How To Remove Seating In A Static Caravan

Owning a static caravan can be a fun adventure and give you a permanent vacation spot or second home. That is why making sure the interior meets your needs is imperative after you make the purchase. Purchasing a static caravan can be a solid investment, but space is limited and many times static caravans come fully furnished. 

One of the ways you can update and modernize your static caravan is by removing and replacing the seating. But, can you even remove seating in a static caravan? There are ways in which you can remove permanent seating and replace it either with updated fixed seating or free-standing furniture. Read on to find out the ways in which to do so. 

Can You Remove Seating in A Static Caravan?

You can easily remove fixed seating in a static caravan and replace it to update and modernize the look of your static caravan. However, there are a few things that should be considered before you begin tearing out the seating, fixing any holes, purchasing a new look, and developing your new, contemporary look of your static caravan. 

  • First, can you remove the seating on your own or do you need professional help? Professional help costs more, but could save money if you remove seating and damage the walls or fixtures.
  • Second, decide if you want to remove the seating and replace it with new fixed seating or free-standing furniture.
  • Third, consider why you are removing or replacing the seating.
  • Fourth, figure out how you will dispose of the old seating. 

If you are going to try to remove the seating on your own, you will need to make sure you do not damage the walls and fixtures. Damaging the old seating is fine since it will be disposed of, but you should take measurements before purchasing any replacement furniture. Also make sure to note any damages on the walls that should be covered up. 

There is an easier concept than trying to remove fixed seating, measuring the new fixed seating to make sure it fits correctly, and then installing new seating. You can remove the seating from your static caravan and replace it with free-standing sofas and chairs in lieu of trying to re-install a new fixed seating product. This is also budget-friendly. 

There Are More Options with Removing Seating in a Static Caravan

An important thing to note when thinking of replacing seating in a static caravan is making sure you replace it after you figure out where you will be keeping the static caravan for a continued period of time. If you remove the seating before you decide where your caravan is going to stay, you will need to secure any new seating.

Unlike touring caravans, new seating for static caravans can be fixed or free standing because you are only moving once – to your caravan park – and then staying there. So, you can figure out where you will keep your static caravan and then purchase brand new seating without worry about weight or whether the new seating needs to be fixed. 

That is the great thing about purchasing new seating for a static caravan versus a touring caravan; static caravans are not meant to travel all over the country. Therefore, you have more options for seating in your living area. With a touring caravan, you need to worry about the weight of seating being removed and how to secure the new seating. 

By replacing your seating in a static caravan with free-standing furniture, you can refurbish your living area with brand new, modern furniture for little cost. You also probably will not need to hire a professional because, if removing the fixed seating from your static caravan sounds too intimidating, a reputable upholster may be required. 

Reasons To Remove Seating From A Static Caravan?

The seating area in a static caravan is probably the most important area in that this is where you, your family, and your friends will spend the most time. Sometimes the standard seating that is included in a static caravan is not comfortable, while other times it is outdated. Whatever the case may be, removing seating can update the look. 

It is hard to find a static caravan that can be purchased without furnishings and a certain style already included. This means the interior of the static caravan may not meet your own specific tastes and design. If you purchased a static caravan fully-furnished and dislike the look, redecorating is the best way to make it your home. 

There are many ways to redecorate – replacing floors, kitchens and baths, for example. Those three options are expensive, however, and may take outside help and cost quite a bit to replace the old with the new. An easier and quicker option is to remove the seating from a static caravan. Some reasons for removing seating include: 

No matter what the reason, removing seating from a static caravan can be an easy and inexpensive way to update your living area and create a brand new look. Even if it is just because your seating is faded or showing some signs of wear and tear, removing seating can open up your static caravan and make it look and feel like new. 

Damage Repair

Finding a static caravan that is in pristine condition is high on anyone’s purchase list, but it is sometimes easier said than done. If you purchase a static caravan used, the seating has more than likely taken a beating. It could be just wear and tear, water damage, or damage from pets. Whatever the case, it should be removed and replaced. 

If your seating is damaged, the wall behind it may be damaged as well. Therefore, you will want to measure the area after removing the damaged seating so that your new furniture will cover any dented, scratched, or broken areas behind it. Make sure to match the size of the wall with the size of the furniture to prevent further damage. 

Once you remove the seating, if you have any holes or dents in the wall that are around two inches in diameter or less, then can easily be fixed with some putty or simply covered up by the new seating. However, anything larger that was damaged at the same time the seating was damaged may need a more expensive replacement. 

Damaged seating may also result in damaged flooring, but usually the new seating should be able to cover it. Also see what type of damage has occurred so that you can replace the seating and also correct the issue. For example, is your seating damaged by spills? Replace it with easy-to-clean seating or colors that will cover up spills. 


Space is obviously limited in a static caravan, so reconfiguring your seating can be the perfect way to open up the living area and make it more enjoyable and spacious. Many times seating in a static caravan is along the walls of a long, narrow area of the home. You should make sure you reconfigure the room so that it does not feel cluttered. 

One way to do this is to remove the seating and replace it with a U-shaped seating area. This reconfiguration balances space with comfort and style. If you reconfigure your seating so that it is scattered throughout the main area of your static caravan, it will feel messy and cumbersome. Think of the following tips for reconfiguration: 

  • Reconfigure the seating so that the larger pieces are arranged on one side of the room and smaller ones throughout so that the area is open.
  • Create a U-shaped seating area by placing longer pieces of seating, such as sofas, against the longest wall in the area.
  • Place armchairs, loveseats, or smaller sofas in the open area. 

