Respraying a Caravan – What You Need to Know

The exterior of a caravan tends to turn yellowish after a while because of extended exposure to sunlight, giving it a dull look. This is the consequence of parking the RV in your driveway when you’re not touring or at campgrounds. However, even rust and cracks can destroy the glossy look of a caravan.

A caravan will need respraying when its coat becomes faded and rusty. You can opt to do it yourself or pay a professional to respray your caravan. A DIY project may cost you around £800, while using a reputable company to do the job can cost between £1,000 to £5,000.

In the rest of the article, I will discuss the cost of respraying a caravan and the factors that dictate the price. I’ll also talk about the alternatives to respraying a caravan and the advantages of repainting your RV. Read on to know more about respraying your caravan.

Can a Caravan Be Resprayed?

A caravan can be resprayed when its paintwork fades and starts looking dull. You should use quality coach enamel paint like Tekaloid 318 for an excellent, long-lasting finish that won’t easily peel or crack. 

Also, if you’re doing the job yourself in your driveway without any shelter, you should ensure that the weather is suitable for repainting to enable the caravan to dry well. Supposing it rains on the resprayed RV before it dries, the paintwork will get watermarks that can mess up the finish.

How Much Does It Cost to Respray a Caravan?

Respraying a caravan costs somewhere between £1,000 to £5,000 pounds when using a professional sprayer or reputable company. Alternatively, a DIY project can cost you about £800 for the tools you’ll use. 

For example, you’ll definitely need a Sealey spray gun from Amazon to ease your work. The cost can depend on the size of your caravan and how much work it requires. A partial respray will cost less as compared to a complete respraying job, especially on a big caravan.

Alternatives to Respraying a Caravan

Respraying your caravan isn’t the only way to refresh its appearance. There are a couple of other alternatives. 

Spray Paint

Rather than using a roller and a brush or spray gun to repaint the caravan, you can restore the RV with spray paint. Unlike repainting the RV with a brush or roller, which might not give you a fine finish, spray paint will always give you a sleek look with its even coverage. So it’s a better choice for respraying a caravan yourself as it also dries fast.

Vinyl Wrapping

It’s a cheaper and easier way of changing the appearance of your caravan as a DIY project since it requires fewer tools and expertise. You can buy vinyl wrap in the same colour as your vehicle or switch up the shade to give it a different look. With the vinyl wrap, you can entirely or partially cover up the original paint without altering it.

What Are the Benefits to Respraying a Caravan?

Considering how much it costs to respray a caravan, you might be wondering about its benefits and whether or not it’s worth it.

The benefits of respraying a caravan include higher resale value and a fresh, new look. Respraying restores the appearance of your caravan, and the protective layers of the spray will help prevent further rusting and degradation of the material due to weather.   

I’ll explore some of the main benefits in more detail. 

Caravan Restoration

Respraying can restore the caravan to the original fresh look it had when you just bought it. You will have to remove the rust, mould, and dents before repainting to give the van a facelift. 

By fixing all the defects on the caravan before repainting it, you can prevent it from deteriorating further and also save you from spending lots of money to repair damages caused by rust and mould.

New Look

If you’re tired of the dull white look of your caravan, respraying can enable you to change its look. You can spray the caravan with a brighter colour that can make you stand out from the crowd, making it easier for you to pick it out at campsites. 

Also, its uniqueness may scare off thieves because it can be easily identified when stolen. However, you should get a professional sprayer or a reputable company to change the colour for a sleek, clean finish.

Increase Resale Value

A high-quality respray job can add more value to your caravan. So, if you want to sell it, you can get more money than you would if you sold it with a faded look. Buyers will pay more because they know they will use the caravan immediately without having to do serious repairs since it will look like a brand new one.

Protects the Caravan

When you repaint your touring caravan, you get to protect it from rusting, which can damage its body. A paint sealant is spread on the caravan after respraying, which can prevent the RV from fading and rusting.

Whether you decide to DIY or hire a professional to do the respraying job for you, always make sure that high-quality paint is used. Superior paint can stay glossy for a long time without cracking and peeling. So, you will save the money you would have spent on another respray project.

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