7 Best Mallet for Tent Pegs

The right tools can make camping in the great outdoors much easier and less stressful.  Knowing your tent pegs are staked securely to the ground lets you sleep better, and the best way to make that happen is with the right mallet.  The best mallet for pounding in tent pegs is made of a durable …

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Are Berghaus Tents Any Good

Berghaus are very popular with many different outdoor enthusiasts as their quality of clothing and accessories are high and well received. One item that they do create which isn’t as well known is the tents within the collection. Berghaus tents are worth buying if you are looking for a higher quality tent and ready to …

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Why Are Coleman Tents So Cheap?

Coleman products are popular for a number of events from camping, BBQ’s and outdoor uses. Each product produced is well made and sold at a very reasonable price. Coleman tents are cheaper than other leading brands due to the lightweight and inexpensive materials used to make the tents. Using polyester fabrics instead of nylon can …

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