Five Best Swivel Bases for Sprinter Seats

The Sprinter is a versatile and fairly comfortable van for long-distance traveling. A popular modification to the beloved Sprinter is a swivel base for the van’s seats. Swivel bases allow the seats to rotate around the van, giving more comfortability to drivers and passengers. For those interested in this modification, you will want to know what the best swivel base options are.

Not any swivel base will conform to a Sprinter. Buyers should beware of this fact and ensure that they find swivel bases with the exact specifications for a Sprinter. The swivel can be expensive and hard to find, but you can find the perfect one if you are diligent and willing to experiment with different models. Read on to learn about swivel base specs and about five of the best swivel base models for Sprinter seats.

Can I Buy a Swivel Base for Sprinter Seats?

You can buy swivel bases for Sprinter seats, but there is a caveat. Swivel bases for a Sprinter are manufactured in Europe, primarily Germany. Being that many Sprinter models are made in Germany, it is only natural that any corresponding parts and modifications would also be produced there.

A swivel base for a Sprinter can be obtained in Europe through local manufacturers or can be exported to foreign consumers.

The primary export markets outside of Europe tend to be North America and Australia. The export/import market is commonly used for Sprinter swivel bases. Swivel bases for Sprinters are exported to two primary markets in North America:

  • The United States
  • Canada

Sprinter owners in either the US or Canada can purchase a swivel base for their Sprinters. For the US market, however, these swivel bases are subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications and may require special approval if the swivel base does not meet these specifications. 

DOT specifications require swivel bases to follow Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) rule no. 207 in order to be allowed on the road. It is important if buying in the US that the Sprinter swivel base follows the DOT specifications.

In short, swivel bases for the Sprinter can be purchased legally. If you are buying the swivel base outside of Europe, export rules and standards will apply. Knowing the rules and road standards of your respective country, in this case, will be helpful. 

How Much Are Swivel Bases for Sprinter Seats?

The cost of a Sprinter swivel base will vary, depending upon the manufacturer. In general, swivel bases for a Sprinter seat can cost (at a base price) anywhere around $200 to $1,000 dollars. Depending on the modification you desire, some swivel bases for Sprinters can cost up to $3,000 dollars.

The cost of a Sprinter seat swivel base is generally determined by the following factors.

  • The materials used will affect the final cost.
  • The quality of manufacture will affect the final cost. Many manufacturers of the Sprinter swivel base follow specific standards for material quality, which increases the value of said products.

Another price point to consider (for buyers outside of Europe) are additional import costs. On top of the base price, buying a Sprinter swivel base outside of Europe will be subject to import and export costs.

Import costs can range up to hundreds of dollars, depending upon where the part is being shipped from. Many of the manufacturers are located in Germany, though some are even located in Poland. These different countries will perhaps have different import/export costs associated with the purchase of a Sprinter swivel base.

Understanding the base prices of the specific Sprinter swivel base and its potential export cost gives a better picture as to how much these parts will cost in total. Potential buyers (especially in export markets) should be informed about these costs for the total product. The more information at hand, the more informed a purchase will be.

What Should I Look For in Swivel Bases for Sprinter Seats?

This depends on the specific customer, yet there are certain things to watch out for in buying a swivel base for Sprinter seats. As mentioned, swivel bases for Sprinter seats require very specific models. A general seat swivel base will not be compatible with a Sprinter. There are also certain specifications that most swivel bases for Sprinter seats tend to follow.

Swivel bases for Sprinter seats try to achieve comfortable rotations for seats in the van. With this comes challenges that have to be addressed. In total, the key things to look for when purchasing a swivel base for Sprinter seats are the following:

  • Added seat height
  • Added seat weight
  • Installation
  • Steel material

These factors are key in having good outcomes for potential buyers. Knowing how these factors will affect your Sprinter is important. Having the right part for your specific Sprinter ensures a smoother process. There are variances in Sprinter models, and being aware of these variances is helpful to know what swivel base to purchase.

Swivel Bases and Added Seat Height

Putting in a Sprinter swivel base will add height to the seat. This is important to know for both driver and passenger seats. The added height can affect the comfort of the seats in question, which is important for the driver’s seat. Indeed, the added height to a seat can be decisive in the driving experience with a swivel base.

