although some come in a one size fits all and all you just need to do is to adjust the straps and install till it fits. When you arrive at your destination, the caravan will remain the same and spotless, you do not need to clean thoroughly and remove bugs, just get the towing cover out. The towing cover is relatively easy to remove and install and helps you maintain your caravan simultaneously. 

Tips for Effective Protection

See a towing cover as an additional layer of insurance. A high quality towing cover will forestall all road-related debris damage to your front caravan windows and also the curb scratches. 

Consider making a “spotless arrival” your priority as it will add to the lifespan of your caravan. The front covered towed caravans along UK roads are enough proof to show how caravan owners view the importance of towing covers for caravans.  

Albeit not unlawful, ensure any front lights aren’t blocked by a cover. Also, if your cover showcases the front light, endeavor to check if it permits the reflectors to be noticed. 

Also, look out for towing covers with a mark-free buckle technique. You don’t want scratches on your caravan exterior in the process of safeguarding it. A towing cover with a clasp framework and twofold sewed buckles will suit most caravans appropriately while protecting the front edges. 

For a newbie, who is wondering what a towing cover feels like. Well, it has an enormous waterproof feel(not made with only waterproof, though). Drying it is quite easy, A snappy shake ought to be sufficient to dispose of an overabundance of water.

Also consider the ones with white underneath, cause they will help evade the danger of transmitting any stain from the towing cover texture to the caravan body. Get a cover whose inner lining is made of waterproof for easy storage and so it doesn’t absorb water consistently. 

Towing covers are not unreasonably costly and they can save you the time and stress of cleaning your caravan upon arrival.

All in all, it doesn’t matter if your caravan is new or old, the protective layers of a towing cover will safeguard your window and entire front exterior against damage while you are on the road. 

Are Caravan Towing Covers Worth It?

A high-quality caravan towing cover is worth it. Whether you intend journeying with an old caravan or a brand new one, safeguarding the window and front bodywork of your caravan is not a bad idea. While it might consume a few pounds out of your pocket, it keeps your caravan in an immaculate state.

A towing cover will shield your caravan from mud, downpour, roadside plant sap, and the effect of UV on caravans. While some caravan owners think it’s had to install and dismantle, it is also necessary to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, it might be hard to fix before embarking on a journey and stressful to dismantle on arrival but, the protection it offers to the front bodywork should outweigh these obvious reasons. 

Although, as a first-timer, you might get discouraged due to the initial attempts at assembling a towing cover to your caravan, do not let this deter you. Trying to figure out how to fix it so it laps to the front bodywork of your caravan can be complex. Have a go at the instructional manual and follow it carefully, joining one strap after the order(including towing covers that come with zips).

While you are at it, take note of the width and length of your caravan front area, so you can adjust and fix the buckles till it perfectly laps to the front bodywork. Getting this section right is of utmost importance as it will determine if there will be continuous usage. 

Some caravan owners have been discouraged from utilizing a towing cover due to the initial difficulty they encountered while utilizing it. Some complained about the towing cover shifting while the vehicle is towing a caravan.

But, consistent users have a hack for this, simply take off a little of the extended buckle area, and adjust accordingly till it fits. This minor cut out can also prevent scratches on a caravan while it’s being towed. 

Note: When a caravan towing cover fits the front bodywork perfectly, there will be no need for the towing cover to shift while you are on the move. 

Caravan towing covers are well worth it. Most recently manufactured towing covers are made to fit the front bodywork, including openings to showcase front lights.

The zipped towing cover models are relatively easy to fix, as you don’t have to go through the stress of adjusting a buckle edge to edge. The downside is to carefully pay attention to your caravan’s needs, so you don’t purchase a too small cover or too big cover. Try to also look out for its anti-dampness state, including thorough checks for breathability. 

Advantages Of Using A Caravan Towing Cover

The harm caused by mold, road debris, and water are always very pricey to get worked on(sometimes irreparable, especially the stone damage on the bodywork). 

Along these lines, whatever should be possible to keep water and other caravan damage-related factors out while you are on a journey, is a worthy venture to embark on. 

The following are reasons why you should own a caravan towing cover.

  1. The simplicity of its installation makes it worth it. Even a universal one with proper installation fits well in the front body. What’s more? Most towing covers come with a high-quality bag for easy storage after dismantling it from your caravan. 
  2. Whether you go for an average towing cover or an overpriced one, the least towing cover is still better than leaving your front caravan bare while journeying. So price shouldn’t be a problem. 
  3. Towing covers are not one-time use covers, they can be used repeatedly as far as you make them fit appropriately to avoid shifting positions.  
  4. With the utilization of towing covers, tar imprints, and car exhaust stains becomes a thing of the past as you journey with your caravan. 
  5. Towing covers are usually lightweight, it can easily be repacked after usage and tucked away till next usage. It doesn’t take a lot of space for storage. 
  6. The universal “one size fits all” are great for starters if you can’t figure out the exact width and length of the front caravan body. 
  7. For any caravan towing cover you choose, installation is easy to figure out. It mostly entails adjusting the edge of the straps to the edge till it fits. The goal is to make it stay fit, so it doesn’t shift to avoid buckle scratches and stains to any area the towing cover did not block. 
  8. It’s universally constructed to protect caravan windows as you tow. So, it’s hard to get one that doesn’t do the job. 
  9. A towing cover dries quickly, tucking it away immediately is achievable. Just spray and dust off after each usage. 
  10. For first-timers, the fittings and measurements are not rocket science. Installation and adjustments till it laps the front bodywork are easy peasy. 
  11. Majority of towing covers sold out there have a soft underneath lining. Just like aforementioned, it’s rare to get knock offs, that further stains the caravan. 
  12. It takes a Newbie approximately 15 to 20 minutes to attach a towing cover to the caravan, Pretty basic once you get its hang. All it needs is to store it with the initial adjustment that worked the first time you installed it, so expect a 5mins task next time you plan to have it placed on your caravan. 

