Are German Caravans Better Than the British Ones?

If you are looking at buying a caravan, upgrading or inquiring about a new caravan you might be wondering what brands, styles and makes are the better ones. One of the things you might be wondering is if German-made caravans are better than British made caravans.

Neither German caravans nor British caravans are better than the other but there are certain features which make certain brands and models better than others. Depending on what you are looking to have in a caravan will depend on what brand and style you choose.

In this article we are going to talk about the differences between German brand caravans and British brand caravans, different manufactuers and where to buy German caravans in the UK.

What’s the Difference Between a German And a British Caravan?

British caravans are mostly built to be comfortable and offer a cosier experience. They tend to have accessorised kitchens, separate or larger showers and a more livable indoor space. Campers that use these caravans usually want to spend a lot of time in it instead of spending nights in an awning or taking long walks during the day.

British caravans are more lightweight and can be more easily towed from place to place.

German caravans are more appropriate in harsh weather conditions because they were built to be rugged. They have solid builds, are heavier than British caravans and can withstand extreme weather like rainstorms and heavy winds better than a British caravan would. Their layouts are usually minimalistic and gadget-free.

You might not have bench seats, showers, ovens etc., on German caravans, so if you want to use them, make sure the campsite you use has public facilities that are easily accessible.  If a whole family wants to go on a camping trip, taking a German caravan would be the better option. These caravans are usually more expensive than British caravans, but it would not be wrong to say they offer good value for money since they are durable. When using a German caravan, make sure you carry a camp stove or grill to cook your food since you might not have those facilities in the vehicle. 

British Caravan Manufacturers

Below is a list of the top caravan manufacturers in the United Kingdom


Though Adria is from Slovenia, their key market is in the United Kingdom. They sell more than any other European manufacturer, which is a testament to their products’ quality.


This is one of the biggest caravan manufacturers in the UK, their products are popular among campers, and they have started making vehicles greater than 8ft in width.


This manufacturer focuses strictly on caravans. They do not deal with motorhomes at all. Also, they are the only ones to install Alde wet heating systems in all their vehicles.

Erwin Hymer UK

This manufacturer is the same as the ones that produce Compass, Elddis, Buccaneer and Xplore caravans. Now, they operate under this name since becoming a part of the Erwin Hymer Group.


The Swift Group is huge in the United Kingdom and has acquired some other big brands like Eccless – which is over 100 years old – and Sprite – a top-notch budget caravan brand. The caravan manufacturer hardly disappoints, and also, they own the Basecamp, which focuses on active outdoor caravans.


Freedom sells affordable and ultra-lightweight caravans in the United Kingdom. The brand is well-known among campers.

German Caravan Manufacturers

Here is a list of German caravan manufacturers


This German brand is known for producing highly innovative caravans like Sport & Fun and Travelino. Also, there have more conventional models in their Starclass range.


This is a budget brand for Knaus, and they focus primarily on caravans that have family-friendly layouts and family layouts.


This German caravan brand stands for top-notch quality and innovation. 

Hymer AG

Hymer AG is one of the biggest caravans and motorhome manufacturers in Europe. They are located in Germany and own many brands such as Laika, LMC, Etruso etc.


Eriba is a Hymer caravan brand that is well-known for producing luxurious and heavyweight vehicles. Their caravans are usually miniature and have pop-up roofs.

What’s Better, A German Caravan Or A British Caravan?

It is not easy to say one is better than the other because each has their own positives and negatives. The answer depends on the value that a camper is trying to derive from his or her caravan. As mentioned earlier, campers that are focused on convenience would be more attracted to British caravans than German ones.

You would get the facilities required for camping in caravans made in the UK. There are usually cooking equipment installed, and in some cases, there are cozy chairs and an adjustable table for the occupants to use. The door on British caravans is usually on the left-hand side of the vehicle.

If you are looking for something durable and rugged, a German caravan is the better option. They can usually withstand any weather that is not too dangerous. Also, they have more space since they would not have much equipment pre-installed. You have the liberty to put whatever piece of equipment you want, provided it can fit into the caravan. Generally, caravans made by German manufacturers are believed to have been produced better.

Additionally, their doors are usually located on the right-hand side of the vehicle. While this might not seem like much on the surface, it will make a huge difference when setting up your awning at your campsite. However, before buying, one should consider if they want to resell later because German caravans do not usually have high resell value in the United Kingdom.

Can You Buy German Manufactured Caravans In The UK?

It is possible to buy German manufactured caravans in the UK, but most times, there are not new. Some German manufacturers produce caravans for people in the UK. For example, Knaus has caravans designed for the British market. They are called the Starclass range and have their door on the UK side and come with single beds. If you want to get a new one, you would most likely have to order one straight from Germany. 

New German caravans are usually more expensive than similar ones made in the UK. One reason is that they are more solidly built and will last longer than British caravans. Another reason is the additional cost of importation that the dealer will incur. The exchange rate at the time of importation matters too. Even if you order one from Germany yourself, you might have to pay as high as £995 to have it delivered.

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