The swivel base is to be placed between the factory setting seat and its base. One way to calculate the added height before installation is knowing how thick your swivel base adapter is. Once you have determined how thick the adapter is, this will translate into the added height of the Sprinter seat.

If the swivel base adapter is slightly too thick, this could raise the seat too high. This, of course, could mean the difference in a customer being able to reach their pedals or not. This is primarily a concern for the driver’s side seat, not so much for passenger seats.

Swivel Bases and Added Seat Weight

When you install a swivel base to Sprinter seats, it will add weight to the van. The added weight is not always the most important element to watch for, necessarily, but it is important to stay aware of the total weight.

A swivel base, depending on how thick the base is, can add up to 50 pounds of weight in a Sprinter. Depending upon the nature of the driving required, the added weight could potentially make a difference in the driving experience.

The added weight from a swivel base might only be important to specific customers, depending on their needs and what they hope to get out of their Sprinter van. If a heavier van is not an important factor to the Sprinter owner, then weight can be taken into account at pure discretion. 

Swivel Bases and Installation

Installing a swivel base in a Sprinter is not complex in any way. The key here is being aware of the model of swivel base you have or are interested in purchasing. Different models will have different installation specifications, depending on the Sprinter it is being installed in.

Certain factors are helpful to pay attention to when installing your swivel base. These factors can vary, though there are some general key things to look out for. The factors are generally as follows:

  • Ensure the hole patterns match up
  • Check the center hole for airbag wiring
  • Check the position of passenger or baby seats

There are many customers who have purchased swivel seats, only to realize their performance is hampered by technical factors of their Sprinter.

If hole patterns do not match up, they will have to be stretched out to ensure a fit. Some swivel bases also may not match up with the airbag wiring harness connectors, which cannot be inactive. Passenger and baby seat anchors may also get in the way of a seat’s rotation, requiring modification in order for the other seats to properly rotate.

Knowing the specifications of your Sprinter and its seats is important here. Take note of the seat layouts, as well as the layout of your seat bases. Knowing beforehand whether a swivel base will adapt properly to a Sprinter seat will save you potential frustration and streamline the installation process. 

Swivel Bases and Steel Material

The best material used in swivel bases for Sprinters is steel. Most manufacturers use steel as the base metal for the swivel. Steel holds the toughness of iron without adding excessive weight. Due to this, steel is the popular metal used to produce swivel bases for Sprinters. There may be variations, however.

While steel is the preferred metal, variations depending upon the manufacturer are good to know. If a swivel base is composed of, say, more iron than steel, this will affect the weight of the van. Steel materials also corrode more slowly than iron, so steel swivel bases will have greater longevity than one based on a more corrosive metal.

Some manufacturers will reinforce their steel base. This is meant to prevent corrosion entirely and provide better durability. Depending on the coating, swivel bases for Sprinters can last a decade or more without rusting. 

The base material is helpful to know in terms of how heavy the swivel will be and how long it will last without rusting. Having knowledge of the best material will, in the end, make for happier customers and a lasting swivel experience.

Five Swivel Bases for Sprinter Seats 

There are various manufacturers who make swivel bases for Sprinter seats. There are some models that tend to edge out others overall. Based on market demand, there are five models in particular that are most popular for potential buyers. These models can be found on Amazon and other online retailers, so tracking down these swivel bases will not be too difficult.

Each of these five models offers its own advantages, as well as price points. Being aware of these advantages and costs will help make a potential customer more informed about which swivel base would be best for them.

The four models in question here tend to offer the best specifications that a potential buyer will be looking for. The four models are as follows:

  • Pocono Metal Craft 2019-2020
  • Scopema 2019 & Up
  • OKB 2019 & Up
  • Sportscraft 2002-2021
  • Amazing Auto LLC 2007-2021 

Understanding these four models will help narrow down the most effective choice for potential Sprinter swivel buyers. Weighing their costs and their benefits will help cater to the specific needs of certain customers.

Pocono Metal Craft 2019-2021 Swivel Base

The Pocono Metal Craft swivel base offers a range of benefits. The Pocono offers easy 180 degree turns without heavy alterations required. The Pocono also raises the seats by ½ an inch, making it among the lowest seat height on the market. As mentioned, how high a seat will be raised can make or break the experience with installing a swivel base. 

