Towing A Caravan With A Campervan – Everything You Need To Know

Towing can be hard enough to understand but this can be harder to understand if you are looking to tow a caravan with a campervan.

Towing a caravan with a campervan is possible as long as the combined weight of both vehicles is under the gross train weight of the campervan or towing vehicle. This is to make sure that the breaks of your towing vehicle can handle the extra weight when being towed.

In this article we will cover the different questions you have about towing a caravan with a campevan, if it is possible and what you need to know.

Can You Tow A Caravan With A Campervan? 

Before you run your mind through all the possible outcomes and your mind tells you a BIG NO, let us assure you that it is possible.

While it can be overwhelming, it is not impossible at all. There is always a first time, and before you even begin to fathom the process, your mind runs a series of questions that boggles your mind. 

Everyone is a beginner, and as a novice, you need to focus on some key factors that help you in towing a caravan using your campervan. The key to success is to know what to expect and double-check all the requirements. 

With our guide, you will be able to tow a caravan with a campervan. 

Things to Consider When Towing a Caravan with a Campervan 

There are a number of things to be considered when looking at towing a caravan with a campervan. These things are important as this will determine if you are legally allowed to tow a caravan with a campervan and the safety measures you would have to take.

The Towing Vehicle 

The towing vehicle’s power and weight are two critical factors when it comes to towing a caravan. You do not want to be wrong here; otherwise, it will be a nerve-racking and tedious ride. 

Usually, a tow vehicle’s curb weight should not be less than the caravan you are towing. As long as you have read the manual to find the right weight and stay within limits, it is going in the right direction. 

You should also take into account the weight of the caravan, and it should not weigh more than 85% of the tow vehicle’s curb weight. 

If it is less or more than this figure, you will end up giving all the control to the caravan. Any 4×4 vehicle with the right amount of power and weight provides stability and traction. The driver feels more in control. 

You need enough torque to pull a caravan through steep hills and as far away from the junctions as possible. If you have a 2.0-liter diesel engine, it will be perfect for a caravan. 

Size of the Caravan

In an ideal situation. The smaller area of the caravan would work as there will be less resistance. As a result, less power will be exerted for towing the caravan. 

As UK law only allows a certain amount of weight per each towing vehicle and towed being vehicle combined you will need to work out the size of each vehicle to make sure you are under the alloted legal weight.

If the combined weight of your vehicles is more than the GTW stamped on your main vehicle (campervan) then no you cannot tow a caravan on this campervan. It is due to the brakes only being able to cope with the gross train weight, so anythign heavier is a hazard and safety measure.

The Right Tow Bar

The right tow bar’s selection is essential as it acts as a glue joining both the vehicles together. If you land on the wrong towbar, everything will not stay in place, and you might not be able to tow the caravan. 

Usually, the ball mount or tongue is the only part that is visible when you examine a towbar. You should always choose a tow bar with feedback (here we mean a known brand name), and it should also show you the maximum towing load. 

In a situation where you purchase a new car, and it comes with a towbar, do not think that it will be compatible with towing. You might need to buy a new one. 

It is quite common that towbars, usually designed for small trailers, are not suitable for large caravans. You should know the weight of the caravan and campervan because you make the purchase. 

Since you will be towing a caravan, you will need a heavy-duty hitch like towbar to be able to tow a caravan. Suc towbars distribute the weight of the trailer by fitting into different positions. 

Right Weight Distribution

The right weight distribution is as important as finding the correct towbar. Sometimes a problem in weight distribution exists, and you can take some extra measures to ensure a smooth towing. 

When the vehicle travels on the road with its back down and front up, it means there is a problem in weight transfer. The situation described usually points out that there is less weight on the front wheels and more on the rear. 

Some common reasons for unleveled vehicles are:

  1. Uneven loaded items on the caravan 
  2. No proper equipment for towing 
  3. Incorrect ball height

To ensure maximum safety and control of the vehicle, the caravan and the campervan should be leveled. For this purpose, you should know the correct ball height. Now measure the distance from the ground to the button of the coupling of the front of the A-frame. Then compare this distance from the ground to the tow ball base on the rear. The measurements should be the same or nearly the same. If not, you might have to adjust the tongue or ball mount.

The Right Braking System

Most of the campervans have electric brakes installed in them. These braking systems are integral to maintaining the speed and control on the road. For an electric brake to function, you must install an electric brake controller. 

You should rely on an auto electrician to install these brakes. Here, you are looking for brakes that have a motion-sensing feature. This feature helps you determine the right amount of braking that the vehicle needs to ensure smooth towing. 

Check the Following Before Towing the Caravan

Before going on the road, you should ensure that you measure the vehicles’ right weight and size. If anything is left behind, it might affect towing. In addition to this, there are some ither points that must be checked. Some of them are:

  1. The pressure of the tire
  2. Tread depth
  3. Wheel nut torque
  4. Close all the windows, doors, vents, etc. 
  5. Caravan driving lights

All these tips will help you in avoiding any potential accident. 

Campervan Requirements for Towing 

There are some requirements that you should follow when it comes to towing using campervans. Some of them are given below:

  1. Avoid towing when there are high winds.
  2. Do not tow in extreme precipitation. 
  3. You should not exceed the speed limit.
  4. While towing with a campervan, make sure you maintain a distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.
  5. Make it easy for others to pass
  6. Make sure you have cleaned the tow bar before attaching it. Greases, paint, or rust will affect the friction pads in the caravan.

In addition to these requirements, one of the most important pieces of equipment is extended towing mirrors. It is a requirement, and in some countries, it is a legal requirement. When towing, you need to keep all the focus on the road. An extended towing mirror reaches 20 meters backward to give you a clear view. So, make sure you have installed it in the campervan. 

All these requirements are basic. If you feel a little doubtful about towing due to unexpected weather conditions, it is better to drop the idea altogether. Make sure you have correct measurements about the size and weight of the vehicles. 

Your focus should be on the road and driving, and this is why you must make all the essential arrangements and have the right equipment to be able to tow the car. 

Caravan Requirements for Being Towed by a Campervan

When it comes to towing a caravan using a campervan, you need to make sure that the following requirements are met. 

  1. Having the correct load of the caravan is essential for maintaining stability on the road.
  2. If you want to place heavy objects on the caravan like awnings, furniture, etc., place them on the axles.
  3. If there are gas bottles, make sure you keep them at the front of the vans. This will give you a nose weight. For lighter items, make sure you place them in a way that gives you an ideal nose weight.  
  4. Avoid traveling with full water tanks as it gives a pendulum effect. 

We understand that towing a caravan is not less than climbing Everest. It is overwhelming at first, but these feelings are always there when a person tries something new. With our complete guide, you will be able to tow the caravan without trouble. 

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