Are Motorhome Covers A Good Idea?

Sometimes you won’t get to use your RV or motorhome for some time, and in this period, people often advise using a motorhome cover for your vehicle.

But are motorhome covers a good idea?

Yes, Motorhome covers are suitable for campers as they act as a protective measure against weather conditions. Every weather condition, including rain, winter, ice, and snow, can damage your motorhome if it is not protected, thereby damaging its appearance.

If you’re still not sold about motorhome covers, then this article is for you. It will touch everything you need to know about motorhome covers including their advantages, disadvantages, cost and some of the best ones you could buy.

Let’s get started. Shall we?

Are Motorhome Covers A Good Idea?

Motorhomes and RVs need to be covered when not in use because of prolonged exposure to environmental conditions. For the most part, motorhome covers are good, and campers should embrace them when needed. No matter the season, every weather condition can wreak havoc on your motorhome; for example, in the winter, rain, snow, and ice would take turns barraging the vehicle, which could damage its appearance.

Having a cover would prevent the rainwater from slowly finding its way inside while letting moisture escape from the RV when the weather is less humid. Also, in the summer, the motorhome will be primarily exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun. In the fall, expect to find dead leaves on your motorhome if you leave it uncovered; and during Spring, when birds fly, they can leave droppings on your vehicle, which can stain over time.

In addition to the above, wind can spray dust on the motorhome, making it look old and worn out quicker than it should be. However, motorhome covers have their negative sides, making campers look for alternatives instead of sticking to them. Firstly, it is challenging to place a cover over a motorhome or an RV because you would need to climb it to put it on.

In doing so, you could damage something or facing the risk of falling off. The problem is worse when covering the roof of the vehicle while you are on top. It leaves little room for one to move around carefully and impossible to see what is on the parts of the roof that is covered, leading you to step on and break something delicate – like a roof vent – by mistake. 

During winter, the motorhome cover might freeze and attach itself to the roof when snowfalls. Also, the RV interior would be dark, and there will be no room to open up roof vents to adequately relieve the moisture trapped inside. All that being said, using a motorhome cover has more benefits than disadvantages, and these downsides can be managed. You can always dedicate a day to carefully remove the cover and let the motorhome breathe for a while before covering it up again. Not using one could cause some irreparable damage beyond your control. Even if you can fix the damages that might occur, prevention is better than cure. Without using a cover for your RV, the following might happen

  • The interior temperature of the vehicle can heat up to 62ºC due to the constant exposure to sunlight.
  • Dirt and debris collected on the vehicle would drip along its sides whenever rain falls, leaving behind black streaks.
  • The designs and special effects painted on the RV might disappear due to prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions.
  • Every time snow falls, it would collect on top of the motorhome and melt the next time sun comes out. Some of this water could cause leaks, find its way into the RV, and damage properties.

Advantages of A Motorhome Cover

Some of the advantages of covering your RV have been highlighted previously, but they will be outlined in this section. Here are some of the top reasons why campers should use a motorhome cover.

Protects from Dust Particles

Properly finished motorhomes or RVs might accumulate dust or dirt that could get the paint spoiled in just a few days. Putting a motorhome cover protects your RV from this dirt, so you can reduce your cleaning only when it is necessary.

Sometimes you might park your RV in an area prone to dust, and it becomes necessary to keep your RV covered. If you’re parking your RV without using it for a long time in a spot, you might want to consider keeping it protected.

Interior of RV Stays Cool

RVs kept in the sun can build up heat quickly, which could be uncomfortable if you’re inside. If you decide to keep the RV open for several hours or days, this could make it worse and far hotter. If you will use the RV in conditions like that, it is always better to have a high BTU air conditioner, so it isn’t uncomfortable for you to stay.

However, if you use a quality motorhome cover for your RV, the cover can ensure minimal effects. Regardless of if you have a Class A RV or Class C RV, this makes sure it stays cool when you’re not using it.

UV Radiation Protection

Many people wrongly assume that you should only protect your RV during winter, but it is not only cold or snow that can harm it. During summer, the roof of your RV can take damage from the high-intensity sun. Even though this might not affect all the areas of your motorhome, the affected parts tend to be quite apparent and visible.

