Regatta Shoe Sizes – Everything You Need To Know

Regatta is a well known and well-loved brand that produces outdoor gear for those who love camping, walking, hiking and outdoor sports. They sell a number of items from clothing, shoes, outdoor gear and more.

Regatta shoe sizes are pretty standard for UK sizing, though it is recommended to buy a size up in boots as they can be snug and it is better to get the bigger size and wear socks. In terms of quality they aim to be affordable over being top quality shoes.

In this article we are going to talk about who Regatta are, what they do and how their shoes are in fit, style and quality.

Who Are Regatta?

Regatta is a very well-established UK company, based in Manchester. They make a large variety of different pieces of outdoor equipment and clothing, all of which are designed to be high-quality while still being affordable to everyone who might want to pick some up.

Regatta’s longstanding philosophy has been that everyone should be able to get out there and enjoy the pieces of nature that are near them – this means that they aim to reduce the price of their products so that anyone can get them and experience the joy of being in nature.

If you can think of an outdoor product that you might possibly need, then you can be sure that regatta makes it. They offer a wide range of clothes for men, women, and kids; as well as footwear, rucksacks, camping gear, and workwear.

They’ve got an awful lot of bases covered because they know that their brand has recognition for being high quality in every walk of life.

What Types Of Shoes Does Regatta Make?

Regatta makes nearly every type of footwear that you could possibly imagine – their range is staggeringly vast. Principally, they’re known for their high-quality walking boots, which have served hikers well for decades.

The shoes are known to be very comfortable, with well-engineered soles designed for cushioning. Impressively, a large number of their boots have great treads. The self-cleaning treads offer brilliant traction on lots of different surfaces, so you can be sure that regatta boots are dependable and sturdy.

Regatta also caters to much more specific, niche needs that may be required while hiking or otherwise exploring the countryside. For example, regatta makes an impressive range of water shoes which are great for beaches anywhere.

Walks along shingle beaches, in particular, are ideal for water shoes, as they will massively cut down on the likelihood that you’ll cut your foot. All of regatta’s water shoes are elasticated slip-on, ideal for easily taking on and off even if they get soaked through.

Lastly, regatta is also known for its impressive array of vegan-friendly walking boots. For a long time, the best walking boots were often considered to be made of leather, so not at all vegan-friendly. Regatta, however, has eschewed tradition in favor of extremely well-made walking boots which are vegan friendly. The vegan-friendly boots, however, don’t compromise on quality – the majority of them also feature regatta’s hydropel water-resistant technology.

Are Regatta Shoes Sizes True To Size

Regatta shoes are known to fit very well. The trouble, as with most different brands that principally make boots, is that boots often need to be worn in before they become very comfortable. If that’s something that puts you off the idea of buying walking boots, then we completely understand.

We’d recommend buying boots half a size up from your typical shoe size, and then wearing a thick pair of socks to help cushion your feet. After the boots are broken in, you’ll be able to wear than very comfortably.

While regatta does offer half-sizes in its shoes, they don’t offer wider fits, which may frustrate some people who prefer to wear shoes that are typically a little wider. Reassuringly, though, regatta shoes do come in standard sizes, which would allow you to buy supportive insoles for the shoes, should you need them.

Are All Regatta Shoes Waterproof?

Are they? If not which types of shoes are not for example the sandals are not waterproof but might be suitable for walking through water without damaging the shoe itself.

This is a question that a little tough to answer, as regatta make shoes that are varying levels of waterproof.

For example, regatta produces a large range of wellies that are perfectly waterproof. The thick rubber ensures that you can stand in puddles or streams with no worries about getting wet. The wellies that regatta produce come in a number of different styles, though all of them are made from an impressive vulcanized natural rubber. This means that they’re resolutely waterproof, even in adverse weather conditions.

The next step down the ladder of waterproofing is the hiking boots that regatta makes. While regatta does offer a range of shoes that are truly waterproof while also being designed for hiking, they can be quite expensive.

The majority of the walking boots that regatta make are semi-waterproof. That is to say that they are not made of waterproof material, but the shoes have a coating of regatta’s water-repellent hydropel technology which ensures that the shoes are weather-proof.

While this coating doesn’t mean that you could fully submerse the shoes in water, it does mean that a step in a puddle isn’t likely to hamper your hike.

Lastly, we come to the types of shoes that regatta makes which are durable, but not waterproof in the strictest sense. For example, regatta makes a wide range of sandals and flip-flops that are not waterproof as they will not prevent water from coming into contact with your foot.

However, these shoes would survive a trip into the sea or a stream if they were given time to dry out waterwards. Therefore, they’re not quite waterproof, as such, but they’re very resilient in wet conditions.

Are Regatta Shoes Worth Buying?

To put it simply: regatta’s status as a high-end brand is a little contentious. They aim to make their products affordable and accessible first and foremost which, while admirable, isn’t a great way to guarantee longevity. Instead, opting for value will likely decrease the life span of a given piece of equipment or garment.

With that said, regatta’s products are known to be high quality for the time period that they last. Once broken in, a pair of regatta walking boots is likely o be extremely comfortable and help you go that extra mile on long hikes.

Frustratingly, though, you need to be aware that they may be a little less hard-wearing than other brands. Despite that, the boots will be hardwearing when compared to standard shoes. You aren’t going to take a pair of trainers on a long hike, but you would take a pair of regattas: they’re exceptionally strong, but not so long-lived.

Regattas clothing is typically considered to be a good buy, while their gear is considered to be a less wise purchase. Regatta has a long history of making excellent outdoor clothing and gear with high-end materials, but they don’t have as much of a pedigree for camping equipment, for example. If you’re looking for some equipment, we’d recommend checking out Berghaus – that’s their wheelhouse.

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