Are Hymer Motorhomes Any Good?

Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in campervans and motorhomes purchases, primarily driven by increased demand for travel and comfort. One of the leading players in the motorhomes space is Hymer, boasting over 60 years of manufacturing these luxury units. But are Hymer motorhomes worth all the hype?

Hymer motorhomes are very good and are one of the best motorhome options in the market. They pack comfort, luxury, and convenience in distinctively designed units. They also retain their value over time for long-term use, have low running and consumption costs, with a higher resale value. 

The rest of this article will answer vital questions related to this topic, including the benefits and drawbacks of Hymer motorhomes and the costs and longevity of these units. I will also discuss some of the best Hymer Motorhome alternatives. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Hymer Motorhome

After going through any of the numerous motorhome forums on the internet, one thing you’ll notice is the many divergent views about whether Hymer motorhomes are any good. 

As a company that largely banks on its reputation and whose marketing department has done a remarkable job in positioning it as the best, it’s essential to evaluate its benefits and drawbacks to make an informed purchasing decision. 

Read on for a detailed breakdown of Hymer motorhome’s benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of Hymer Motorhomes

Below is a summary of the benefits of Hymer motorhomes:

  • Low running and consumption costs: Hymer motorhomes have especially low consumption and running costs, which means that you will spend less on fuel and other running costs. Most units are also below 3.8 tons (3.5 tonnes) to save you fuel and to help you avoid higher toll fees.
  • Value retention and higher resale value: Horton Common explains that Hymer Motorhomes also depreciate slower, which means they hold their value for longer, meaning that you’ll enjoy higher resale values. In fact, after restoration and proper maintenance, your restored motorhome could appreciate in value.
  • Easy to source for parts: With the owner’s groups and forums, it is relatively easy to source parts for your motorhome. This makes it significantly easy and convenient if you need to restore an old motorhome. 
  • Longevity: Because they depreciate slower, you can benefit from many years of use, even when it’s an old or restored unit. These units also feature sturdy bodywork made in-house for quality you can trust.
  • Highly distinctive designs: From the 1970s onwards, Hymer began adopting unique designs for its motorhomes. Accordingly, these units have spacious interiors, distinct bed types, and a design optimized for comfort for an excellent experience for your and your family. These units also have an array of other features, including the electronic stability program, which increases the unit’s comfort level.
  • Luxury experience: Hymer motorhomes feature comfortable and spacious living spaces. Additionally, these units have plush interiors and easy-to-use controls for a luxury travel experience. Hymer motorhomes also feature ergonomically-designed kitchens, power-saving lighting, and modern bed types to blend comfort with luxury. 
  • Versatile options: Hymer motorhomes have different models on offer, so there are multiple offerings to suit different needs and different ranges. 
  • Trend-setting innovations: Hymer has been at the forefront of motorhome innovation. Such innovations include crank skylights and fold-down beds. You can, therefore, rest assured of enjoying the best in terms of motorhome innovation.
  • Safety and security: Some Hymer motorhome models have integrated safety features, including safes with combination locks to keep your valuables safe. These safety features also include sophisticated safety systems to prevent swerving and skidding and to keep the wheels from jamming. Other safety features such as panoramic windscreens allow easy maneuverability. 
  • Winter resistance: If you like traveling to cold destinations, Hymer motorhomes are an excellent choice for you. These units are factory-fitted with winter-proof features to brave cold and sub-zero temperatures, which means that critical components such as pipes and tanks can withstand very low temperatures. These units also have complex heating systems to keep you warm and cozy in cold destinations. 

Drawbacks of a Hymer Motorhome

The main drawback of a Hymer motorhome is its cost. 

Accordingly, these units tend to be very expensive, but as explained by Horton Common, Hymer has set itself apart from the competition by using high-grade materials for its motorhomes. However, because of this approach, Hymer motorhomes are some of the most expensive motorhomes in the market. 

How Much Do Hymer Motorhomes Cost?