Exposing your motorhome or RV to intense sunlight can also cause a heat buildup in the interior of your RV. This heat develops into unwanted smells the next time you open your RV for use to make it unpleasant for the first couple of days. A protective cover can save you from all of these.

Keeps your Roof Protected

The roof is an essential part of an RV, and it is crucial to keep it secure from damage and dirt from all sources. Bird droppings, in particular, can be very irritating, and you might not see them every time. Since most people don’t clean their RVs every day, bird droppings can go unnoticed for a long time and damage the vehicle in the long run.

Repairing or replacing an RV roof could be costly and time-intensive, but using a motorhome cover can save you all that stress, time, and money. Damage to the roof can make it get damaged and even leak into your RV in some dire cases.

Keeps your RV Resale Value Up

You can maintain the resale value of your RV if all parts of your RV are kept in good condition. Covering your RV with a motorhome cover can prevent a lot of damage to your roof and keep it in good condition. Paint fading, roof leakage, and other forms of damage can make your RV look older than it is.

Already, RVs or motorhomes are high depreciating assets, so additional damage or not taking proper care of your vehicle will not do any good to the resale value. Just covering up your RV can keep your RV looking better and save you some money.

Protect your roof from snow

In the winter, snow can become very harsh and dangerous to the extent of falling from your RV. A thick layer of snow from the top of your RV can be very devastating for your motorhome. Sometimes it might be impossible to keep your RV or motorhome indoors during the snow, and in such scenarios, it is best to leave it covered.

If you plan to boondock during the winter, you should always plan to cover the trailer to keep yourself warm and protect the freezing pipes.

Disadvantages of A Motorhome Cover

Considering motorhome covers offer good value for their money, they can be inconvenient sometimes. Some campers avoid them altogether, especially if they tend to go camping frequently. Here are the challenges campers face when using RV covers.

Challenges Covering a Big RV

Some RVs are as long as 45 feet, and covering them up can be a considerable feat. Class A motorhomes can be as long as anywhere from 45 to 50 feet, and Class C motorhomes are 40 feet averagely. One person trying to cover a big vehicle like this could be challenging or stressful, especially if you use your RV often. This is why some people only stick to protecting it during the winter or off-season times.

If you’re not going to use it for weeks during summer or spring, you should consider covering it.

A good strategy to cover big RVs is standing on the roof, and another person is standing down. The best way to get good at putting the cover is constant practice and developing your methods that work for your RV. The quality of the cover is also vital in this regard as they are also lighter in weight and fit better than the rest.

Risk of Damaging the RV

If you buy a low-quality cover, it might damage your RV instead of protecting it from damage. Low-quality RV covers without a proper fit might cause wear and tear to your vehicle. When the cover hangs loosely from the RV sides, this will rub on the surface of the RV and damage your paint job.

Winds and pressures could push the cover against the surface of your RV and scratch it, which will peel the paint over time and damage the vehicle. This could rack up in costs over the years as you might not be able to paint your RV often. This could also reduce the value of your RV over time.

How Much Do Motorhome Covers Cost?

The price of a motorhome cover depends on its size. Campers can get the smallest size for about $60, but if they want something significantly larger, they should budget about $200. Most RV covers designed for short-term use are sold anywhere between the $100 and $200 mark, and they offer protection against harmful UV light from the sun, as well as rain, harsh winds, and dust. However, these motorhome covers, in particular, can be damaged relatively quickly by extreme weather.

Covers that go for prices above $200 up to $300 usually withstand harsh weather conditions and are more durable. These covers are made to protect both the interior and the outer parts of RVs and even offer protection against rust and mold. They are made of materials that allow air flow from the inside the cover to the outside, letting the RV breathe.

Campers can get custom-made motorhome covers to fit their vehicle perfectly. These covers are usually coated with more protective materials, just how the owner wants them, and can cost anywhere between $300 and $1200. The exact price depends on the size of the vehicle that it will be used on.

