Vango vs. Coleman: Which Is the Better Brand?

If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast, you’ve most likely already heard of Vango and Coleman. In fact, chances are you probably even have a few of their products lining your shelves. Both companies have a long history of providing high-quality equipment that lasts for years (provided you show appropriate care). 

Vango is one of the most well-known Scottish brands, popular for its outdoor sports gear. Whether you’re looking for a rucksack or a 10 person tent, they offer a wide range of sustainable gear excellent for any demanding outdoor activity. 

Coleman is similarly well-known in the camping and outdoor recreation gear niche. They’re popular for their incredible quality of tents and portable camping equipment that includes cookware.

But, which is the better brand to buy?

Vango is better for those looking to buy from a more renowned brand known for its quality and innovation. Their sustainable practices and 2-year warranty are their biggest selling points. However, those looking for more niche features such as blackout gear and cheaper options veer toward Coleman. 

Both brands have been in the industry for a long time and feature very similar products. Therefore, choosing between the two often comes down to personal preferences and requirements. Depending on where you’re going and your budget, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices by the end of this article! 

If you’re looking for luxury and sustainability, go with Vango. Their products are on the pricier side, but ultimately they’re worth the investment. However, if you’re looking for more niche features on a budget, Coleman would be your best bet. 

In this article, I’ll take a more in-depth look into both companies – Vango and Coleman. In the following sections, you’ll find a complete history of both companies and some of their biggest selling points. Lastly, I’ll take you through a head-to-head comparison to help you choose the brand that is best suited to your needs, wants, and budget.

Who Are Vango?

Vango is a well-known Scottish brand that sells camping equipment. The company caters to several niches. Whether you’re a family, a mountaineer, or a solo-adventurer, Vango has something for everybody. Their patented technology called AirBeam is what separates them from their competitors. 

Vango’s AirBeam tents haven’t just been to the top of mountains but they even reached space in 2012.

While they’ve always been sustainable and environmentally conscious, today the company dedicates an even larger portion of its attention to sustainability. 

Apart from recycling tent material and providing greener camping solutions, Vango has launched a refurbishment service and even upcycled products. Many of the upcycled tents and gear are donated to the homeless in an attempt to make a difference in their lives. 

Vango has a reputation for providing premium quality camping equipment. They’re known for their diverse camping products, accessories, furniture, even branching out into hiking and trekking equipment.

The reputation for quality designs and products hasn’t come out of nowhere. Vango boasts an enthusiastic group of experts who constantly innovate current technology and come up with new and exciting ways to improve camping equipment. 

Their constant innovation, sustainability, and product quality have kept them consistently at the top of their industry. 

What Does Vango Make?

Vango makes camping equipment and accessories. The company offers everything from 2-person tents to high-quality awnings. Additionally, Vango sells several other essentials such as rucksacks and camping furniture made of the finest quality materials. 

The brand has a reputation for innovative designs. Their team of experts created the AirBeam technology that the brand is now famous for. With AirBeam, Vango claims that tents inflate faster and take less effort to put together. They also branched out into a new technology for camper awnings called AirWay.

Furthermore, their excellent warranty agreements assure you that their products are made to last. While their tents are the most popular item on their website, the company also offers a plethora of other products to complete your camping experience.

Examples of some of their products are:

  • Tents. Vango is best known for its quality tents. Some hail these as the lightest air tents available. While typically poled, their AirBeams make for easier setup. Along with the well-designed poles, Vango boasts a Sentinel Signature Fabric, an innovative blend that takes the best qualities from cotton and polyester.  Apart from the lightweight and soft material, it is UV resistant (UPF50 UV Protection) and comprises ColourLok protection.
  • Sleeping Bags and Mats. Vango sells several sleeping accessories, including sleeping bags and mats. They’re built for all types of weather and even host products such as heating mats for when it gets too cold! If you’re looking for something more than the average sleeping bed, they also provide inflatable varieties that can accommodate even the most troubled sleepers. 
  • Camping Furniture. You’ll find everything you need to be comfortable on a campsite on the Vango website, from storage units to inflatable chairs. All their camping furniture is light, easy to set up and relatively affordable. 

Other products include: 

  • Hiking essentials such as rucksacks
  • Campsite essentials such as camp stoves
  • Camper Awnings 
  • Tent additions such as pegs

Who Are Coleman?

If outdoor recreation is your thing, you’ve likely heard of Coleman. 

Coleman is a US-based brand specializing in outdoor recreation products. They’re mostly known for their high-quality tents, but they also offer a wide range of other camping equipment that comprises innovative features and technology.

However, they didn’t start as an outdoor equipment brand. The original owner invented the gas-powered lantern used in several stadiums in the 1900s. Later in the 1950s, they manufactured camping stoves and lamps for the military. 

Apart from their brief stint with the military during World War 2, the Coleman Company has retained its loyalty toward products designed for outdoor recreation. Therefore, whether you’re going on a music festival or a solo camping trip, Coleman likely has the products you need. 

While you no longer have to go to war to test a Coleman product, the quality hasn’t gone down since then. In fact, their products have only gotten better. With their one-of-a-kind Dark Room technology and focus on weather-proof tents, Coleman products are now some of most sought-after in the camping world. 

Apart from tents, Coleman is also known for their other camping equipment. From portable stoves to lighting, they continue to produce some of the best quality camping gear in the industry. 

In 2004, the company was acquired by Newell Brands. 

The acquisition led to a few plants being shut down; however, the manufacturing and innovation of Coleman products never stopped. Even today, the company remains at the forefront with exceptional outdoor products and accessories at a low cost. 

What Does Coleman Make?

