How Much Is Indoor Caravan Storage

Across the UK you can find a number of caravan storage sights but the majority of them are outside only. While this may not be an issue for many you might want to explore the option of an indoor facility too.

Indoor caravan storage varies in price depending on where in the UK you are looking, on averge you can be looking at spending £400-£700 for 12 months. Prices are likely to change if you are looking at storing for short periods and what maintenance and insurance is included.

In this article we will explore the different reason you might want indoor storage for your caravan, prices from around the UK and some helpful tips to choosing yours.

Is Indoor Caravan Storage Better Than Outdoor?

The type of caravan storage you will find better depends on a few factors: your location, your attitude towards protection from the environment, and most importantly your budget. 

If you live in an area that is rarely subjected to bad weather conditions then you may not be too concerned about protecting your caravan from the elements.

You can also easily rationalise the risk of elemental damage by appreciating how many people keep caravans on driveways and other outdoor locations without issue. Also, simply put caravans are similar to cars in that they are designed to exist outside.  

That said, it can’t be denied that storing a caravan indoors can add to the lifetime of the caravan by delaying the onset of time induced elemental decay. This could be more relevant to you if you live in the north of Scotland than if you lived in Kent, for example, as they have broadly different climates. 

It is an undeniable fact that indoor storage costs more than outdoors storage, so your budget must be taken into account when deciding which is better. You should factor in driving costs as well if you are storing the caravan a long distance from home, or collection and delivery costs if the service is provided.

This should be taken in context though. If you are storing your caravan far from home but near to the locations you holiday in you will save a small amount over time by towing the caravan over less distance. 

One problem with indoor caravan storage is simply that there aren’t all that many indoor sites. The main reason for this is that indoor storage is better for the customer than the business.

The expense of building an indoor storage facility simply takes a very long time to cover itself through increased fees. This is why it is recommended that you use indoor storage where possible, as the cost advantage sits firmly with the customer. You are getting good value for money.

Why Should I Choose Indoor Caravan Storage

If you live in an area with large amounts of annual rainfall or other harsh weather systems then you should definitely favour indoor caravan storage over outdoor storage. Whether you are intending to sell your caravan after a few years and upgrade, or plan to keep it for as long as possible, delaying the effects of weather on your caravan can only be a sensible choice to make. 

Indoor caravan storage comes with a premium cost, however as a proportion of the overall cost of caravan ownership the price difference doesn’t seem so bad. If you are concerned about the effects of weather on your caravan and can afford to pay for indoor caravan storage then you should definitely opt for the storage solution that prolongs the life of the caravan.

Another reason to choose an indoor caravan storage facility is that they tend to be very well run, in good locations, with outstanding facilities. An owner of a facility willing to pay to create an indoor caravan storage facility has already invested heavily in their site, and in an industry that depends heavily on reviews and recommendations they are unlikely to risk their business by providing a substandard service.

The best feature of indoor storage is that you can pretty much turn up at the site, hook up, and drive away immediately. A quick inspection of the caravan is of course recommended, but seeing as it won’t have been exposed to the elements you are less likely to have any serious issues to deal with.

How Much Is Indoor Caravan Storage

Indoor caravan storage comes at a premium for a couple of reasons. One reason is basically supply and demand. There are many, many locations that provide outdoor caravan storage, and as a result the price reflects the supply; it is far from expensive.

In contrast, there are comparatively very few indoor storage facilities across the country, and the price reflects that accordingly. 

You are also paying a premium because the site owner has had to fund the construction and maintenance of the indoor storage facility. It is far more expensive for a site owner to build and run a building than a series of concrete standings.

On top of the building costs there are planning considerations and legal costs to bear in mind as well. You are paying more because it has cost them more.

Another factor to consider is location. Almost everything is more expensive in the south-west of England, and the same is true for holiday services including caravan storage. Again, you are paying extra to cover both the costs of site ownership and demand. The more people seeking a service in one area the higher the cost will be for each customer.

The South

*Caravan length 7.2m and less

CostSiteServicesStorage Time
Lowest Price£576Langaton Caravan StorageOn-site service (3rd party, extra charge)12 Months
Highest Price£624J26 M5 Caravan StorageValet & Repair (extra charge)Tyre refit (extra charge)12 Months

Langaton Caravan Storage is a secure indoor storage site. The main storage building is sturdily constructed and has a galvanised/steel finished roller shutter door with interlocked pinsen locks for extra security. THe site is ideal for winter storage, and access to the site typically requires the site being given 48 hours notice.

J26 M5 Caravan Storage is ideally placed for the M5 motorway, giving you great access to all routes around the country. Each caravan is given a numbered bay that can be accessed throughout the year, and is always kept available for the van for the length of your storage agreement.

The Midlands

CostSiteServicesStorage Time
Price£ On EnquiryCosy Caravan StorageStorageFlexible

Cosy Caravan Storage don’t advertise their prices or services online, and are generally found through storage booking websites on which they have received good reviews. The Midlands boasts a large number of caravan storage solutions, mostly because a lot of the sales facilities are centered around the Midlands, but there is a scarcity of indoor storage solutions.

If you are desperate for indoor storage in the Midlands you might find some luck by speaking to local farmers and landowners who offer up their empty buildings for storage, but these aren’t guaranteed to be secure or easy to access, and this practice is not recommended.

The North

CostSiteServicesStorage Time
Price£420Westby HallOn-site service bays (self conducted or provided for a fee)12 Months

Westby Hall Caravan Storage is located close to Blackpool, great for its closeness to The Lake District, the Peak District, and the Midlands.

The indoor site is protected by electronic gates, CCTV, and onsite 24 hour security. It even boasts an award winning workshop on site.


CostSiteServicesStorage Time
Price£400LugtonridgeValet ParkingCaravan WashingDelivery/collection (extra fee)Maintenance (third party, extra fee)12 Months

Lugtonridge Storage\ offers 24 hour security, good opening hours, and a range of optional services. Services include washdown service, maintenance, collection/delivery, and valet parking. All drivers have advanced driving qualifications for peace of mind.


*12 Month discount not applied, arranged on booking.

CostSiteServicesStorage Time
Price£468*Caring Caravaner StorageHoliday home hire (extra fee)12 Months

Caring Caravaner Storage has received multiple 5* reviews for its service and security provision. The site is a residential one, meaning there is a permanent presence on site. The site has CCTV coverage throughout and is ideally situated for coastal holiday destinations along the north coast of Wales. Only 20 miles from Betws y Coed, a stunningly gorgeous welsh town in the centre of Snowdonia, and close to the Snowdonia mountains themselves, the location is very hard to beat.

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