Caravans & Lightning – What You Need To Know

When you are camping in a caravan there are many factors that you need to keep in mind, not least of which is the weather. If you encounter a storm when in your caravan you may encounter lightning. So what is there to know about caravans and lightning?

There are safety issues that you must be aware of regarding caravans and lightning. Because caravans are not completely weather-proof you should take precautions when you encounter a storm. If you can’t find an adequate storm shelter for your caravan then you must take a few basic steps for safety.

This article will explain how lightning can affect a caravan, whether it is safe to be inside of one doing a storm, and what to do during a storm if you are camping in your caravan. 

Can a Caravan Be Struck by Lightning?

If you are on a mobile adventure in your caravan you are bound to encounter inclement weather at some point or another. One of the more concerning situations to get caught in is a lightning storm. You may find yourself wondering if lightning can strike your caravan. 

A caravan can be struck by lighting. Caravan bodies typically contain metal, so the risk of a lightning strike is always there, as low as it may be. Being outside in open areas during a storm puts you at the greatest risk of being struck by lightning.   

Because certain factors make you more likely to be struck by lightning when you are camping, it is likely that a caravan can be struck by lightning. According to the US National Weather Service, the things that put you at the greatest risk of being struck by lighting include:

  • Being isolated: If your caravan is the only metal object in the area, risk may increase slightly. Being out in the open also increases your risk.
  • Being tall: Tall metal objects are usually at a greater risk. Luckily, caravans aren’t very tall and aren’t likely to be the tallest object in the area. 

If you are in an open field in a caravan then it may be the perfect storm for lighting to strike. 

Is It Safe To Be in a Caravan During a Storm?

Given the fact a caravan can be struck by lightning, you may be wondering what this means for you when you are in your caravan. You’re often advised to get inside of your car when dealing with lightning outdoors, so does this apply to caravans too?

It can be safe to be in a caravan during a storm if it is made from the right materials and you take the proper precautions. A metal exterior is essential as it helps protect you from the lightning traveling inside. Be certain to have the windows closed and refrain from using electricity or water.

The reason that you must have a caravan with a metal exterior is that it acts as a Faraday Cage. This means that the electricity will travel through the exterior and hit the ground rather than going inside the caravan. But it is imperative that the windows are closed and if possible, the antenna should be down so that you are not letting the voltage travel inside.  

It is not safe to be using the water during a lightning storm, especially in a caravan. The reason is that lightning can actually go through the metal pipes and shock you when you are using the faucet. 

One great safety measure that you can take is to have a ElifeAcc Collapsible Water Container (available on The environment-friendly water container is made of food-grade plastic and is compact and reusable. This allows you to access water if needed during a storm without being at risk of being shocked.

What To Do During a Lightning Storm if You’re on a Caravan Holiday

Traveling in a caravan inevitably presents you with some unexpected situations. One of these can be getting stuck in a lightning storm while you are on a caravan holiday. What should you do in the event that this happens?

If you encounter a lightning storm while traveling in a caravan on holiday you should try to find a storm shelter. If this is not available then you need to close the windows, stop the usage of any faucets or electricity and wait for the storm to subside. 

If you cannot find a safe place to park your caravan and you have to wait for the storm to stop, then the best thing you can do is take some simple safety precautions. These simple tips include:

  • Roll up all the windows in your caravan.
  • Put the antenna down if you can.
  • Turn off any electrical devices including laptops or televisions.
  • Refrain from using water to clean or cook.
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