The Pocono is also an “offset” swivel base. This means that the point of swivel in the base is not centered but offset to allow better rotation. Swivel bases that center their swivel will require you to exit your Sprinter before being able to rotate the seat. The ability to rotate your seat while still in the vehicle is a good advantage of the Pocono model.

This model is highly durable. It is coated with extra powder to prevent rust and fading. The Pocono also has top-notch machine bearings and spring-loaded seat locks. 

It should be noted that the Pocono is not a universal swivel. It is designed specifically for Sprinter seats, models 2019 through 2021. The Pocono is also not DOT approved. American buyers interested in the Pocono should be aware of this in order to avoid any potential hassles or headaches in the future.

Scopema 2019 and Up Swivel Base

The Scopma 2019 is among the most highly rated swivel bases on the market. The benefits of the Scopema are similar to the Pocono, yet the Scopema offers a slight edge. The benefits of the Scopema include, but are not limited to:

  • Offset rotation
  • Compatible with heated seats
  • Compatible with seat airbags

The Scopema raises the seat around one inch, slightly higher than a Pocono. This increased height does not offer too many challenges, however. The Scopema’s height increase is low profile overall, without too many complaints. It is also an offset pivot rather than a central one. The Scopema’s compatibility with heated seats and seat airbags is also a plus.

The Scopema is DOT approved, meeting FMVSS standard 207. This will give buyers in the United States an easier time obtaining this particular model of a swivel base. This model is also specifically designed for Sprinter seats 2019 and up. It is not a universal swivel, so be sure to keep that in mind when deciding on this swivel base.

OKB 2019 and Up Swivel Base

The OKB 2019 swivel base performs similarly to the Scopema. The OKB, unlike other swivel base models, is produced in Poland. The primary advantage of the OKB is its height.

The OKB raises the seat only 23 millimeters (less than one inch). This low profile makes it thinner than the Scopema (though slightly higher than the Pocono). Sprinter owners interested in a fairly low-positioned height of their seats could find many benefits from the OKB. The OKB is a heavier model of swivel base, however. 

The OKB weighs up to 35 pounds. It is not the heaviest model of swivel base yet edges out other models in terms of weight. Weight is often a negligible factor and depends upon the Sprinter owner. If a Sprinter owner desires less weight in their vehicle, then considering the weight of the OKB is important. 

The OKB does cause more friction than other low-height models. The OKB tends to squeak more frequently with additional friction. While a minor issue, it is something to consider when purchasing.

Sportscraft 2002-2021 Swivel Base

The Sportscraft 2002 through 2021 offers varied benefits over other swivel bases. The Sportscraft features that customers will find beneficial are as follows: 

  • Offset pivot
  • Self-lubricating rollers
  • More seating space

The offset pivot, as mentioned earlier, allows the seat to fully rotate without exiting the vehicle. The Sportscraft also has self-lubricating rollers made of nylon. These rollers allow easy movement and safety. More seating space allows less congestion and more company to sit comfortably in your Sprinter.

The height of the Sportscraft is greater than the others listed. The Sportscraft swivel base raises the seat one and ½ inches, making it higher than other models. This information is useful for those who want more leg space in the driver’s seat. The Sportscraft is also compatible with heated seats and seat airbags. 

Installation is easy, as long as your Sprinter seats have the proper specifications. The Sportscraft is not compatible with suspended seats or with seats that have a low factory height. Keep these in mind when considering purchasing a Sportscraft 2002-2021 swivel base. In general, consider the specs of your Sprinter seats before purchasing the Sportscraft model.

Amazing Auto LLC 2007-2021 Swivel Base

Amazing Auto LLC 2007 through 2021 offers a heavy-duty performance at reasonable prices. The Amazing Auto swivel base is perhaps more accessible than other models.

Amazing Auto swivel bases are much easier to install, requiring only four bolts and nuts. It is around 28 pounds in weight, with an offset pivot. This model also has an “all-in-one” design, capable of fitting both driver’s and passenger’s side seats. The Amazing Auto also raises the seat one and ½ inches from the base. 

For those interested in a more streamlined swivel base installation, Amazing Auto offers a good design. 

The Amazing Auto swivel base is also advertised as “noise-free.” As mentioned, some swivel bases can be noisy with friction. Amazing Auto swivel bases eliminate noise, leading to a more comfortable driving experience. This swivel base is also DOT-approved.   

