Hi Gear vs. Outwell – Which Is the Better Brand?

When choosing your camping equipment, it’s always a good idea to compare different brands before deciding on the option that fits your needs, wants, and budget best. Hi Gear and Outwell are both established camping equipment brands that are highly regarded among enthusiasts and hobbyists; however, is one better than the other?

Outwell is better if you’re looking for high-quality tents that can be easily assembled. They are known for their air tents, which are easier to assemble than regular pole tents. Hi Gear is better if you’re on a budget and want something more basic, although their tents are also of decent quality.

Outwell is one of the most prominent brands in the camping community due to the consistently outstanding quality of its tents. The company is often compared to other popular camping equipment brands like Vango and Coleman.

They offer a wide variety of tents, so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for when purchasing through Outwell. They sell an extensive size range spanning from two-person tents to eight-person varieties, not to mention the highly sought-after selection of add-ons (like awnings and carpets).

That’s not to say that Hi Gear isn’t a good brand or a worthy competitor. They offer a smaller selection of basic tents and other essentials, such as furniture, clothes, and rucksacks. Many people find Hi Gear an excellent choice due to their reasonably-priced tents, making them one of the highest-value brands on the market.

However, in terms of quality, durability, and ease of assembly, Outwell undoubtedly outperforms Hi Gear.

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss Hi Gear and Outwell in greater detail. I’ll take you through who these brands are, what they make, and their differences. Be sure to keep reading to learn more about these camping brands so that you can determine which one suits your preferences best.

Who Are Hi Gear?

Hi Gear are manufacturers of outdoor equipment, such as tents, clothing, furniture, and cooking essentials. The primary supplier of Hi Gear equipment is Go Outdoors, which is owned by JD Sports and based in the UK.

However, there’s a wide range of other camping stores that sell Hi Gear equipment, including Millets. There are no websites or stores exclusively dedicated to Hi Gear, so you must order the products from places like Go Outdoors or Millets.

Hi Gear are most known for their affordable range of tents compared to other similar manufacturers across the UK, so they’re popular amongst enthusiasts on a budget. However, don’t let the reasonable prices fool you, as the company still provides its customers with a high-quality experience through their qualitative materials and simple-yet-practical designs.

As you’ll see in the following section, the brand offers a varied selection of products, equipping campers with any type of gear they’ll need to face the wilderness. This is yet another option why Hi Gear is an exceptionally suitable choice for newbies trying to purchase their first camping equipment.

They market their camping products toward festival-goers, friends, and families, meaning their customer base is wide and diverse. Since the prices suit so many different budgets, Hi Gear equipment is an accessible option for all campers.

What Do Hi Gear Make?

Hi Gear makes various camping equipment, including tents, footwear, furniture, rucksacks, airbeds, and clothing. Although most of their selections are limited, they sell all the essentials for a camping trip.

Now, let’s take a look at the products they make in more detail below.

Examples of some of their products are:

  • Tents: Hi Gear are most known for their range of tents. You can find tents of all sizes, from small three-person tents to large eight-person alternatives. All their options are comfortable, durable, and weather-resistant.
  • Furniture: If you’re going camping for a few days, it can be essential to invest in some furniture if you want to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Luckily, Hi Gear sells chairs, camping beds, tables, and portable storage units.
  • Footwear: It’s always essential to have the proper footwear when camping, especially if you’ll be going hiking during your trip. Hi Gear offers thick, double-layered walking socks and a small selection of shoes and sandals.
  • Clothing: Along with footwear, Hi Gear also sells practical and reasonably-priced items of clothing. Some products sold include hats, trousers, gloves, neck gaiters, and more.
  • Rucksacks: You’ll undoubtedly need a rucksack any time you go camping or hiking. Although there isn’t a wide selection of Hi Gear rucksacks to choose from, the options that are available are as qualitative as they are affordable, making for an excellent investment.
  • Airbeds: When camping, it’s crucial to have something comfy to lie on at night. Sleeping at the bottom of the tent with no mattress or air bed will inevitably give you back pain, rendering the whole experience unpleasant at best. Luckily, Hi Gear has you covered, as it offers a great selection of comfortable air beds of all sizes. 

Some other smaller items you can buy from Hi Gear include:

  • Power unit
  • Pizza oven
  • Windbreaker
  • Lantern
  • Cooler
  • Portable toilet

Who Are Outwell?

Outwell is a Danish camping equipment manufacturer that ships its products to various countries. They sell high-quality and durable tents and furniture, focusing on family camping.

Launched in the mid-1990s, Outwell is a trusted camping brand due to its established history in the camping world. Considering the vast array of multi-person tent options, Outwell tents are primarily focused on families who go camping, who comprise their primary target audience.

Although it is a Danish brand, the products are easily accessible in a wide range of countries around the world, as they can be ordered online. 

Outwell’s best selling items are their tents. They offer options of almost every size, and you can choose between poled or air tents. However, because of Outwell’s focus on family camping, most of the alternatives are highly spacious.

Having said that, they also sell other camping essentials, such as awnings, sleeping mats, and sleeping bags. They pride themselves on giving families the best camping experiences, which is why they hold annual tent display shows. 

These display shows help families, and other campers decide on the tent they should get, as they can see all the options pitched in person before making the purchase.

Outwell is owned by Oase Outdoors, a large Danish supplier of camping equipment.

What Do Outwell Do?

Outwell primarily sells multi-person family tents. However, they also sell other essential camping equipment, including sleeping gear, tableware, and camping chairs.

