How Long A Caravan Awning Lasts (& How To Make It Last Longer)

A lingering question lurks in the minds of many who seek to find the answers in the shallow waters of the internet, and in this case, it would be, “how long will a caravan awning last?” 

If you belong to that demographic, then worry not as this article was just curated for you! Thus, without any further ado, why don’t you just dive straight in with me to find the answers?

If you take care of your Canvas awning, it’ll last between 8-10 years. Fabrics made out of woven acrylics are also quite durable and can last within a range of 7-12 years, a might higher number than most. Metal awnings last the longest, at around about 20 years or more!

That just about covers the most basic answer to the wider picture. However, different factors come into play that affect their lifespan, the materials they are made from and the environment exposed are some examples.

In this article, we will be diving deep into these factors and answer some of your specific questions about what and why some awnings last as long as they do!

Factors That Affect How Long An Awning Lasts

Our short answers above were quite precise and to the point. However, in this section of the article, we will be talking about factors that are vital in deciding how long your caravan’s awning will last. We will be pointing out each factor one by one and giving accounts of the effects they can have.

Each of these respective factors will be determining the longevity of caravan awnings depending on certain limitations they have.

Just like any man-made materials, things are bound to perish but if you can control these factors and take proper maintenance and give adequate lookout on the go then you would almost certainly favour longer usage of awnings.

Usage of Awning

This is undoubtedly a huge factor as we all know, the more you use a man-made product the earlier it’ll perish. This is a universal fact and I think we all know how this applies here in this context as well.

Whether it’s a roof or wall awning, the more you use it on your caravan, the more you expose it to the outside world, and the more it will age.

For frequent outgoers and campers, this is going to be quite a recurring problem. Whatever you do, you know you’ll need these bad boys, however, you can never stop it from aging. These things age as they are used along the way.

The more you use it the more it’ll perish. Eventually, it will be deemed unusable. Hence, always be ready to fix your awnings when you see the signs.

However, that does not mean that for the sake of lasting these things long, you will stop using them as much. Use them as much as you need to, it doesn’t matter if you go out frequently with your caravan, use them as much as you need to but do keep in mind that age will take its toll.

Thus, just keep an eye out for maintenance along the way. If you see any problems related to rust, fabric, or electrical, use a professional’s help or do it yourself.

The sooner you deal with loose ends the longer you will be able to keep using them. Hence, your sense of responsibility will surely play a vital part in ensuring this factor is kept under control.

On the other hand, if you ever fall victim to awning-related problems in the middle of your trip, then maybe some preliminary DIY tricks knowledge could help you out!

Awning Materials Used

Let’s be honest, a good craftsman needs materials just as good as him to successfully craft long-lasting items. Just like that, the materials used to fabricate awnings are just as important.

Some materials will have a longer-lasting time than ones with lower durability and quality. We have already mentioned the lasting times for some awnings in our short answer section.

We all know how crucial materials are in the context of products being made out of. Some materials will not be as resistant to water as some and some won’t be as sturdy to strong winds either. It all comes to what your agendas are and where you are willing to compromise at times of uncertainty.

Now in this section, we will be focusing on other common materials that are used to make reliable caravan awnings. Thus, with the knowledge obtained from this section of the article, you will never have any trouble knowing what material to prioritize the next time you go awning shopping!

Aluminum Awning 

With appropriate care, aluminium awnings may last 20 years or more. Aluminium awnings are less expensive than metal, fabric, or canvas awnings, making them more accessible to owners of caravans.

As stated previously, an aluminium awning has several advantages over metal, fabric, or canvas awnings. Comparing aluminium awnings with canvas awnings will surely give you a better idea. Aluminium awnings are low-maintenance and offer exceptional weather protection in all sorts of weather conditions.

An aluminium awning can endure a long life if maintained properly after use. Aside from their longevity, these awnings are far less expensive than cloth awnings.

Metal Awning 

Metal awnings are unbeatable in rough weather conditions, couple that with proper maintenance and they just may survive for almost twenty years. Aside from their longevity, metal awnings are far less expensive than cloth awnings.

A metal awning is the most durable. Unlike fabric awnings, metal awnings can hold a lot of snow, hail, rain, sun, and other natural irritants. Fabric awnings cannot provide the same amount of protection.

Metal awnings are cheaper than cloth awnings when you factor in their longevity and capacity to provide shade and protection. A metal awning will outlast a fabric awning in terms of longevity. This becomes even clearer when maintenance costs are considered.

Metal awnings require little to no upkeep. So you won’t have to pay extra to protect the material from warping or stretching. However, we still would suggest keeping an eye out from time to time.

Vinyl Awning 

Due to vinyl being less robust than other materials, its life expectancy is around 5 to 7 years. You may sometimes notch them up to 10 years given that they are provided and maintained in proper condition.

There is not much to cover regarding vinyl awnings as you can contrast and compare the drawbacks they have. Not only do they last very long but do not offer very much protection against natural forces. Vinyl awnings are not fully mildew resistant, although RV owners prefer them due to their durability and cost-effectiveness.

Weather You Use the Awning in

Weather is something no one will ever fully have control over. Weathers can be unpredictable and frequent travellers would know the price they have to pay to go out with their caravan on a bad weather day. In case of bad weather, you should not ignore the RV awnings. 

The awning of caravans is not suited to tackle rough weather as well as household awnings.

During rough weather, RV awning might face some damage. So, I would recommend you keep them tucked. During rain or sandstorms, lower the ends to ensure proper drainage. 

Strong winds can even blow your awnings right off your RVs if you do not take proper measures to have them flapped or stored.

This can cause significant damage to your awning and more. All in all, weathers play a crucial role in determining your awning’s life span. However, just as mentioned above, the materials used to make the awning depend a lot.

Metal and aluminium awnings will hold out better against natural forces than say canvas or acrylic awnings. It is also mandatory to spend extra money on water-proof or weather-resistive awnings if you want your awnings to go on providing good service to you for years.

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