How To Remove Static Caravan Decking

Static caravan decking is placed outside a static caravan to make the area more decorative, useful space for sitting outside and enjoying a drink in the evening sunset. While they are useful spaces, over time they need replacing to replace with a fresher decking so you might want to know how to remove static caravan decking.

To remove static caravan decking you will need to take up each piece at a time to not pull away at the caravan itself. There are special tools in which you can use to help you remove the panels of the decking.

In this article we are going to talk about how to remove static caravan decking, what tools to use and the best way to do it safely.

How to Remove Static Caravan Decking

Caravan decking has become so common today! You can find caravans that are installed with beautiful deckings looking so attractive. These deckings are comfortable and modish making the caravan comfortable.

A wide variety of deckings are now available with different options of materials. Some of it includes wood, timber, uPVC, plastic and even combinations of these are used for decking in a static caravan.

These decking materials enhance the look and appearance of the caravan making it the best choice to spend holidays and family trips. Though the static caravans look more stylish with decking, it is a bit tiresome to remove the deckings.

Consider a scenario that you wanted to relocate to someplace, or if you are selling the caravan to someone and they don’t like the decking, then you have to detach the decks from your static caravan.

Even if you wanted to renovate the decking by removing the old and putting up a new one, this applies. Do you think that it is a big headache to dismantle the decking from the static caravan? No worries! There are different ways through which you can detach the decking.

To simplify, these are some basics steps that you have to follow while you dismantle decks from the static caravan.

  1. Always begin with pulling off the rails from one end to the other.
  2. The next focus should be on the balusters and the bottom level rails.
  3. Once these are removed, concentrate on removing the deck boards.
  4. You can pop out the frames mounted to the deck board and then cut out the joists.
  5. All the footings and the connected posts can be removed after that.
  6. Note, you have the disposal bag to collect all the nails and screws as you detach. 

There are different materials used for decking and hence, removing certain ones can be very hard. However, if you have the right tools and equipment’s then you make the process smooth.

Let’s start with some tools to remove the deck boards which is a major component in all the static caravan deckings!

If you have some basic tools with you, then it is easy to remove the deck boards. Before removing the decks, start to detach the fences or railings as this is the first step to go with.

The decks are mostly built with screws and therefore it is easy to remove if you have a screwdriver. This way you can remove the rails to the bottom level.

Tools For Removing Static Caravan Decking

Likewise, the deck footings can be detached. If the rails are screwed jointly, using a crowbar would be an excellent choice. It is essential to have the tools like drill, shovels, saw, etc. to make the work easier if the deck footings are made of cement which would be difficult to pull out otherwise.

Make sure you have the necessary equipment to remove the deck boards depending on the material that is installed.


Hammer is the best tool with which you can easily unfasten the balusters from the deck. This effectively works for wooden decks since most of the spindles might be placed with nails.

The hammer can help in removing the spindles very easily. The reciprocating saw is the next powerful tool that does an awesome job to slice the rails. Make sure you have got the saw with good power that shows high performance.

Pry Bar

You can do a quick cut of rails with this saw and this is one of the best tools which you should not miss while dismantling the decks though it seems hard to use. Using a Regular pry bar is another great way to pop out the deck boards. The pry bar is now available in wide ranges in different sizes.

A pry bar can help you to remove the screws and nails making the boards unfasten and then you can move to the next joist. This is the best remedy for removing the decks so quickly and with minimal effort.

You can find a variety of pry bars on online websites and make sure you choose the one that has good quality and comfortable to handle. Also, try to pick the pry bar that is not too short because if the size is so small you may have to put more strain on your hands.

This way of removing the decks can be a bit time-consuming. 

Deck Wreckers

Deck Wreckers are one of the trending tools that are available in the market today. It is almost similar to a pry bar but has got some advanced features. If you are planning to move the deck without having more strain, then of course this would be a great choice.

This has gained a lot of popularity due to the grip that it gives while dismantling the decks.

By using a deck wrecker, you can easily efficiently dismantle the decks. Most of the deck wreckers are designed with the pad in its handle that gives you more comfort and gets the job done efficiently. You will not even feel the strain on your hand or back compared to other tools.

While using tools, you may have to be careful because there is the possibility that it can damage the material if not handled properly but with deck wrecker, the damages are also less which is a notable feature.

The other big advantage of using a deck wrecker is that you don’t have to use any hammers if you have this just one tool.

You can get the chance to reutilize the deck material if you have got an amazing tool like a deck wrecker. If you have to remove the large portion of decks, then obviously deck wrecker is the ideal solution.

You will fall in love with this tool. Quality of the tools that you use matters a lot and therefore make sure you buy them from good stores.

Demolition Fork

Demolition Fork is a widely used tool to remove the deck boards. if the boards are so adamant, then this would be a perfect choice. It can easily pull out the deck boards no matter what the material is!

This can be a bit costly compared to other tools, but it is worth using. It can tightly fit into the deck easing the process.

It has also got a big handle which you can handle easily and that makes it a good choice in removing the decks from a static caravan. While pulling off the ground part, using a tight tool would be ideal. If the footings are made of harder materials like concrete, then it is better to use a shovel.

You can pull off them easily with the shovels. At this point, consider all the posts that are linked to it so that you can remove them smoothly without breaking or spoiling the decks. Following these guidelines, you can easily detach the deck from the static caravan. 

Work Gloves

Considering the safety aspects, work gloves are mandatory to wear as safety wear while you demolish the deck from the caravan. Most of you may be not familiar with the tools and taking the right precaution is necessary.

Handle the tools carefully in a way that you always have the hold of the grip.

Wearing good quality gloves is thus essential. Wearing work glasses is also really beneficial to protect yourself from the debris going into your eyes. As you remove the decks, there is a high probability that the dust and needles can blow off, and wearing glasses is safe. 

Carrying a dumpster is important when you do each process as managing the waste is a great challenge. From the first step of removing rails, collect them and move them to a container so that you won’t get messed up later with all the waste materials.

The deck boards can also be reused if you detach them without breaking them. 

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