The whole point of reconfiguration is to add openness as well as comfort to your living area. Try finding chairs, loveseats, and couches that have hidden storage space built in while also having the new, fresh look you want for your new and improved interior. Then you can get rid of bulky, ugly, and unappealing seating with ease. 

How to reconfigure seating is based on other factors to be considered. The television should be the focal point and then you can reconfigure the seating around that piece of equipment. Also review where you want tables for socializing and dining. This will fit into the reconfiguration process of removing and replacing your seating. 

New seating

Maybe the reason for removing seating is much more simple – it is just old. Since static caravans are usually sold fully-furnished, this means you may not have the luxury of designing the living area to fit your style, functions, and lifestyle needs. Yes, seating in static caravans can be very old and out of date, especially when they are used.

First, look at the seating you have now. Does it offer a mixture of comfort, style, and storage? If not, it should be removed and replaced with new furniture that has all three. 

  • Comfort – since old seating for static caravans are often hard and uncomfortable, you should choose seating that is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. The comfort should also be recognized of the spacing when reconfiguring the seating elements.
  • Style – Make sure you reconfigure your seating so that it has a uniform style. If you are reconfiguring based on a modern look, make sure that is reconfigured throughout the area. If you want your look to be more country, this should be consistent throughout.
  • Storage – As discussed, static caravans are limited when it comes to space. Removing old seating and reconfiguring it with seating that has storage allows for more storage space without giving up living space. 

Since you are simply removing old seating because it is just that – old – you do not have to worry about any damages or reconfigurations of the space itself. You can either replace it with the same size fixed seating or with new free-standing seating. Just make sure the new seating is made for comfort, style, and possible storage to free up space. 

Steps to Removing Your Seating from Your Static Caravan

So, you have decided to remove your fixed-seating completely instead of just re-upholstering it. You have also determined why you want to remove your seating, whether it is because it is damaged, because you are reconfiguring the room, or because you just want to replace the old with the new. 

Since so many static caravans are sold “as-is,” removing seating can be an inexpensive and easy way to update your living area. After you decide whether or not you can remove the seating on your own, why you want to remove it in the first place, and how you will dispose of the items.

You can use these tips to redesign your living space so that you have a brand new look for your family and friends to enjoy. In the end, it is all about the comfort of your home away from home. Removing seating from a static caravan is a daring and bold task, but it can be done swiftly and with minimal pain and effort as long as it is done correctly. 

Removing Seating in Five Simple Steps

1.    Measure the original seating to make sure you can get it out of the door or if you need tools to break down the old seating and remove it from the static caravan.

2. If possible, take pictures of the original seating after it is measured to remember where it was located and how it was placed. This will ensure your new seating will cover up any dings and be appropriate to maneuver within the static caravan.

3.    Review how the seating is fastened into the structure to see if you can remove it or if you need a professional. Most seats and benches are just screwed into the walls, so to remove the seats you need to unscrew the seats without damaging the walls or pulling up the wood frames.

4.    Be aware that if your seats are screwed in or mounted into the walls, bulking and flexing may occur as a result of removal.

5.    Properly dispose of the old seating so that you do not leave it sitting out for trash if the waste management does not remove larger items. 

You may want to figure out what model and manufacturer made the original seating to ensure it will be removed without damaging the interior of your static caravan. Again, if it gets to be too much, a professional may need to be called to ensure you do not spend more money trying to fix any unwanted mistakes.

After you remove the original, old seating, you will need to replace it in a way that makes it easy to maneuver through the tight spaces of a static caravan. Placing seating incorrectly will make your family and guests uncomfortable.

Choosing the Right Replacement Seating

Now that you have properly removed your old seating and understand why, you can choose the right replacement seating based on whether you are replacing damaged seating, reconfiguring the room, or simply updating the look with new seating. As discussed, keeping the room open is key to maintaining comfort and function. 

Do not put all of your seating on one wall. Instead, mix and match with long sofas that are usually less than 80 inches long and have decorations and patterns. What works best is a solid color scheme that is then mixed up with decorative pillows. Put the rest of the seating in a U-shaped pattern with at least 18 inches of walkway for openness. 

You can be creative when removing your old seating and replacing it with something new. For example, ottomans have multiple uses – they can be a seat, a sofa, a coffee table, even a day bed depending on what you purchase. Try replacing old seating with something new that also has multiple uses for your tight quarters. 

You do not want to replace old seating with larger furniture that will clutter the already modest living area. Lifestyle is also a factor. For example, do you have kids or pets? A seating design that is easy to clean, colors that mask dirt and spills, and fabric that is sturdy will work best when removing seating and replacing it with something new. 

Disposing of Your Old Seating

The easiest way to dispose of your old seating is to hire inexpensive laborers, such as junk removal companies, purchase a dumpster, or advertise the seating locally for a price. The choice really depends on two things:

  • How much seating are you getting rid of after they are removed.
  • How much do you want to spend on the removal of the seating. 

Renting a roll off dumpster is an easy way to dispose of seating, but it is also costly. Some junk removal companies pay by the load, so you should get an idea of how much your seating weighs before hiring a removal company. Advertising can be inexpensive or free if you use a site like Craigslist (depending on where your static caravan resides). 

Just do not take a risk of just placing your old seating on the curb, marking it as “free,” and hoping a local neighbor will haul it away for you.  

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