Are Vango Tents Any Good?

Vango tents are one of the leading tent manufacturers and set the standards high when it comes to quality and price. They have made tents in variety of sizes, shapes and for a number of requirements, but they key question is, are they any good? Vango tents are well worth buying as they are waterproof, …

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Are Chinese Diesel Heaters Safe?

Diesel heaters are fantastic pieces of equipment for vehicular use, and the market for these products has been dominated by German and Finnish companies, such as Eberspacher, Wallas, and Webasto, for quite some time. However, a significant source of market competition nowadays comes from China, where they sell these products for a fraction of the …

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Are Solar Trickle Chargers Any Good?

Solar trickle chargers are designed to slowly charge a 12-volt battery, preventing a sitting battery from discharging over time. Although it’s clear this is an excellent advantage for those who want to extend their battery life, are solar trickle chargers any good compared to traditional trickle chargers?   Solar trickle chargers are more versatile and …

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6 Best Airbeam Electric Pumps

Electric Airbeam pumps for tents have grown in popularity recently, offering a fast, efficient solution to inflating Airbeam tents for camping and recreational purposes. While there are many manual options available, the electric pump is ideal for saving time. Among the many brands that offer electric pumps, what are your best options? The best Airbeam …

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Are Trailer Tents Waterproof?

Trailer tents are a great way of combine traditional camping in a tent with the more popular way of camping in a caravan or motorhome. Though you might be wondering if they are suitable and waterproof. Most trailer tents are manufactured to be waterproof and have a protective vinyl layering to keep water out. Though …

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