Karrimor VS Regatta – Which Is Better?

For campers, hikers, mountaineers, and everyone who loves outdoor activities. Getting suitable clothing and equipment is a necessity. While getting the clothing and equipment might not be difficult, getting affordable and quality clothing and equipment can sometimes be difficult.

While Karrimor and Regatta are both very similar in price and quality they are wildly different in products and what they offer. Regatta are well known brand with hikers and walkers, Karrimor is more related to sports pursuits. Though neither is better they serve different purposes for the buyer.

Do not worry, either you are someone who is new to the whole thing or you are familiar and trying to get more information about these two brands. Read on as you’ll be exposed to all that you need about these brands, what they stand for, their differences, etc. After reading you should be pretty clear on which brand will serve you the best.

Who Are Karrimor?

Karrimor is a British company specializing in the production of backpacks, clothing, and outdoor and sports equipment.

Founded in 1946 by three persons, Karrimor prides itself on having a humble beginning starting with the production of handmade cotton duck cycle pannier bags. However, the company has evolved and improved greatly over time, becoming a specialist in the adventure and outdoor equipment industry.

With over 60 years as a specialist in adventure and outdoor equipment, Karrimor combines durability with cutting-edge technology.

Karrimor is still one of the outfits with high standards and innovative designs and holds a reputation for excellence. It also prides itself in testing the Karrimor kit in some of the harshest weather conditions before presenting its products to the public.

With a pioneering past, Karrimor has produced equipment and clothing that has caused disruption in the outdoor and adventure industry. A good example of this is the KSB (Karrimor Sport Boots)- the first of its kind to be made of lightweight fabric.  Another example is the Haston Alpiniste rucksack in the 1970s which became the most famous alpine rucksack.

Karrimor has a comprehensive range of products for any kind of outdoor adventure you could possibly have. Be it sleeping bags, backpacks, safety boots, walking boots, snow boots, tents, cooking equipment, running shoes, camping equipment, whatever it is you need for your outdoor adventure.

Karrimor has a range of products that will suit both novice and professional mountaineers. Aside from its rich history, Karrimor equipment has been endorsed by the most successful mountaineers for its qualities and has been tagged as an ultimate weapon to succeed.

With James Cracknell, a rower, Olympian, and an adventurer as its ambassador is a further testament of the standing of Karrimor in the outdoor and adventure industry.

However, the company experienced great financial difficulty in the late 1990s. This led to its acquisition by Sports direct. Under this new trademark, the focus is now on budget outdoor and running products.

What Do Karrimor Make?

As said in the previous section, Karrimor specializes in making budget products for running and outdoor activities. Over time Karrimor has blown consumers’ minds across the globe with cheap and quality products.

Although majorly known for its Boots, Karrimor has other products available.

Under the sales section of the website, you’d see different sections such as Running, Outdoor, K100 Range, Walking, Camping, Rucksacks, Technology with each having a subsection having a woe range of products. There are over a thousand products available on its sites for men, women, and kids.

Here are some of the products available:

Men’s Footwear, Women’s footwear, Kids running shoes, Men’s clothing, Women’s Clothing, Men walking clothing, Women Walking Clothing, Women walking Footwear, Women walking Clothing, Kids Walking footwear, Kids Walking clothing, Men walking footwear, Women walking footwear, Mats, Airspace, Cooking Accessories, Tents, Sleeping bags, etc.

Who Are Regatta?

The Regatta is a UK outdoor and leisure clothing company founded in 1981. According to the founder, the basic idea was to create affordable clothing not only for adventurers but for anyone who wanted to open their front door and have fun.

Like Karrimor, Regatta also has a humble beginning. With just 12 persons starting the company in 1981, the regatta has stood the test of time and can now comfortably be referred to as one of the leading players in the outdoor clothing industry.

Over the decades, Regatta has grown from just a 12 man company to a company with almost half a thousand workforce, exporting its products to over 55 countries.

The company headquarters is located in Manchester UK, with its warehouse operation in Liverpool and a network of sales offices across Europe.

The company’s position as a force to reckon with the outdoor clothing industry cannot be argued. Over and over again, Regatta has proved itself, winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprises- International Trade for two consecutive years (2012 and 2013). This is because of its rapid international growth.

Not only does Regatta produce affordable products, but they are also highly regarded for their stylish and top-quality products.

Over the decades the company has remained true to its founding philosophy of making leisurewear for its customers as they do hillwalking or school run

The regatta is loved by bikers, hikers, campers, gardeners, dog walkers, daily commuters, Outdoor adventurers, urban roamers, amblers, and ramblers because of its stylish and weatherproofed products.

Multi-tasking parents have fallen in love with Regatta’s products especially those with puddle-loving kids

Some of the Regatta’s products include fleeces, footwear, trousers, camping equipment for men, women, and children, and breathable jackets.

The regatta has not only been producing cheap and affordable outdoor clothing products but also creating innovations that have set them apart in the industry. The most prominent of it is the heated jacket range which was featured on This Morning in 2019

What Do Regatta Make?

Regatta produces a wide range of products for men, women, and kids.

The wide range of products includes waterproof jackets, heated jackets, footwear, jackets and coats, school essentials, winter accessories, warm fleece, tents, walking trousers, and hard-wearing walking boots.

There are hundreds if not thousands of products available. All you need to do is to click a menu and a subsection to get the products you want.

What Is The Difference Between Karrimor & Regatta?

The major difference between Karrimor and Regatta is that they are owned by different persons. This is as clear as a crystal.

Although both brands have similar ideologies and goals, which is providing affordable and quality outdoor clothing to the public. They vary to some extent, especially in terms of the product line.

Furthermore, in terms of price Karrimor is cheaper compared to Regatta. Also Karrimor has more products available.

Which Is Better?

When it comes to which brand is better, it is a subjective thing. This is because one product cannot be used as a yardstick. Many customers have varying experiences using both products.

Karrimor products are cheaper than Regatta products. However, comparing their products of the same range, Karrimor generally seems to be better.

Aside from that, the reviews from customers who have made use of the two company’s products generally rate Karrimor products better. In terms of durability, affordability Karrimor trumps Regatta’s products hands down.

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