Tresspass VS Regatta – Which Is Better?

Both Regatta and Trespass are leading brand names in the outdoor clothing industry, they have been around a number of years and though it may seem they do very simialr products they vary quite drastically.

People looking to do more active sports from skiing other adventure sports are more likely to shop at Trespass for their well-estabilished clothing lines and warm layers. Regatta on the other hand offer more casual clothing for campers as they make quality clothing in stylish formats.

In this article we are going to be talking about who Trespass and Regatta are, what types of clothing and equipment they make along with which we think is better for you and your needs.

Who Are Trespass?

Trespass is a clothing and equipment brand that produces clothes and gears for outdoor activities. Their products are manufactured and designed for campers, hikers, travelers, and general outdoor enthusiasts.

They are a UK-based brand with over 150 stores including a large e-commerce site that features most of their products in their entirety. 

It is privately owned, however, it has an established presence in other parts of the world. For most UK adventurers who seek affordable gear for their outdoor activities, Trespass is usually their best bet.

With a deep understanding of the adventure market, they produce standard high-quality clothing and equipment to meet the needs of those into camping, jet ski, swimming, hiking, traveling, and its related fields.

The gears produced by Trespass are beginner-friendly and also accommodate experienced outdoor enthusiasts. 

They have been into the clothing brand since 1938, although they started as a regular clothing brand, meeting the clothing needs of local customers in Glasgow, Scotland including producing uniforms for parastatals who need them in large quantities and also the Police. 

A significant extension of their brand was experienced in the 1980s, it featured the exportation and importation of their clothing to meet a particular audience: Those into outdoor activities in the UK and other parts of the world.

What Do Trespass Make?

The Trespass brand is well known for its adventure gears and clothing ranging from wool clothes, festival embellishments, boots for different purposes, waterproof coats, etc. They are also experts on skiwear. Most of their products are affordable and can be found on various walk-in stores in the UK and on their e-commerce store.

They are experts on manufacturing and delivering products to large customers specifically for adventurers, ranging from school to snowsports, and from outdoors stuff to travel gears. 

Regardless of whether you simply need assistance in your search for children’s clothes for camping, or you’re searching for specialized gear for hiking, they have all the supportive clothing and accessories to get you ready for your journey of any outdoor experiences. 

They make gears that help an adventurer stay healthy and fit while on duty.

Examples of some of their products are:

  • Boots
    They make all kinds of boots (including waterproof) for adventurers, ranging from adult walking boots, hiking boots to specialized ones for kids.
    They feel comfortable and are also affordable considering the quality. 
  • Waterproof Jackets
    Their long-lasting jackets are of different types meant for different purposes.
    Whether it’s for school trips, routine walks, or travel, the Trespass brand makes jackets for these purposes.
  • Ski and Snowboarding Gears
    They make ski clothing and gears for advanced ski enthusiasts as well as ones for the family.
    They make different types to serve different purposes.
    Their ski gear includes snow boots, salopettes, ski costumes, etc.
    They come in different sizes and colors. 
  • Rain Coats
    Campers and hikers love their raincoats.
    Most of them are made to stand the test of time and come with multiple waterproof pockets to store your walking essentials. 
  • Electronic Wireless Hats
    Their wireless headset-come-hat is loved by advanced regular adventurers who seek quietness amid the uproar.
    Obviously, the Trespass brand is not limited to clothing. 
  • Camping Backpacks
    They make different backpacks to meet campers’ needs.
    It comes in different capacities and dimensions.
    Made of good quality materials and straps appropriately in the user’s body.
  • Golf Accessories
    They produce golf clothing that is of high quality and sold in an affordable range. 
  • Fishing Gears
    They make fishing equipment and clothing to ease your day on the water. 

Other Trespass products are:

  • Head Light
  • Multi compass
  • Specialized Walking Trousers for comfort in case of a catastrophe
  • Socks for Outdoor activities 
  • Rucksack
  • Umbrellas
  • Face masks
  • Outdoor toys for kids
  • Travel pillows etc. 

Who Are Regatta?

Regatta is an outdoor clothing brand that was set up in 1981 in Manchester they are popularly known for designing and manufacturing adventure clothing and accessories including leisure clothing.

Most UK adventurers cherish Regatta gears, due to its superior grade and incredible worth of outdoor clothing and accessories for everyone. 

It is a family-owned brand with a history of making clothing in various businesses. They are also patronized by other adventurers in other parts of the world via exportation. They have many walk-in stores in the UK that showcase their product. Including a website that features most of their latest products. 

Most outdoor wear requires high-quality materials during production to make it stand the test of time, these high-quality components are the reason why outdoor gears are expensive. However, the Regatta brand of outdoor clothing and gears are affordable to meet a beginner’s and professional’s needs while being durable. 

What Do Regatta Make?

