Motorhome Extended Warranties – Are They Worth It?

Motorhomes are expensive and something many people save up for a long time to get, with that in mind there can be some concerns about care and maintenance of the motorhome. That is where extended warranties come in, these are warranties that cover your motorhome for and extended period of time, but the key question is, are they worth having?

Motorhome extended warranties are worth having if you aren’t confident in technical or mechanical repairs or like to air on the side of caution. They are not worth having if you are confident as mechanical work or have someone you trust to help you.

In this article we will talk about what motorhome extended warranties are, what they cover and whether or not we think they are worth it.

What Is A Motorhome Extended Warranties?

A Motorhome Extended Warranty is a policy that you can purchase. It serves as a covering for the overhaul bills for almost all the faulty mechanical appliances on your vehicle.

Motorhome Extended Warranty can be likened to purchasing insurance. It is the belief of a huge number of people who purchase the warranty that once you are able to obtain it, you’ve automatically bought for yourself lasting peace of mind.

Other names of the Motorhome Extended Warranties include RV Extended Service Contract, RV Extended Warranty, RV Extended Service Plan, and RV Warranty.

Basically, a Motorhome extended warranty is an important way of protecting yourself from experiencing mechanical difficulty in time to come. Many a time, your expenditures are usually restricted to a deductible, which can be determined by you as at the time of purchasing the Motorhome Extended Warranty.

In essence, Motorhome Extended Warranty has to do with the management of risk, the creation of a peaceful mind, and the effort you are willing to put into your auto repair.

How Much Are Motorhome Extended Warranties?

Actually, there is no particular price for the Motorhome Extended Warranties. The cost varies depending on the company you intend to buy from and the complexity of the repair. That is why Motorhome Warranty Companies ask their users to provide essential information as touching their rig before they are provided a quote.

However, several factors serve as a determinant of the cost of Motorhome Extended Warranties, a few among which are:

The Category of Motorhome Extended Warranties

A, B, or C are some of the various kinds of motorhomes and are more costly than Motorhomes such as travel trailers, 5th wheels, and toy haulers.

Place of Purchase

Owners of Motorhome usually pay more when they purchase directly from the dealers, particularly when they are financing the price.

The Brand

The model or make of Motorhome Extended Warranties differ. So, the higher the cost of the Motorhome, the higher the coverage

Year and Distance Covered

Generally, motorhomes have the tendency of becoming faulty depending on how long they have been in use; as such, the distance they can cover, go a long way to determine the cost they’ll be sold to.


The more you use your Motorhomes, the higher the units, amounting to extra charges.

Meanwhile, the prices of Motorhome Extended Warranty as sold by some companies for a distance are found within the ranges of one thousand US dollars and twenty thousand US dollars.

Difference Between a Normal Warranty and an Extended Warranty

Over time, it has become a common practice to compare a normal warranty and an extended warranty. Though there are some elementary differences yet, they really appear similar.

However, a normal warranty is designed to particularly shield customers from unforeseen expensive repairs, although terms and conditions apply, an extended warranty makes provision for a similar coverage but in a different manner

While a Normal Warranty has a fluctuating degree of Distance covered from rudimentary parts to other parts, Extended Warranty clearly stated that your vehicle should be repaired within a defined distance covered and the period of time it was used.

Normal warranty contracts are not indicated in the price even though there are bound to be other charges, whereas an extended warranty is clearly defined in the price of the vehicle

While a normal warranty can be placed on a vehicle at any period of time and a huge number of times too all through the time the vehicle will be in use; an extended warranty can only be put upon a vehicle by the constructor of the supposed automobile

A Normal warranty contract can be made directly available to the customers from other providers; as a way of cutting cost for the customers so as to do away with the middle man, Extended Warranty are made available for only new vehicles.

While a normal warranty kicks off when the producer’s warranties are exhausted, Extended Warranties are not all-inclusive and protect only a few mechanisms.

What Are The Advantages Of A Motorhome Extended Warranty?

