Best Camper Toilet Chemical Alternatives

No matter how hardcore a camper you are, even you can’t dodge or ignore nature’s call. That’s why you have a campervan toilet in your caravan. However, just like any other toilet, you have to keep it clean and eco-friendly using camper toilet chemical alternatives — so, which is the best? 

The best camper toilet chemical alternative is the Thetford Aqua Kem Toilet Sachets, which facilitate feces decomposition and prevent unwanted odours in your portable toilet. The sachets also stimulate toilet paper breakdown, making portable caravan toilets easier to empty.

In the rest of this article, I’ll share the three best camper toilet chemical alternatives readily available on Amazon UK and their pros and cons. Keep reading to learn more.

Best Overall: Thetford Aqua Kem Toilet Sachets

The Thetford Aqua Kem Blue Toilet Sachets are arguably one of the top chemical toilet additives globally because they make the mundane process of cleaning a portable caravan toilet easy and enjoyable.

Make sure to use the correct dosage for your toilet using the pre-measured water-soluble sachets, which keep the waste-holding tank smelling fresh and reduce gas buildup for at least five days. 


  • Ease of use: When cleaning your camper toilet, you can use the 15 pre-measured toilet sachets to get the correct dose. That means you don’t have to worry about using too much or too little to get those nasty odours out.
  • Long-lasting: Because each sachet lasts around five days, the 15 sachets that come with this toilet chemical product will last about two and a half months before you need to replace them. 
  • Odour control: The toilet sachets liquefy waste and tissue papers so quickly that emptying the holding tank won’t be an overly unpleasant experience. 


  • Skin irritation: Because this product contains potent chemicals, any contact with bare skin may result in severe irritation or other allergic reactions. Therefore, wear a glove or keep your hands away from the contents of the toilet sachets when using it.
  • No warranty: The other downside is it doesn’t offer any warranty. Based on the customer reviews on Amazon though, this product works well even without a warranty, so you’re unlikely to need one anyway.

Most Effective: Dometic PowerCare Tabs

If you’re concerned about the storage and weight issues while camping, the Dometic PowerCare Tabs are perfect. For one, they come in a little container packed with 16 tabs, making it easy to pack them away in any of your bag’s compartments. 

Dometic PowerCare Tabs is the most effective toilet product in terms of preventing odours and removing difficult stains. Its parent company claims to use cutting-edge research to ensure that the toilet chemical cleans every micropore while being environmentally friendly.


  • Lightweight: They are almost five times lighter compared to most liquid toilet chemical additives. Therefore, these tabs save storage space and money when you’re traveling around.
  • Easy storage: You can avoid any mess, spilling, or clutter because this toilet chemical additive comes in a resealable, convenient container. 
  • No overdosing: Each PowerCare tab is pre-measured to prevent overdose or waste, making it last longer. To make emptying waste-holding tanks easier, you should use one tab per tank.


  • Quite harmful: Some of the components of this toilet product may pose a severe threat to a person or aquatic life. If you’re going to use it for a vehicle that you’re going to take right in the middle of a forest, you have to take extra precautions when disposing of it.
  • Strong smell: During cleaning, it produces a strong odour. So, it’s not the best choice for people who are sensitive to minor scents.

Most Versatile: Awiwa Waste Water Tank Cleaner

Of the toilet chemical alternatives on our list, the Awiwa Fresh Organic Additive Cleaner is the most versatile. You can use Awiwa Fresh to clean portable caravan toilets, boats, and motor homes. One liter will last up to 50 applications, making it a very cost-effective product.

This highly concentrated waste-water additive removes unpleasant odours from toilets or drains. Furthermore, it’s safe for humans and animals and kind to the environment.


  • Prevents clogging: It facilitates tank emptying because the liquid decomposes feces and toilet paper.
  • Eco-friendly: Removes unwanted odours from caravan toilets naturally without introducing harmful chemicals into the environment.


  • Overdosing: You’re likely to waste at least some of this because you can’t precisely estimate how much to use per cleaning. Unlike our best overall, it doesn’t come with measuring cups or anything of the sort.

Expensive: Even though one liter is sufficient for 50 applications, this product is slightly more expensive than the other chemical alternatives on our list. However, I believe its overall environmental friendliness is worth the extra cost.

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