Best Motorhome Covers

The best motorhome covers you can get are those that adequately prevents your vehicle from the external factors no matter the season. There are various RV covers in the market, and they are made up of different materials like polyester, polypropylene, and polyethene. Each of these materials has the elements they can withstand the most.

Polyester motorhome covers offer the best protection from ultraviolet rays from the sun during the summer. It is ideal if you plan to keep your RV outside throughout the time it will remain unused. This type of cover comprises of several layers of fibre designed to stop the penetration of these harsh rays of light and other environmental elements. 

RV covers made from Polypropylene give their best performance in cold weather – but are still reliable in hot environments – and are less likely to crack and wear out when compared to other RV covers. These covers can withstand rainfall and acid damage while still retaining the qualities that make air flow in and out of the covering when in use. They are not waterproof on their own but can be made so if coated with a waterproof spray. The material here is the same as that used to make long-sleeved shirts.

Polyethylene covers are strong enough to withstand water damage without tearing. They are waterproof and offer substantial protection against sunlight, snow, and dust. The material here is the same used to make bulletproof vests and grocery bags. Additionally, many high-quality motorhome covers have double or triple layer protection to make them more durable by keeping out foreign bodies. However, these covers are more expensive, and the cost should be taken into account when campers are in the market for a new covering for their vehicle.

The following are the best motorhome covers you could buy, and they can all be found at Amazon.

OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

This is a heavy-duty RV cover that can fit most campers and RVs on the market. They are available in sizes between 15 – 40 ft. in length. The front and rear ends of the cover are adjustable with tension panels and elastic corners.

OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe will protect you from the heaviest rainfalls, sleet, and snow. With this cover, you can store your RV in areas with harsh weather conditions without any stress. Scratches and light dings wouldn’t be a problem for you as this cover protects tree branches and other objects.

Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover

This product combines a tough Ripstop non-woven fabric and a protective coating against ultraviolet rays of light. It has an air vent system making it breathable. Some advantages of this product are that it is thick, has high endurance, and is relatively easy to set up.

RV Masking Camping RV Trailer Cover

This motorhome cover is made from durable Ripstop fabrics, which has double stitched seams and reinforced lining. It offers guaranteed protection against foreign bodies while being lightweight. Also, there are air vents, which makes the setup breathable.

ADCO 52245 RV Cover

This product comes in different sizes and is suited for climates that have high moisture. It is said to be one of the best motorhome covers for the summertime. It has a zipper that allows campers to access the RV without taking off the cover entirely.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe RV Cover

It offers adequate protection regardless of the season and is designed to be convenient for users to wear them over their RV. It prevents the accumulation of moisture by providing air vents. Additionally, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Specialised Covers

Specialised Covers are a speciality motorhome and RV cover maker. They supply covers to fit a a number of different size and shape RV’s to suit all sizes and styles. They also come with extendable posts which make fitting the cover to the RV simple and easy, they are used to push the cover over the motorhome in place.

The materials are multi-layered and are also waterproof making these extremely suitable for RV’s sitting over a long period of time. There is also a directional membrane which allows condensation to evaporate.

There are buckles and velcro straps which make fitting and securing the cover in place easy and simple.

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Pro-tec are another specialised camper, RV, Motorhome and caravan makers which produce unique, bespoke covers that fit a number of different shape, style and size rvs.

They come with fitting poles for caravans only and ties to make sure your cover stays in place. The covers are well made and are great for long term storage of motorhomes, RV’s and caravans.

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Kampa are well known for tent making and so have a great technologies in place to both help protect your motorhome and also come easy to put on. They are easier to find at a more reasonable rate as they are not made to fit your size and shape motorhome specifically. They come in a number of sizes so you can no doubt find one to suit you.

They use a triple layer SPF materials which are perfect for protecting your vehicle against sun damage and waterproof layering to help protect against rain, bird debris, snow and ice. Each one will come with ties along with one side that you pass under your vehicle that you can tie to the other side to enable the cover to stay in place.

The cover also comes with 3 layers that help protect from weather conditions, a cushioned layer, waterproof layer and an aeror micropore breathable film which enables the condensation to leave.

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