Colman makes outdoor equipment and accessories, including tents, camp chairs, lighting, and more. In short, anything that might facilitate an outdoor experience, Coleman likely manufactures. 

They’re best known for their tents, which are highly popular among families and individuals alike. Coleman manufactures tents and other gear for several occasions. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re looking for a tent to take to a rave or the top of a mountain, you’ll likely find what you need at Coleman. 

Moreover, the brand’s famous tents maintain a single-minded focus on weather and waterproofing. Coleman strives to ensure the highest level of waterproofing and claims to manufacture weather-proofing products that can withstand even the harshest climates. 

With a diverse product catalog and a 120-year legacy in the industry, Coleman has fine tuned the process of manufacturing quality outdoor recreation products. 

Examples of some of their products are:

  • Tents. As mentioned earlier, Coleman manufactures a variety of tents, with several designs and quality options. However, all of Coleman’s tents remain affordable. While some tents are on the higher end of the price spectrum, most remain spacious and cheaper than average. An important feature of the Coleman tents is their blackout ability. It completely blacks out the room or the entire tent so that you can sleep in peace. 
  • Sleeping Bags and Beds. Along with their tents, Coleman produces some of the best sleeping beds and bags in the niche. They offer various accommodations, including sleeping pods for your comfort. You’ll also be able to buy a sleeping bag based on its temperature or style.
  • Camping Accessories. Coleman started by manufacturing lighting equipment, and they continue that legacy to this day. Apart from the ideal outdoor lighting, Coleman manufactures portable grills and stoves for the ultimate camping experience. 

Other products they manufacture include: 

  • Canopies 
  • Coolers 
  • Drinkware 
  • Kitchen Essentials 

What Is the Difference Between Vango and Coleman?

Since they’re in the same industry, Vango and Coleman share quite a few similarities. However, brands come with differences, and there are a few notable ones with Vango and Coleman. 

The difference between Vango and Coleman lies in their quality, technology, and price point. While Vango has a stronger reputation and is better known as a premium or more expensive brand, Coleman has excellent reviews and offers some nifty features that are very useful for campers. 

Diversified Products 

There’s no denying that Coleman offers a large collection of tents, lights, beds, and other camping essentials. However, they can’t hold a candle to the extensive Vango inventory. 

The Scottish company has gone beyond camping and tents to manufacture products for camper vans, hikers, trekkers, and more. 

Additionally, Vango manufactures and sells additions such as tent pegs, mallets, carpets, etc.

Coleman does offer a few products that can compare to Vango’s extensive catalog, but there aren’t nearly enough to compete. 

Blackout Element

A key feature of the Coleman tents is their Blackout feature. Through this feature, Coleman tents ensure that no single ray of light enters the tent or the specific room you’re in. 

It is used to make sure that you get the best sleep and rest you require while outdoors. Many have reported that the blackout feature is so good that they can’t see past their hands and require a flashlight when it’s in use. 

Vango tents utilize something similar known as ‘lights out.’ However, many are unsatisfied with the lights out feature as it simply dulls the light streaming in from outdoors. 

Some have even described the feeling as ‘claustrophobic’. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good night’s rest, you’ll either need a sleeping mask or a Coleman tent. 


If you’re passionate about the environment, Vango is the way to go. While Coleman doesn’t outright mention sustainability and might do their bit with their materials, Vango takes it to a new level. 

Vango has launched several initiatives around sustainability, even including it in its ethos. They offer to refurbish your old, weathered equipment to give them a new lease of life. 

They also have an Earth collection of rucksacks, tents, and more created with recycled and sustainable materials. 

Coleman, for its part, does not advertise such elements. 


Warranty is an integral part of any purchase, especially for outdoor gear. Since the equipment is being used in harsher conditions, it’s not unreasonable to assume it will have to endure some wear and tear. 

Vango offers a 2-year warranty that you can extend to 3 if you register your product with them. Coleman offers a 1-year limited warranty at max. Depending on the product, the warranty period may differ. 

Therefore, if you’re after a good warranty contract, you’ll likely lean toward a Vango tent. 

Which Is Better?

Choosing between Vango and Coleman isn’t an easy decision. Both companies provide quality outdoor gear that can withstand some of the harshest climates. Therefore, the choice ultimately comes down to your needs, preferences, and budget. 

If you’re looking for a highly acclaimed, experienced brand and aren’t afraid to invest more in a quality product, Vango would be the best choice for you. However, if you’re looking for a feature-heavy alternative at a more affordable price point, Coleman would be the way to go.

Vango has 50 years of excellence riding behind it. Its reputation alone assures you of the quality its camping equipment provides. However, their prices are not always affordable. 

As a premium brand, Vango prides itself on providing only the highest quality, sustainable camping equipment, but this comes at a hefty price. 

If it’s not just tents you’re looking for, then Vango is an excellent single-stop option. You can purchase everything you need for your outdoorsy adventure in one place. However, you shopping spree might hurt your bank account. 

Coleman offers quality tents and camping gear at a more reasonable price. While they do include some pricey items in their catalog, they’re relatively cheaper than Vango. They also make use of nifty features like the Blackout element, bettering your camping experience. 

Coleman’s weather-proofing capabilities are also incredible for the price they quote. Therefore, when you buy a Coleman tent, you won’t have to drain your wallet for a weather-resistant piece of equipment.

However, Coleman doesn’t offer the same range of products. The lack of choice isn’t for everybody, so if you’re a fan of options, Coleman may not be for you. 

Those looking for a well-renowned brand that offers excellent quality and a vast range of choices tend to opt for Vango. However, those looking for unique features and an affordable price tag tend to like Coleman better.. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours! 

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