When purchasing items, it is essential to go for the ones that will be beneficial to you or your company and not go for just anything unimportant. That is why we have provided you with huge advantages to make you come to the conclusion that Motorhome Extended Warranty is best for you!

You Won’t Be Exasperated

When purchasing an automobile, the most important thing you should be particular about is the satisfaction you are bound to get from acquiring it. Nevertheless, when you have an in-depth knowledge of the future of your rig, you will be informed about whether or not to go ahead investing in the Motorhomes.

However, several reports have been garnered about the utmost peace of mind and full-time satisfaction enjoyed by users of Motorhome Extended Warranty.

You’ll Enjoy Maximum Protection.

Motorhome Extended Warranty assures you of an extra shield. It goes a long way in helping to protect you from an unforeseen change of battery, change of tires, towing costs, and fuel delivery.

You will enjoy the services above at any point in time with only a little investment on a yearly basis. Payments will be made that’ll cover replacing damaged wheels and tires caused by road accident without you having to bring out your wallet from your pocket.


With an Extended Warranty, owners of Motorhome are given the opportunity to enjoy pocket-friendly alternatives that go hand in hand with their lifestyle. An extended warranty offers you this chance not to dry your pocket but have your deductibles low on.

Good Customer Service

Few among the privileges you stand to enjoy when you opt for the Extended Warranty is that your vehicle will be under watch even at your repairer’s place by professionals who are referred to as the Claims specialists who will help you ensure swift maintenance.

Part of the good consumer service you’ll enjoy is that you will be assigned a representative from your Warranty Company who will help to ensure that you are not overcharged by the repairer of your automobile.

As if that isn’t enough, at some instances when you run out of idea as touching your vehicle, the ever-ready Claims professionals will provide you with all information needed.

User Accountability

One of the most important requirements of owning an Extended Warranty is having the full ownership entitlement. It is an amazing thing to own a warranty because they will help cover items which in the real sense, should be bought at high costs once the vehicle becomes faulty but would be covered by the extended warranty.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Motorhome Extended Warranty?

As beneficial as the extended warranty is, there are still some downsides to it. It is, however, important to note that you will experience dissatisfaction when your sole aim of buying an extended warranty is to do the following:

  1. To fill the vacuum in your comprehensive insurance or vehicle collision.
  2. To cover dents, rust, or corrosion of a poorly maintained automobile that is already in an unstable condition.
  3. To be included in your insurance. Basically, insurance serves as a safeguard for damages caused as a result of fire outbreaks, vandalism, or collisions.
    But in this aspect, an extended warranty covers machine-driven failures. Hence, you will not be able to add the two as there certainly will be glaring loopholes.
  4. To serve as a covering for systematic maintenance items.
  5. To cover repairs which will be required by purchasing the service contract.
  6. It is very difficult to buy an extended warranty as you may not be able to find it in the private market.
    This is because they are made only available in the dealer’s shop and are sold by some selected online vendors.
  7. They are costly and if your claim does not fall within the range of the policy terms, be sure you will not be able to purchase it.
  8. Despite that extended warranty falls within a wide range of mechanical failures, they do not provide any cover for hazards as a result of weather, accidents, and other physical effects.
    That is why you need to include insurance in your automobile package even if you decided to acquire an extended warranty.

Are Motorhome Extended Warranties Worth It?

This is a very vital question you should ask if you want to be a holder of Motorhome extended warranties, but it does not have a definite answer because what is applicable to one automobile owner differs from the other.

The ball is in your court whether or not to say if an extended warranty is worthwhile to you. This is because the rate at which every individual will be able to tolerate and manage risk differ.

If you are not enthusiastic about taking a risk and you intend to safeguard yourself against unplanned costs of repair, mostly if you are willing to do a mechanical repair yourself, then the tendency of you wanting to buy the extended warranty will be on the high side.

On the other hand, if you are the type who is financially buoyant, always having some thousands of dollars in your wallet at any point in time, perhaps, you may want to self-insure and pay for your repairs when the need arises.

In sum, the value of purchasing a Motorhome extended warranty is relative, and individuals who find it necessary and can afford it will go for it and, if not, will do otherwise.

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