How to Stop Tent Carpet Moving

There can be nothing more dangerous or annoying than a tent carpet moving. It can cause trips and slips to happen which can be extemely unsafe, especially if you have children.

To stop a tent carpet moving it is advised to place heavier objects such as furniture around the edges to hold it in place. Alternatively, you can use velcro or clips to hold the carpet down to the tent base to stop the movement.

In this article we are looking into the different options and products you can use to stop your tent carpet moving along with why it might be moving.

Look for Non-Slip Carpet

First of all, if you have not already purchased a tent carpet, you should do some research. This can help you avoid choosing a product that is going to move around when you are walking on it. All of the brands you find are going to have their tent carpet made with different materials. You want to look for a tent carpet that has a non-slip backing. This may be able to solve all of your problems. 

For example, mesh backing with grippers might help the carpet to stay in place when you are walking on it. Just make sure that you purchase the appropriate size that is going to fit into your tent. In addition, rubber can be good for gripping onto the bottom of your tent. If you can, you can go in-store and take a look at the tent carpet. Try it on the ground and see if it has the capability to stay still when you walk over it.

Try Using Velcro

If you have already bought a tent carpet and suddenly realized that it moves around, this is not the end of the world. You do not have to return it or purchase another product. Instead, we have a possible solution that you can try.

In order to stop the tent carpet you have bought from moving under your feet, you can try fixing it to the groundsheet or tent base with Velcro fasteners. You can easily purchase these online or in local stores and they are not overly expensive. Also referred to as hook-and-loop fasteners, Velcro will be attached underneath the tent carpet and to the groundsheet or tent base. The fasteners will cling together and this can keep your carpet in place and stop it from wrinkling when you walk over it. This may be the quick-fix that you are looking for to enjoy your camping trip and not have to make any unnecessary purchases.

Start by attaching pieces of Velcro to each corner of your tent carpet. Normally, they have an adhesive side that is going to secure them to the carpet backing securely. Then you can attach the other Velcro fastener to your groundsheet and tent base so that the fasteners will line up. Simply snap them together and see if this works. If the carpet is lightweight and still moves around when you walk, try attaching more Velcro pieces along the edges of your tent carpet.

Purchase an Anti-Slip Underlay

A lot of people purchase anti-slip underlay for their rugs around the house. Well, you can do the same for your tent carpet. Often, the design is like a grid that can stick to the underside of the carpet. This can grip the groundsheet or base of the tent and make sure that the carpet does not move. 

What’s more, having an underlay like this can also make sure that your tent lasts longer by protecting the base. Constant rubbing on a thin material may cause damage over time. The good thing is, underlay can normally be cut to the size that you need. This makes it easier to purchase what you need. So, it can be invisible and nobody has to know that it is positioned underneath your tent carpet. Instead, you can enjoy having an insulating and soft carpet inside your tent.

Consider Using Safety Pins and Clips

You may have spent a lot of money on your tent carpet or are trying to enjoy a weekend away on a budget. If this is the case, you might not want to make any more purchases. This does not mean that you have to settle for a moving tent carpet. Instead, you can try using some materials that you have around the house to help stop it from moving. For example, we suggest using safety pins and clips. You can attach them to your tent carpet, as well as the base material it will be lying on. This can help to secure it down and stop the carpet from wrinkling up and becoming a hazard for your family.

In particular, you want to try to find large safety pins that are lying around your house. This is going to fasten the two materials together. It should not leave a big hole and it can keep the carpet securely down. You may have to use a safety pin at each corner of the carpet, as well as more along the edges if there are areas that still move around as you walk inside your tent or sit down.

You can also try using clips that you may have in your office. For instance, jump paper clips can be easy to attach to a thin tent carpet and tent base. Fold-back clips could also be useful and secure if you have them lying around unused. Be creative and take a look at your stationery and see what you can use if you are on a budget.

Position Your Furniture

The material your tent carpet is made from will dictate how heavy it is. Often lightweight and sliding materials are going to move easier than others. Therefore, you may not have to go out and purchase a new tent carpet or any accessories to hold it down if you are having problems. Perhaps you just have to be strategic with the layout of your furniture inside in order for the carpet to stop moving.

For example, try positioning pieces of furniture around the edges of the tent carpet. This should be heavier pieces, such as a chair, table or any storage that you have. Place them in opposing corners. This also has the benefit of freeing up floor space and giving you more room to relax in your tent. Again, if you need more help keeping your tent carpet down, place furniture and any belongings you have around the outside. This can help to prevent your carpet from wrinkling up in the middle.

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