Campingaz vs. Cadac

Getting to eat great food is the most amazing gift a camper on the move can have! Beyond using a stressful, impractical charcoal setup or the uncomfortable, non-eco-friendly disposable alternative, refillable gas stoves are the best options for outdoor cooking. With the fantastic options of Campingaz and Cadac, choosing between the two leading brands of gas products can only seem complicated if you don’t know their pros and cons.

If you want a compact and easily portable gas stove, opt for Campingaz. Its products are built for reliability and practicality, with features that make them light and easy to carry. For a wide range of cooking options, a Cadac product is best. They have a variety of surfaces for exciting combos.

In this article, you’ll find out the pros and cons of both Campingaz and Cadac and what each brand is best for. I’ll also cover whether you can use both products interchangeably to help you choose which one to get or whether to get both. Keep reading!

Campingaz vs Cadac


Campingaz is a brand that produces a variety of lightweight, refillable cooking gas stoves, grills, and gas cartridge refills. These stoves are portable, economical, and take up minimal space. This is why they’re so popular for outdoor cooking and camping. The Campingaz stove types include:

For all-in-one portable cooking while camping, Campingaz has a variety of grills and stoves. These include:

Though most of the standard Campingaz cookers are called grills, the grill is just one of their many parts. Every Campingaz stove has a variety of replaceable cooking surfaces that you can attach to the gas cylinder. The grill is only one of these surfaces, and with the others, you can do a lot of cooking beyond making barbecues.

The parts of a Campingaz stove include:

  • A convertible oven formed by inverting the lid. This makeshift oven includes the lid’s inbuilt thermostat for regulating the temperature. It can be used for roasting, heating, and baking food.
  • An inbuilt pot-sized stovetop with a burner. This part is sometimes called ‘the hob,’ and you can use it for boiling with a kettle or cooking in a pot or pan.
  • A gas-flame open-wire grill for dry-heat cooking. It’s most often used for barbecuing meat and fish, but you can also use it for cooking vegetables, grill-baking, or even grill-braising.
  • A reversible plate with a plancha and griddle on either side. The griddle pan has a moderate temperature range, while the plancha can reach much higher temperatures. This two-in-one reversible lets you switch these cooking modes for whatever you need.


Cadac offers amazing camping bags, coolers, stoves, and grills. This brand also provides lightweight products, but Campingaz is often lighter. The extra weight is not without reason, though – Cadac offers a wider variety with more options for cooking surfaces and styles. The Cadac camping cartridges and stoves include:

The brand also has a wide assortment of grills and cooking surfaces that you can combine to make different meals simultaneously. These products include:

Campingaz Is Best For

Campingaz is best for easy-to-use cooking with a lightweight stove. The gas canisters, stoves, and grills have only a few controls, so they are uncomplicated enough for you to easily set them up and start cooking.

The camping products are optimized for easy transport, so they weigh little enough not to become a heavy burden on your adventure. Campingaz stoves weigh as little as 1-2kg (2.2-4.4 lbs) and are easy to pack. You can also find a disposable gas canister weighing as little as 175g (6.17 oz) to a refillable cylinder weighing 2.72kg (5.9 lbs).

Cadac Is Best For

Choosing Cadac is best for your outdoor adventure if you’d like variety with a durability guarantee of 2-5 years. There are many cooking surfaces you can get and attach to your Cadac to whip up a delicious combo. 

These surfaces can make:

  • pancakes, bacon, and eggs for breakfast
  • cook curries, casseroles, and pasta
  • bake bread and pastries

You can also oven-roast your food or grill meat with the Cadac cooking surfaces.

Can You Use Cadac and Campingaz Interchangeably?

You can use Cadac and Campingaz interchangeably by combining both brands’ stoves, grills, and gas cartridges. When combining Campingaz and Cadac cookers, you could use the same cylinder with a 3-way connector and separate regulators. However, it may be easier to use separate cylinders.

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