Are Diesel Heaters Safe for Caravans?

Caravans, especially at the end of summer into autumn/winter can start to feel cold and may need another way to heat up the main living spaces. This can be done with heaters whether they are electric or diesel.

Diesel heaters are safe to use in your caravan. There are a few different types of heating systems available for use in a camper/RV/caravan, but from safety to efficiency, diesel heaters seem to be the best option.

Below, we’ll go through various heaters that can be used in your caravan, safety tips, and how to get the most bang for your buck when purchasing a quality heating system.

What Other Heaters Are More Suitable for My Caravan?

Although diesel heaters are efficient and can generate a good amount of heat safely, there are plenty of other options that would be more than adequate for your caravan. Depending on the size of your caravan and the space available, other heaters may be suitable based on their size and the amount of heat they can produce. 

If you’re not leaning towards a diesel heater, here is a list of various types of heaters for your caravan:

  • Mini Ceramic Heater: This fast-acting space heater is small and compatible, making it easy to fit in smaller spaces and carry and move. There is an adjustable thermostat with heat settings up to 1500W.
  • Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator: This portable radiator provides steady heat, uses less energy than older radiators, and has safety features built in to prevent overheating.
  • Portable Upright 3 Bar Halogen Electric Heater: This heater has three different settings, is efficient with heat and energy, and will automatically shut down if it tips over.
  • Upright and Flatbed Fan Heater: It may be smaller, but this heater can warm up larger rooms quickly. With two heat settings, a variable thermostat, and a cooling fan to keep it running longer, this heater will do the trick for your caravan.

If you want to explore more options outside of diesel-powered heat to keep your caravan warm and cozy, there is a wide range of portable and efficient heaters that can warm up a small room to your entire camper. 

What Should I Know Before Using a Diesel Heater in My Caravan?

No matter the heat source you choose for your caravan, everything will have its pros and cons. When deciding to go with a diesel heating system, you should still consider a few things so that there are no surprises.

Do Diesel Heaters Need Ventilation?

Diesel air heaters are actually very safe to use and have proper systems in place to ensure you and your passengers aren’t in danger from diesel fumes.

Planar Heaters explains the safety features and regulation of diesel air heaters:

  • Vented through exhaust pipe: the blower inside the heater draws in cool air from the cabin to circulate with the diesel to warm the air and distribute it back into your caravan. Afterward, this combustion exhaust is distributed outside the vehicle through the exhaust pipe. 
  • Sealed combustion chamber: most diesel air heaters have completely sealed combustion chambers, ensuring there aren’t dangerous gases inside your vehicle.

Because of safety regulations and the well-designed system of diesel air heaters, you can rest assured knowing that any gases and fumes from your heater are going to be distributed through your exhaust system and sent directly outside.

Will My Diesel Heater Set Off My Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

When you add a new piece of equipment with combustible fuel involved, you want to take extra precautions to make sure it is up to code and not going to do you or any of your guests any sort of harm.

PubMed reports that machines made with a diesel combustion engine produce less carbon monoxide emissions than traditional gas, making them safer to use, especially in smaller spaces. However, even with a diesel-powered heater being safer than gas, there is still a chance that it could produce dangerous and even lethal levels of carbon monoxide emissions.

This is why it is crucial that you have the proper ventilation system when installing your heater. You don’t have to hire a certified technician to install your diesel heater, as you would with gas. However, if you’re going to install it yourself, then you’ll want to ensure you follow the directions exactly as written to prevent any future issue with dangerous gases leaking into your caravan.

Do I Need to Turn Off my Diesel Heater Before Going to Bed?

If you’re only traveling to areas with a warmer climate, you might not have to worry as much about your heating system at night. However, if you’ll be in varying climates where it gets colder, especially at night, then having a reliable heating source while you’re sleeping will be vital.

With further review and research, it’s clear that diesel air heaters have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they have the proper safety features. According to All Brand Caravan Services, diesel heaters will automatically shut off if they reach above the set temperature setting or if it climbs over the safe operating range.

The last thing you want is a poor night’s sleep because you wake up in freezing temperatures or because you’re worried about your heater running at night. Diesel heaters are incredibly safe and have features built in to keep your worries at bay regardless of your environment.

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