As previously explained, Hymer motorhomes are among the most expensive motorhomes in the market. However, these costs vary depending on the model and whether it’s a new unit or a used unit.

Hymer motorhomes cost as low as 69,690 € ($78, 091.13) to more than 128,200 € ($143,654.51) for new models based on figures from the official website. Used Hymer motorhomes are somewhat less expensive.

The table below summarizes the costs of different Hymer motorhomes. 

ModelPrice fromWeightNo. of Berths
Hymer B-class MasterLine I122,990 €($137,816.44)4430 kgs (9766 lbs)4-5
Hymer B-Class MasterLine T99,490 €($111,483.52)4430 kgs (9766 lbs)2-3
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort I96,690 €($108,345.98)3500 kgs (7716 lbs)4-5
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort I WhiteLine116,690 €($130,756.98)4430 kgs (9766 lbs)4-5
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort T82,490 €($92,434.17)3500 kgs (7716 lbs)2-5
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort T WhiteLine103,490 €($115,965.72)4430 kgs (9766 lbs)2-5
Hymer Exsis-i82,790 €($92,770.33)3500 kgs (7716 lbs)4
Hymer Exsis-i 580 Pure87,290 €($97,812.81)3500 kgs (7716 lbs)4
Hymer Exsis-t69,690 €($78,091.13)3500 kgs (7716 lbs)2-3
Hymer Exsis-t 580 Pure75,790 €($84,926.48)3500 kgs (7716 lbs)2-3
Hymer ML-T79,490 €($89,072.52)3500 kgs (7716 lbs)2-3
Hymer ML-T CrossOver128,200 €($143,654.51)4100 kgs (9039 lbs)2-3
Hymer T-Class S73,990 €($82,909.49)3500 kgs (7716 lbs)2-5

How Much Does a Used Hymer Motorhome Cost?

Based on data from Autotrader, a used Hymer motorhome costs as low as € 19,995 ($22,405.40). The cost of a used Hymer motorhome depends on various factors, including the mileage, the class, the unit’s model, and its year of production. 

The table below summarizes the costs of some used Hymer motorhomes available at Autotrader, and it shows that older models with higher mileage will fetch a much lower price, while newer models with lower mileage can fetch much higher prices. 

Hymer B680 Starline35,995 €($40,334.20)200480,000
Hymer Hymercar Grand Canyon Crossover 2.357,485 €($64,414.82)20189,700
Hymer Hymer B544 2.836,995 €($41,454.75)200654,900
Hymer Exsis-T 2.379,995 €($89,638.40)20211,238
Hymer B614 SL Star Edition 2.364,991 €($72,825.67)201335,000
Hymer T-Class T 704 SL 2.374,995 €($84,035.65)20186,606
Hymer T SL 708 2.374,500 €($83,480.97)20175,052
Hymer Exsis T588 2.357,995 €($64,986.30)201517,000
Hymer Exsis 588 2.355,000 €($61,630.25)201817,500
Hymer B544 3.038,995 €($43,695.85)200770,000
Hymer B544 2.519,995 €($22,405.40)199861,694
Hymer Class 514 Fiat Ducato 2.324,995 €($28,008.15)200655,000
Hymer Starline 68020,995 €($23,525.95)1998155,000

How Long Do Hymer Motorhomes Last?

There is a consensus in the available literature that the average motorhome will last for around two decades or an equivalent of 200,000 miles (321,869 km). However, your motorhome’s lifespan will largely depend on how well you have cared for your unit. With proper maintenance, your motorhome can last much longer than this. 

A Hymer motorhome can last more than 20 years and above 200,000 miles (321,869 km) of use with regular maintenance and proper care. Even for used units, Hymer motorhomes are some of the most durable units in the market

As previously stated, Hymer motorhomes depreciate slower than other models in the market, thus retaining their value for longer. Accordingly, these units will give your years of use while still offering good resale value should you want to upgrade

Longevity is primarily a critical factor when you are considering a used motorhome

A review of used Hymer motorhome listings on Autotrader shows offerings with more than 70,000 miles (112, 654 km) on them. The good news is that because Hymer motorhomes tend to be built like a tank, these units will still provide reasonable value for years to come.