It is pertinent to note that caravan towing covers have evolved over the years, they are now better and more effective than they used to be. One of the problems numerous caravanners have with towing covers is that they used to be an investment in futility.

The old seasoned types of covers just had generally short life expectancies of a year, in the event that you were lucky, and for the most part, they always turn out to be exceptionally fragile and exhausted. The entirety of that changed as new developments in the plans, admittance to better materials, and better creation gear and strategies were presented.

Disadvantages Of Using A Caravan Towing Cover

Try not to expect towing covers to perform wonders. In case an enormous piece of street debris and jetsam is skipping along the street and hits the front window, even with a towing cover you should in any case anticipate some harm.

Notwithstanding, the degree of the harm will change contingent upon the towing cover you pick. Some towing covers are substantially more cushioned than others.

Some disadvantages of caravan towing covers are:

  1. Dye leakage: Some caravan towing covers leak dyes during rainfall, which affects the caravan’s body afterwards. After the downpour, the dim colour spills from the cover onto the body and doesn’t go away after cleaning the caravan. Some caravans are left with dark splatters with no real way to erase them. 
  2. With so many brands out there, it’s hard to tell the one that comes with complete straps. As there have been reported cases of missing straps upon delivery, with difficulty getting a similar one for use. Some caravan owners end up with makeshift as a strap so the cover can fit properly. 
  3. There are towing covers that come without instructions, leaving the user to figure out how to attach them to the caravan. Might look simple to the manufacturer but to a newbie, it leaves them clueless. 
  4. There are also cases of cover buckles scratching the front body works of caravans while it’s on the move. A buckle that was fixed inappropriately ends up scratching the edges of the caravan. Some caravan owners think this obvious reason surpasses the advantages. 
  5. Regardless of how tight you make those buckles, there will probably be some shakes around the edges as you tow your caravan. 
    For instance, when you are traveling at 50 to 60mph, a hanging strap that was not properly fixed will be dangling. 
  6. Even when fixed appropriately, the unused extension flaps against the edges of a caravan. This causes wind scuffs. While it can be cleaned when you get to your destination, it can be stressful considering the fact that the towing cover has to protect the caravan against such incidents. 
  7. Some towing covers have dull colours that make it difficult to notice specks of dirt underneath them. Placing a stained cover over the caravan can cause more harm than good. Unnoticed sharp edges of leaves in-between the cover can scratch the caravan’s bodywork. It is important to be on the lookout for these occurrences before any usage. 
  8. Even though covering the front of your caravan is a good idea, the towing cover will definitely get dusty and messy. Not having the knowledge of how to tuck it away will extend its damage to your caravan. 
    Hint: in the process of dismantling it, endeavour to fold the outer area only, in an end to end manner while tucking in the interior lining to prevent stains.
  9. Some towing covers also touch the ground after installation. While you’re towing the van, the excess towing covers can sweep in debris underneath the caravan. 
  10. Mounting a towing cover on an unnoticed dirty caravan can cause irreparable damage. Before embarking on a journey with your caravan, endeavour to wipe it clean. Debris or stain that is on the caravan before the towing cover installation can be rubbed in further, which can also cause minor body scratches due to the tight nature of the tow cover. 

The overall fact is that, no matter your preference on any towing cover model, ensure you have considered how you will manage it before you embark on a journey and when you reach your destination. Depending on the weather condition, it might be dusty, wet, or generally messy, so prepare how you will manage it in these circumstances.

What Size Of Cover Do I Need Dor My Caravan? 

Toning it down would be best. Before you make up your mind to purchase a towing cover, ensure you conduct an extensive search to get an idea of what works for your caravan.  Also, pause for a minute to check how it functions. 

With such countless brands and models of towing covers out there, things can get a bit complicated, Both old and new caravan owners are always in a dilemma when it comes to purchasing the right towing cover for their caravans. The common question is: “what size is perfect for the front area of my caravan?”

First, identify your need, which in this case is a towing cover and not a storage cover. It is important to take note of this, so you don’t end up with them later. This is because they perform different functions. 

Next, take appropriate measurements. For a caravan towing cover, you just need the length and width of the caravan’s frontal. Note the longest point of the caravan’s width and also the first longest point of the length. Fortunately, a “one size fits all” AKA Universal cover is available in the market. However, the extended flexible straps of a universal towing cover often dangle across the caravan’s edges, thereby causing minor scratches. 

In the end, knowing your caravan’s appropriate measurement will help you prevent having to deal with extended straps. If you choose to opt for a customized towing cover, add 10 to 20cm to your width and length measurement, so you don’t order a towing cover that’s too small for your van. 

Getting a caravan towing cover is well worth it, however, it is advisable to research various models out there and weigh your options. On a final note, opt for a towing cover that is UV-resistant, waterproof, and manufactured with high-quality materials to stand the test of time. It will also increase the resale value of your caravan. 

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