Do Motorhomes Have Ovens (& Do You Need One)

If you have a motorhome and you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the road, you’ll probably want to cook something every now and then instead of surviving on chips, popcorn, or other bagged snacks. If you want to bake or cook in your motorhome, you’ll need an oven. 

Some motorhomes have ovens, but not all do. The quality and size of the oven vary, but all pre-installed motorhome ovens use propane for cooking food. If your motorhome doesn’t come with an oven, it is possible to add one to your kitchen. 

The rest of this article answers all of your questions about motorhome ovens, including: 

  • If you need an oven in a motorhome.
  • How much motorhomes cost.
  • If motorhomes come with ovens pre-installed.
  • The five best motorhome ovens on the market.
  • How to use your motorhome oven for an optimal cooking experience.
  • The best foods to make in your motorhome oven. 

Do You Need an Oven in a Motorhome? 

You do not need an oven in a motorhome, as there are alternatives to a proper built-in oven that can work just as well. Ultimately, what’s best for you depends on your preferences and needs. 

Having an oven in a motorhome is certainly convenient, especially if you love the open road and love to bake. Otherwise, you’ll probably miss having a complete kitchen while you’re out exploring. 

However, if your RV didn’t come with a pre-installed oven and you don’t want to install one yourself, here are some alternative options available on to consider: 

Oven AlternativeDescription Product Recommendation (from Amazon) 
Toaster Oven Toaster ovens can cook and reheat food, and you can use them to toast your bread and bagels. Getting creative with your toaster oven will open up various culinary opportunities. My favorite is the LUBY Convection Toaster Oven because it is big enough to fit a range of food dimensions, but it isn’t so big that it will take up too much space in your home.  
Pressure Cooker Pressure cookers use pressurized steam for cooking food and are great for stews and meats. Many modern pressure cookers, like Instant Pots, also come with other functions that add to their usage and convenience in your RV. I love my Instant Pot Pro 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker because of its 10-in-1 functionality. Not only do you get a pressure cooker, but you also get a saute pan, a yogurt maker, a food warmer, and a steamer. It also has many safety features that are ideal for RV life.  
Induction Burner Induction burners sit on top of your counter, and you can use them the same way you would a range burner. You will need to ensure that you’re using an induction-ready pan. The Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Countertop Burner is great because it is easy to clean, has a digital timer, and auto-pan detection that will shut the unit off automatically after 60 seconds of no cookware being detected.  
Slow Cooker Slow cookers are versatile tools that you can use to make casseroles, soups, stir-fries, and more. As a bonus, you can leave slow cooker recipes unattended and simmering in the cooker all day without worry. You can’t go wrong with a classic Crockpot, like the Crockpot SCV700-KC. Its 7 qt (6.6 L) capacity can feed eight or more people, and I like that this Crockpot has removable stoneware that doubles as a serving dish. I especially like this Crockpot in the turquoise color.

It may be important for some that their motorhome has an oven so their kitchen feels more complete and so they can bake as they would at home. However, motorhomes don’t necessarily need ovens because many alternative options allow you to cook without using an oven. 

How Much Does a Motorhome Oven Cost? 

A motorhome oven can cost anywhere from $250 to $700 depending on the type, size, and brand you buy. Most stove and oven combination options are in the $450-$600 range.

An RV stove and oven combo is a practical and space-efficient option.

They are also freestanding and therefore can be put wherever you want it in your RV, which is convenient. These ovens use propane, which can get costly to use. 

Do Motorhomes Come With Ovens Pre-Installed? 

Most motorhomes come with ovens pre-installed. There are always exceptions, and some older RV models don’t come with ovens, but almost all modern motorhomes have a propane oven installed. 

The size of these pre-installed ovens depends on the size of your RV. In general, the smaller your RV, the smaller the oven. 

Class A RVs are large and luxurious motorhomes that often have full-sized kitchens with ovens that are as large as ovens you’d find in non-mobile homes. Class B RVs are the smallest kind of RV, and they are the most likely model to not have an oven. 

To use your pre-installed oven, you’ll need a good supply of propane. 

The general rule is that a gallon (3.8 L) of propane will give you three hours of continuous oven use, but larger ovens will use propane at a faster rate. For example, a 40,000 BTU oven will use a gallon (3.8 L) of propane in just two and a half hours. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that most pre-installed RV ovens require you to light them manually every time you want to use them. 

5 Best Ovens for a Motorhome 

There are many ovens built for motorhomes on the market, which means that you have plenty of options, but also that it can be easy to go astray and pick a bad one. Here are the five best ovens for a motorhome available on Amazon. 

Furrion F1S17L02A-BL 2-in-1 Gas Range Oven

This is a great oven because it uses both propane power and gas power, so you have a choice between the two. The durable stainless steel design is vibration-resistant, so it is designed to be mobile. 

You can use this oven for cooking, baking, frying, and grilling while on the road, which greatly increases your meal options. The three-burner cooktop can provide up to 8,000 BTU output and the oven burner can provide up to 7,100 BTU. 

Furthermore, this oven has one of the largest capacities in the industry, so you aren’t limited to a small amount of space. This oven is perfect for families who might be missing home-cooked meals while on the road. 