However, it is essential to note that as your Hymer motorhome ages, it demands regular care and repairs. Therefore, before buying a used motorhome in the market, I recommend getting the power train and chassis checked adequately by an expert. 

It is also wise to take your motorhome for an extended test drive to get a more accurate feel of it. Older units are susceptible to minor issues such as leaks, so it’s important to take adequate time to assess the vehicle’s state before purchasing a used unit.

Best Hymer Motorhome Alternatives

While Hymer motorhomes are lauded as one of the best manufacturers of motorhomes in terms of both quality and durability, many other players in the market provide similar or more value. 

Below is a list of some of the best alternatives to the Hymer motorhome. 

1. Carthago

Carthago is a luxury motorhome German manufacturer brand founded in 1979. It has one of the largest chassis selections in the market, and it offers a wide selection of models to suit different people, with both lightweight and heavyweight options to match various road traffic regulations. 

Carthago prides itself on combining dynamic design with comfort, featuring a slender driver’s cabin and a flat profile to combine excellent handling with sound aerodynamics. 

2. Challenger

Challenger is a French brand with a wide variety of motorhomes and campervans in its catalog. This French manufacturer was founded in 1985 and has risen to become the number one brand in France. 

The Challenger motorhome is definitely worth considering because it delivers a good mix of functionality and affordability in a low-profile yet compact vehicle. 

3. Adria

Adria is a Class A diesel motorhome under the Thor Motor Coach. The newest addition to Thor Motor Coach’s luxury line, Adria features a robust, dynamic design, and is made from sturdy polyurethane and polyester material for reliable water resistance and durability. 

Adria is one of the best-selling brands selling up to 34 units in May 2019 to cement its place as one of the best-selling caravans in the market. 

4. Dethleffs

Dethleffs is a German motorhome brand with more than 85 years of experience in vehicle development. It has a wide variety of motorhomes, including the Esprit, Trend 90, Just 90, and Globebus models. 

According to, this is also one of the best-selling motorhome brands in the market today. Dethleffs motorhomes feature a compact design and an aesthetic design.

5. Benimar

Benimar motorhomes are made in Spain. The first Benimar motorhome was developed in 1979, with mass production starting later in 1986. It offers a wide variety of Class A, Luton, and low profile vans to match different consumer needs. 

Thanks to an ample driving space and a picturesque peripheral view, this motorhome brand is one of the popular brands in Europe. 

6. Burstner

Burstner is a German motorhome brand renowned for its premium quality and premium design. The motorhome design focuses on comfortable living, high-quality manufacturing, and beautiful interior layouts for a luxurious experience. 

The company was founded in 1924 and has quickly risen to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality motorhomes.

7. Hobby

Hobby is a German motorhome manufacturer situated in northern Germany. The company was founded in 1967 and has developed a wide variety of leisure vehicles to give you the best value for money. Hobby is also one of the largest caravan manufacturers in the world, putting out as many as 100 models in a single day. 

Although it has a somewhat small washroom and a compact kitchen, it is still an aesthetic and highly durable option if you are on the market for a motorhome. 

8. Knaus

Knaus is another leading manufacturer of leisure motorhomes in Europe and Germany. The company produces approximately 24,000 motorhomes, caravans, and CUVs every year, making it a dominant player in the motorhome space. 

Founded by Helmut Knausa and his sons in the 1960s, this company has a long tradition and ample experience in creating leisure motorhomes.

9. Weinsberg

Weinsberg is a German manufacturer with over 45 years of experience developing motorhomes and caravans. The company prides itself on high build quality, German innovation, and modern designs to deliver a sound balance of value and cost-effectiveness. 

Weinsberg also provides a wide range of family-friendly motorhomes at affordable prices, making it an option worth considering. 

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