Pricing of the Four Best Sprinter Swivel Bases

The four best swivel bases for Sprinters are reasonably priced. Their prices are determined by their specific qualities. These swivel bases are designed specifically for Sprinter seats and are not for general use. Because these swivels are specifically designed, their cost will reflect that.

Consider export/import costs in your purchase. The base prices (and features) of these four swivel bases are broken down in this table:

Swivel Base ModelSwivel Base Key FeaturesSwivel Base Price
Pocono Metal CraftOffset pivot, machine bearings, seat locks, extra powder coating, ½ inch seat height, not DOT approved$550
Scopema Offset pivot, heated seat and airbag compatible, 1-inch seat height, DOT approved$368
OKB Offset pivot, 23mm seat height, 35 pounds, not DOT approved$399
SportscraftOffset pivot, self-lubricating rollers, more seating space, one and ½ inch seat height, not DOT approved$379
Amazing Auto Offset pivot, all-in-one design, one and ½ inch seat height, DOT approved$199

The most expensive swivel base is the Pocono at around $550 dollars. The Scopema, OKB, and Sportscraft are within the $300 to $400 dollar range. The pricing of these swivel bases is within the general average of prices on the market. 

Now that pricing has been established. The question is, which one of these four models is the superior product? This question does not have a straightforward answer. The answer depends upon the customer and what their needs/desires are. 

Why Are These the Best Swivel Bases for Sprinters?

Potential customers have various options to choose from. In choosing the right swivel base for a Sprinter, the four models given are among the best to choose from. Each model provides unique benefits that lesser models will not offer. In general, the best four models are:

  • Pocono Metal Craft 2019-2021
  • Scopema 2019 & Up
  • OKB 2019 & Up
  • Sportscraft 2002-2021
  • Amazing Auto LLC 2007-2021

There are other models of swivel bases for Sprinters on the market. The five listed here tend to get the best feedback and sales overall, however. Paying attention to market trends in products will help customers learn what the most popular designs are. 

From offset pivots, reinforced coating, and height specs, these swivel bases give the best utility and durability. Customers should research their Sprinter layout and travel plans, though one can rest easy that either five swivel bases will deliver a superior experience.

In general, the five swivel bases mentioned will yield the best results for potential customers. As long as you are aware of your needs and the specs of your Sprinter, choosing the right swivel base is not difficult whatsoever.

Determining Your Needs for Swivel Bases

Different customers will have different needs and expectations. Getting to know your specific needs as a customer will be the best approach. Since these swivel bases are specifically designed, it is good to ensure you find the swivel base to fit what you want.  

Customers come in many shapes and sizes. That being said, you should take time to scope out their Sprinter to see what they need out of a swivel base. Some swivel bases will raise seats higher than others, will be heavier than others, may not offset pivot as well as others. The customers also need to consider themselves and who they are traveling with. 

  • Some customers might be tall.
  • Some customers want more legroom.
  • Other customers may have family or friends traveling with them in their Sprinter.

Knowing the space of your seating will help in this case. A customer likely would not want a swivel base that cannot accommodate them or their passengers.

Weighing the travel plans of your Sprinter before purchasing will make a happier customer. As long as the customer is aware of what their needs and desires are, they will make more informed purchases.

Does Pricing Make All the Difference?    

No, there is far more to swivel bases than just how much each one costs. The more swivel costs may just mean extra steps were taken in its production, such as reinforced coating. The cost alone does not determine whether a certain swivel base is right for you, however. 

The thickness of the swivel base may determine utility better than price. Pricing is a good indicator of quality. Having said that, just because a swivel base is expensive does not mean it is the right design for your Sprinter seats. 

Say a customer purchases the Pocono Metal Craft swivel base. While the Pocono is the more expensive option, the design is not determined by the price. The Pocono is only ½ inch thick, making it one of the lowest options for seat height specifications. A customer may want a higher seat raise than ½ an inch or a swivel base that is DOT approved.

It is important to understand that pricing alone does not determine the best swivel base for you. Higher prices may seem reassuring, yet checking the specs on your potential swivel base before you buy is more important. No customer will want to purchase an expensive part for their vehicle and have it not conform to their expectations. 

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