Greystone 110 Volt RV Gas Range and Cooktop Combo

This stove and oven combo has a 2-in-1 gas range that gives you various cooking options for the experimental cookers and bakers out there. Additionally, this oven cooks food faster and more evenly than other options. 

With cast-iron gates, a foldable glass top, and LED-backlit knobs, this oven looks just as good as it makes food taste.

This oven is also manufactured by Greystone, which is the industry’s leading provider of RV accessories. They’ve been working with leading RV manufacturers for over a decade to design high-quality and innovative appliances that are created to work well in RVs, so you know you’re getting an appliance you can trust. 

Dometic Atwood RV Oven Range 

Atwood models do a good job of equally distributing the flame on their burners, so meals are well and evenly cooked. The burners on this oven also make it possible to adjust from a low simmer to a full burn more easily. 

One notable feature of this oven is the height from the low rack. From the low rack, there is a full 6” (15.24 cm) to the oven ceiling, so you’re no longer limited in what you can cook based on limited vertical space in your RV oven. 

More features of this oven include: 

  • Standard piezo ignition 
  • Stamped grates
  • High output front (9,000 BTU)
  • Built-in broiler and toaster 
  • Sealed burners 
  • Optional bi-fold cover 

If you’ve struggled with uneven flame distribution with other RV ovens, this oven will be a breath of fresh air.

Greystone Freestanding RV Stove and Oven Combo  

This oven is great for those who are looking for an appliance that will update their RV kitchen and make the space look more chic and fashionable. The sleek stainless steel exterior, black fixtures, and ceramic surface make this oven look like it belongs in a home decor magazine. 

Not only does it look great, but it also cooks well, thanks to the three 8,000 BTU burners and large stovetop space. This space works great for any dish and will help distribute the heat evenly, which will lead to better-tasting dishes. 

All you need to start using this oven is a gas hook-up and a 12V power connection. 

Empava Single Wall Oven  

Unlike the other ovens on this list, this oven wasn’t designed only for RV use, but it can be easily installed in RVs. However, you can also use this single-wall electric oven in apartments and homes. This oven features ten cooking styles, a cooling exhaust system, and an easy-to-clean enamel inner tank.

The cooking functions include:  

  • Rotisserie 
  • Preheat
  • Broil 
  • True Convection Broil 
  • Roast 
  • Convection Roast
  • Bake 

Another feature of this oven is the two-layered tempered glass that helps avoid burns. It also has a rack that supports five different rack positions. The oven gives you an extra baking tray. 

How To Use a Motorhome Oven 

Motorhome ovens don’t work the same as ovens used in non-mobile homes, so you’ll need to follow some instructions and listen to some tips to have the best cooking experience you can. 

Double-Check Oven Temperature

You should double-check the temperature of your oven before you bake anything because the temperature knob usually isn’t accurate on these ovens. You should also always preheat your oven because they take longer to heat up than other ovens. 

Most RV ovens don’t have any indicator for when they’re done preheating, though, so you’ll need to measure the temperature yourself with a thermometer. I like the Rubbermaid Stainless Steel Thermometer from Amazon because it is shatterproof and has an extreme temperature range. 

This will allow you to accurately measure the temperature of your oven no matter what you’re cooking. 

Turn Your Food Halfway Through Baking Time

You should also turn whatever you’re baking to the other side when you’re halfway through the baking time. Propane ovens cook unevenly, and turning the food halfway through will prevent one side from getting burnt and the other side from being undercooked. 

Use a Baking Stone

Another recommendation is to use a baking stone on the top shelf of the oven, so it doesn’t block the ventilation. Then, put your food on the stone. This should help with the heat distribution issue. 

I recommend the Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Pizza Stone from Amazon because it distributes the heat evenly and is ideal for baking pizza, bread, and cookies. It also prevents any sogginess that metal pans often cause. 

Ensure that you get pans that fit because motorhome ovens are smaller than conventional ovens, so you may need to buy a new pan set. 

The Best Motorhome Oven Meals 

Some foods are better suited than others for making in a motorhome oven. Here are some suggestions:  

  • Pizza: Pizza is easy to make in your motorhome oven, especially if you have a baking stone. It’s also easy to throw together with random ingredients you may have in your home, like canned mushrooms or miscellaneous proteins like hot dogs, sausage, or pepperoni. Just make sure you have pizza crusts on hand, and you’ll be good to go! 
  • Cinnamon roll cake: If you want a sweet and delicious breakfast, this is the idea for you. You only need buttermilk biscuits, butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Flatten the biscuits, dip them in melted butter, and dip them in a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Then put them in a skillet and bake them in your oven. You can use prepackaged icing or make your own with powdered sugar, butter, vanilla extract, and milk. 
  • Baked chicken breasts: Chicken breasts tend to cook well in motorhome ovens, and you can add your baked chicken to a veggie mix or rice for a simple and tasty dinner. All you need is chicken breasts, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, and paprika. 
  • Teriyaki stir fry: You can pre-make your stir fry at home, or you can just grab a pre-made frozen stir fry from a grocery store, throw it in a pan, and put it in your oven. You can ensure that everything gets cooked thoroughly by moving everything around during the cooking process. 

The more you practice baking and cooking with your motorhome oven, the more you’ll understand what works best with your oven. Soon you’ll have a list of go-to recipes that you can enjoy while on the go. 

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