How Heavy Is A 6 Berth Motorhome

Motorhomes are more and more popular with those wanting to stay and explore their own country, along with hopping on a ferry to Europe. But one of the important things to decide when buying a motorhome is the size and space you need. The larger the motorhome the more it will weigh and may cause you to pay more in ferry fees.

A 6 berth motorhome can weight anything from 4500kg for a class C motorhome up to 14000kg for a class A motorhome. The weight of a 6 berth motorhome can change dramatically depending on the brand, chassis size and model of the motorhome.

In this article we are going ot talk about what a 6 berth motorhome is, how much they weigh and what you need to know when buying a 6 berth motorhome.

What Is A 6 Berth Motorhome?

6 Berth Motorhomes offers sleeping accommodation for 6 people. Each sleeping area is either fixed or converted, usually a fold-out sofa, from another part of the inside of the motorhome. Cooking equipment is provided in the kitchenette area.

Depending on the make and model of the motorhome, the type of equipment that is included differs, but usually, a kitchenette would have a stovetop, oven, refrigerator, and sink. Some other luxurious models can also offer a microwave.

A 6 berth motorhome also includes a small bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. The toilet may be of the “cassette toilet” type for smaller motorhomes, which is a kind of portable toilet or container-based toilet. Sometimes, the toilet swivels to provide extra space and can be accessed for easy emptying from outside the motorhome.

Usually, larger motorhomes like the 6 berth motorhome have a separate shower cabin. A motorhome also has a cab area with a seat for the driver and passenger. In order to become part of the living space, these seats often swivel.

A dinette area provides a table and seating space typically used for eating meals. A lounge, consisting of either a U-shaped sofa located at the back of the motorhome or a side lounge, may also be included.

Why Should I Know How Heavy A 6 Berth Motorhome is?

Do note that your licence doesn’t expire until you’re past the age of 70. If you are limited to 3,500kg, bear in mind the weight of each and any extra thing you specify. Make sure to keep a record of these as you go.

This is much more difficult to understand as suppliers prefer to quote the weight as mass in running order (MIRO), and does not include such products as gas bottles and leisure batteries.

The MIRO is classified with a 90% full fuel tank, empty water tanks, 6kg to 15kg quota for gas bottles and a driver weight between 75kg and 90kg. But this ranges from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be sure to read the small print on any motorhome you’re interested in.

Enthusiasts looking to buy a new or used motorhome can learn as much as possible on what is available in the industry. When shopping for a 6 berth motorhome, the primary goals are to consider a large interior, nice layout, and a comfortable interior.

It is also important to note that all of these would make the vehicle weigh a lot. Here are recommendations on when and how to buy the perfect motorhome. The more detail you have about a problem the better because it is not as complicated as you might imagine.

When purchasing a 6 berth motorhome or motorhome, it’s best to subscribe to industry publications to better know what is available in the industry. Study is an invaluable instructional opportunity. Online magazines such as Motorhome Monthly and others also contain a mixture of valuable knowledge such as:

  1. The listing of new cars, requirements and prices for existing vehicles.
  2. Forthcoming activities on events such as the National Boat, Caravan and Leisure Exhibition.
  3. Motorhome feedback – test drives by seasoned professionals reviewing pros, cons and problems of different makes and models.

Joining a Motorhome club is an excellent source of current motorhome information. Most motorhome vendors provide Web pages, telephone assistance, and meeting points that allow the prospective buyer to negotiate their purchase with experienced motorhome owners.

Any clubs will include lists of motorhomes by the member for rent. Buying from a member of one’s club may provide little sort of warranty, but at least offers after-sales contactability to the previous owner – it may be 6 months after you buy that you use your heater, for example, and it’s good to be able to ask the question.

How Heavy Is A 6 Berth Motorhome?

Class A26-45 6000-14000American CoachForest River RVHoliday RamblerJaycoMonaco CoachNexus RVThor Motor TiffinWinnebago
Class B17-23 1800-4000Coach HouseFleetwoodLeisure TravelMidwest Nexus RVPanoramic RVPhoenix USAPleasure-WayRegency RVRenegade RVSafari CondoThor Motor CoachWinnebago
Class C20-30 4500-6000DynamaxFleetwood RVForest River RVJaycoLazy DazeNexus RVRenegade RVPhoenix USAThor Motor CoachWinnebago

Normal motorhomes are less heavier than the 6 berth types due to their size and facilities. Normal motorhomes don’t have as many berths and room spaces as 6 berth motorhomes. These extra space and facilities are the major factors that make them more weightier than normal.

There are so many different varieties and models of motorhomes – however choosing one that doesn’t meet your needs would not only be expensive but could also put you off a pastime that may be so right for you. Since you are here to learn about choosing; 


The secret to your selection is to know your desired layout, look and feel.

Your budget would cover the initial expenditure and operating expenses in addition to the consumption of gasoline, car registration, vehicle repairs, and taxes along with insurance. 


The first question to ask is: “how many people will use this campervan?” This decides the classification of the motorhome e.g. 2 berth, 4 berth etc. Some motorhomes have fixed beds, but other versions are convertible and/or mattress-based.

There may be other criteria such as seat location and safety belts. This discussion is intricately related to vehicle scale.

  • What size vehicle is suitable for you?
  • Does your driving license limit the size of cars you can drive?
  • Will you have a small amount of parking space such as a garage?
  • Cooking equipment is definitely an important consideration.

A variety of motorhomes have inadequate cooking facilities, such as those built in Europe, where outdoor barbecuing is the preferred cooking process. In comparison, the UK has motorhomes that have massive kitchens with sophisticated culinary equipment.

Period of use

When and when do you intend on using your motorhome? Do you intend to just use your motorhome during the summer? Can you carry your car to the winter ski fields this year? Factors such as winterizing, shielding from fire, air-conditioning and insulation.


if you use your motorhome on public roads, you’ll require a 3rd Party insurance coverage. You do not have to insure your motorhome if you have not used it and have duly made your statutory off road notification (SORN).

Having a motorhome allows one to live a life of luxury and style. Apply the steps above to ensure availability of the right camper. Remember to think about what your desires are, and then pick the motorhome that fits your particular specifications.

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