Examples of some of their products are:

  • Tents: Outwell sells a wide variety of tents of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a sizable eight-person family tent or a small two-person tent, Outwell has what you’re looking for. However, they come at a high cost. Campers must be prepared to spend a decent amount of money on many of Outwell’s high-quality tents. There are 2 main varieties: air tents and pole tents. Air tents are quicker and easier to assemble.
  • Vehicle awnings: Outwell offers a small range of vehicle awnings, perfect for those who want some extra space on top of your tent space. These awnings can be attached to the back of your vehicle fairly quickly and can be removed just as easily. 
  • Sleeping mats: Outwell also sells a range of self-inflating beds, which means you won’t need to worry about bringing along any air pumps. All you need to do is roll them out, and they’re ready to be slept on! They sell double and single sleeping mats, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.
  • Sleeping bags: Keeping warm is essential when camping. If you’re looking for a high-quality, cosy sleeping bag, you’ll undoubtedly find one from Outwell. There’s a wide range to choose from; therefore, whether you’ll be camping somewhere warm or cold, you’ll find the appropriate sleeping bag here.They also offer various sizes. You can choose to buy a double and share it, or a single one for yourself.
  • Airbeds: All Outwell airbeds feature a velour finish, so they’re extremely comfortable to sleep on. Unlike the sleeping mats, these need to be pumped with air. There’s a wide range of airbeds to choose from, and they come in different sizes.
  • Furniture: Outwell also sells furniture, such as tables, chairs, baskets, and sun loungers. 

Some other products outwell sells include:

  • Stoves
  • Collapse kettles
  • Collapse pots
  • Bottles
  • Pumps

What Is the Difference Between Hi Gear & Outwell?

The primary difference between Hi Gear and Outwell is their price point. While Hi Gear is more of a budget brand, Outwell is a higher-end brand. Owell’s target audience is mostly families, whereas Hi Gear focuses on younger campers and festival-goers.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper on some of the main differences between these two brands:

Price Point

As mentioned earlier, one of the main differences between Hi Gear and Outwell is the price of the items they sell. Hi Gear is excellent if you’re on a budget; however, if you have the money to spare, Outwell is a better choice.

For example, you can expect to pay approximately £15 – £20 on an airbed from Hi Gear. On the other hand, an airbed from Outwell would cost you anywhere from £20 – £130+. 

Product Ranges

Another difference between Outwell and Hi Gear is the number of products and selections they offer to their customers. At Outwell, you can expect to spend a long time browsing through the seemingly endless list of options. 

On the other hand, Hi Gear offers limited selections on all of their products, as they’re geard more toward amateur campers who don’t want to feel overwhelmed with choices while shopping.

Hi Gear only sells a select few tents, whereas Outwell offers a wider range of options. The same goes for air beds and furniture. 


Outwell has its own website, whereas Hi Gear doesn’t. If you want to check out their products, you’ll need to go to the Go Outdoors UK website. For this reason, you could say that getting your hands on a Hi Gear product might be a bit more challenging, especially for international shoppers.

Cooking Appliances

While Hi Gear offers a minimal range of portable cooking appliances, Outwell has many to choose from. They sell everything from burners and stoves to grills and fire pits. Since there are so many products to choose from, deciding on which one that would fit your needs best can take a bit of time and concentration. 

Origin Countries

Both brands were established in different countries. Outwell was established in Denmark, while Hi Gear was established in the UK. Although Outwell is a Danish company, they ship their products all around Europe. Countries they ship to include the UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, and Italy.

 Hi Gear is sold on the Go Outdoors website, which only ships to the UK at the moment. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Outwell is a more recognised brand across Europe.

Which Is Better?

Outwell is better if you’re looking for high-quality camping equipment and don’t mind spending some extra money. Hi Gear is better if you’re on a tighter budget but still want decent quality camping equipment.

Deciding which one is better largely depends on your needs and how much you’re willing to spend. 

If You Want Affordability: Hi Gear Is Better

If affordability is important to you, Hi Gear is a better choice. Although you likely won’t get the same quality as you would with Outwell, the equipment you pick up will undoubtedly be worth the price. 

Additionally, Go Outdoors offers a membership deal to make their products even more affordable.

If You Want Quality: Outwell Is Better

There’s no question that Outwell products are on the pricier side. However, you certainly get what you’re paying for. 

This is why Outwell tents are top-rated among many family campers; camping families that need safe, durable tents with lots of space, they know they can trust Outwell.

After all, there must be a reason why British GQ named an Outwell tent one of the best in the UK!

If You Want a Variety of Choices: Outwell Is Better

Outwell has a much more comprehensive range of products, making it more likely for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Not only do they sell a broader range of tents, but they also sell a more comprehensive range of other equipment. This includes camping furniture and airbeds.

If You’re in the UK: Both Are Viable Choices

Since both companies ship to the UK, you won’t have any problems receiving products from either of them. However, Outwell deliveries may take longer since they’re based in Denmark. Generally speaking, Hi Gear delivers items in the UK within 3-5 days. Therefore, if you’re in a pinch, they might be the better choice.

If You’re Outside the UK: Outwell Is Better

If you’re outside the UK but within Europe, Outwell is the better choice. In fact, it’s your only option since Hi Gear (Go Outdoors) doesn’t deliver anywhere outside the UK. However, if you’re a fan of the brand, you might be able to purchase from them soon enough, as they have plans to begin international shipping soon. 

Overall: Outwell Is Better

Taking everything into consideration, Outwell is the better choice overall. The quality is generally better, they deliver internationally, and they are a trusted brand with a long history in the camping industry.

Of course, Hi Gear is still an excellent choice if you’re on a budget, and their tents are of great quality.

However, Outwell tents (and their other products) are built to last for many years; therefore, even though the initial price may seem steep, it’s worth it in the long run.

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