Regatta makes clothing for outdoor activities which includes skiing, camping, hiking,  etc with good materials for durability. 

In general, they make good outdoor clothing that doesn’t eat deep into your pocket if you intend to purchase it. 

It markets its items to more than 55 countries through an alliance of agreed agreements in Europe in different work environments. Regatta has a way of designing ordinary pieces that look like a home and transforming them into stylish pieces. This has held them in positive stead in the outdoor clothing market. 

The brand is significantly regarded for its stylish yet weatherproofed looks and is loved by nomads, campers, climbers, bikers,  conservatory caregivers, dog walkers, regular travelers, and those who spend the day running multiple errands.

Their items include but not limited to: 

  • Waterproof Jackets
    Because it’s affordable doesn’t mean they produce cheap waterproof jackets that keep air trapped.
    Regatta’s waterproof jacket is breathable.
    They make for children and adults. 
  • Wool Clothing 
    They produce wool clothing for different weather conditions, so adventurers will feel comfortable while exploring. 
  • Boots
    Regatta manufactures boots for hiking, walking, skiing, etc, in different sizes to meet individual preferences.
  • Male and Female Leisure Clothing
    Camping doesn’t have to look boring if you are on a budget.
    Regatta makes stylish clothes that suit the occasion in a budget-friendly manner.
    Most of the clothes are also UV resistant, made with polyester, and are waterproof for inclement weather conditions. 
  • Pet Clothes
    They produce a wide range of clothes for pets who go camping with their owners.
  • Swimwear for men and women
    They make high-quality swimwear for men, women, and children of different sizes. 
  • Workwear and Accessories
    Their workwear ranges from waterproof insulated jackets, Men’s battalion hoodies, work gloves, socks, etc.

Other items made by Regatta are: 

  • Rucksack
  • Belts
  • Water bottles
  • Umbrellas
  • Base layers for comfort
  • Bodywarmers, etc.

What Is The Difference Between Trespass & Regatta?

Even though Regatta and Trespass have some things in common as both are outdoor clothing brands, there also have a few differences in market value, gear production, clothing, and other related issues.

Trespass has consistently figured out how to keep its customers in mind when planning and producing their gears. However, Regatta has consistently had a high trendy advancement and plan with regards to outdoor clothing. 

 Below are few differences between Trespass and Regatta:

Areas of Acceptance

Trespass is mainly appreciated by ski enthusiasts. Their ski gears overwhelm those into skiing as it’s genre comfortable compared to Regattas’. 

This is ascribed to how adaptable and flexible the vast majority of them are made. Regatta on the other hand is high-quality outdoor gear manufacturers. Adventurers who love fashionable gears opt for them, they have a stunning assortment of camping gears that can be used by hikers, travelers, walkers, and other outdoor-related enthusiasts. 

Trespass started with various sort after walking gears, but presently, their ski and winter sports gears are their A-game. Regatta has greatly improved on outdoor equipment and clothing designs to meet the current trend.

Market Analysis 

Trespass has the mark because they always keep the clients on the top. Trespass makes items as indicated by their clients’ needs. Without a doubt, Regatta is suitable too, because they manufacture products with innovation and design in mind.

Clothing Durability 

Although both brands might be affordable, most campers think Trespass outfits are more durable. Even though it largely depends on the type of outdoor activity an individual is into, clothing from Trespass has reportedly stood the test of time compared to Regatta.

Ski gears from Trespass are also made of high-quality materials and they are durable too. However, jackets from regatta have also stood out when it comes to durability. 


Both brands make good boots that stand the test of time, but adventurers who have used boots from Regatta testified of long-term results.

Boots from Trespass are good too, but it’s dependent on a few models.


Some outfits from Trespass feature similar designs(even though they’re supposed to be different models). Regatta is more diversified, they fit into trends.

Note: this is not to discredit any brand, as most advanced outdoor activity enthusiasts would advise: “gears depend on usage; your preference when starting, might differ from your preference when you advance. As you progress, you’ll get to know what works for you and what doesn’t. 

A stylish outfit from Regatta might interest you as a beginner, as you advance, a similar but dull one from Trespass might be your preference. 

Which Is Better?

Both brands are doing extremely well in outdoor gear, and deciding on a better one against another is largely dependent on your needs and preferences. If you want the best out of outdoor clothing and gears, you have to decide on what makes you comfortable. 

Trespass is great if you are looking out for nice jackets for your next camping trip. However, the waterproofing materials do not prevent you from being wet after a heavy downpour. Regatta’s waterproofing is better (not 100% though). 

On leisure clothing, Regatta is great and meets the general family outfit needs. Trespass has various clothing for everyone, but they are better for individual shopping to specifically meet your outdoor gear needs. Trespass is also great for comfort and adaptability while Regatta is better for proper fittings and fashionable outdoor clothing. 

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