Vango vs. Eurohike – Which Brand Is Better?

Vango and Eurohike are both premium-quality camping brands that are relatively similar in nature and price point. Choosing between two such well-established brands can often feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to purchasing expensive camping equipment. For this reason, I’d like you to stay with me until the end of this article to learn more about each brand’s characteristics, which will allow you to reach a well-informed decision.

Vango is the better choice if you’re looking for a vast array of camping equipment, including tents, cookers, awnings, camping beds, and rucksacks. Eurohike offers a slightly more limited selection; however, as far as quality and pricing go, the brands can be considered equals.

Although Vango offers more products than Eurohike, both brands are of equal quality, and both are based in the U.K. The best-selling selections for both brands have to be their tent ranges, which are well-known and beloved among the camping community. 

Vango offers a wide range of tent ranges, including their Adventure tent selection, the AirBeam tent range, and Technical tent range.

Eurohike doesn’t have specific ranges for its tents, but it offers options of many shapes and sizes. They include three-person tents, pop-up tents, family tents, and blackout tents. In short, the choices are plentiful with both brands.

Both brands also sell essential camping equipment, such as airbeds, sleeping bags, water bottles, and food utensils. For this reason, if you need to get your hands on some camping basics, either brand is a viable choice.

In the following sections, I’ll discuss Vango and Eurohike in greater detail in hopes of equipping you with the knowledge you’ll need to choose the brand that will best suit your needs. I’ll take you through who they are, the difference between them, and which is better. Therefore, keep on reading to learn all there is to know about these two beloved camping brands!

Who Are Vango?

Vango is a camping equipment brand founded in 1966 in Glasgow, U.K, meaning they’re well-established in the camping world. They specialize in tents but also sell other essential camping equipment. 

According to the Vango website, all the equipment is designed by outdoor enthusiasts, so you should always expect premium-quality, highly functional products.

Not only do they sell tents, but they are also pioneers of tent technology. An example of their work is the AirBeam range. This technology is supposed to make pitching tents easier so that you can spend less time preparing your campsite and more time enjoying your camping trip!

Given that Vango has been around since the 1960s, it is a highly trusted brand by many campers and is one of the leading tent manufacturers not only in the U.K. and but worldwide as well. 

All their tents are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet on your trip if you use a Vango tent.

Vango is also an environmentally conscious brand. They recycle all their reusable leftover components and materials and donate many of their fabrics to charity to reduce the damaging environmental effects of landfills.

Buying from environmentally conscious brands is undoubtedly becoming more important in today’s climate, so Vango is an excellent option for those who keep this issue dear to heart.

What Do Vango Make?

Vango makes a wide range of camping products, but they’re known mostly for their tents.

Their selection is vast and varied, meaning you’ll likely always find what you need when purchasing from this brand.

Almost anything camping-related you can think of, Vango sells. In addition to tents, you can find camping beds, airbeds, food supplies, and much more. In the following list, I’ll take you through some of their best-selling items in a bit more detail, so you’re well-prepared regarding what to expect during your next shopping trip.

Examples of some of their products are:

  • Tents: Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with six other people, you’re bound to find a tent that will suit your needs. Regardless of the size or material you might be looking for, the company has got you covered. You can also choose a tent from the AirBeam range for easy pitching.
  • Furniture: Vango sells a variety of outdoor furniture, including airbeds, chairs, camping beds, and tables. If you’re going to be camping for a few days, it’s always a good idea to have some comfortable chairs and a table to eat on.
  • Stoves and cookers: Another essential when it comes to long camping trips is a stove or cooker. Cooking food will make it easier to digest, and it can significantly improve your overall experience. There is a range of Vango cooking products to choose from.
  • Awnings: If you’re going to be camping with many people and need some extra shelter, an awning could be a good idea. It can also offer additional protection from sunlight, so it’s an excellent choice if you’re going somewhere hot. 
  • Rucksacks: Vango offers a wide range of rucksacks, perfect for hiking and traveling. You can find large, small, and medium-sized bags on their website.

Other items Vango sells include:

  • Torches
  • Walking poles
  • Lights
  • Air pumps
  • Pillows

Who Are Eurohike?

Eurohike is an outdoor product manufacturer that started as a tent manufacturer in England but has become one of the biggest outdoor gear manufacturers in the country. They now offer a vast selection of camping products.

Eurohike was founded in the 1980s, so it’s backed up by a long history when it comes to making quality outdoor products. Everything they sell is designed in the U.K. by outdoor experts, guaranteeing high-quality items.

Since they have a rich history in manufacturing camping tents and other types of outdoor equipment, all their products are guaranteed to be reliable and safe to use. 

Today, they sell high-quality and durable tents, sleeping equipment, outdoor furniture, and water bottles. All their camping products are sold on their website, but you can also find them in certain stores across the U.K., like Blacks. 

However, there’s no Eurohike walk-in store. 

Their tents are breathable, durable, and weather-resistant, so you can enjoy camping even if the weather is challenging. You can expect your Eurohike tent to last many years with proper care.

Unfortunately, there are no stores outside of the U.K. that stock Eurohike products, although it is possible to order products online if you live outside the country.

What Do Eurohike Do?

Eurohike sells all the camping essentials, including tents, camping beds, airbeds, and other outdoor furniture. All their products are designed by experts and made to be long-lasting, which is why they can be pricey.

Eurohike is best known for selling tents, as that was what the brand initially focused on when it was created back in the 1980s, and it is what it remains focused on to this day.

Examples of some of their products are:

  • Tents: Eurohike sells a wide range of tents. You can find anything from a small two-person option to a sizable six+ person tent. They also sell inflatable tents, canopies, tipi tents, and blackout tents (which are great if you want to block out harsh sunlight)!
  • Sleeping equipment: Another camping essential is, of course, sleeping equipment. Luckily, Eurohike has everything you need when it comes to sleeping. They sell sleeping mats, sleeping liners, airbeds, sleeping bags, and other bed accessories.
  • Tableware and food accessories: It’s nice to have some cutlery while out in the wilderness so that you can eat all your food without making a mess, and you’re in luck with Eurohike! You can find cutlery sets, picnic boxes, tins, and cook sets.
  • Rucksacks: Eurohike offers a range of rucksacks, including daysacks, holdalls, and travel bags. Having somewhere to store all your camping gear when traveling is essential, which is why these Eurohike premium-quality items may come in handy.
  • Survival gear: When camping, it’s essential to be comfortable, well-fed, and hydrated. However, it’s equally important to be safe! Luckily, Eurohike sells vital safety gear, such as hand warmers, safety whistles, and fuel sticks.
  • Mains kits: Having power isn’t necessarily essential if you’re going on a camping trip to avoid using your phone and other electronic devices, but a mains kit is still crucial for many. Eurohike sells these kits along with power leads.

Other products Eurohike sells include:

  • Bottles, flasks, and mugs
  • Hydration kits
  • Torches and other light sources

What Is The Difference Between Vango & Eurohike?

The difference between Vango and Eurohike is the range of products they sell. For the most part, they sell similar products, but Vango offers a slightly more comprehensive range. For example, Vango sells cookers and stoves, whereas Eurohike doesn’t. 

Although the brands have their differences, their tents are of the same quality for the most part. 

Here are the main differences between Vango and Eurohike:

Tent Range

There are almost 100 tent options on the Vango website, whereas there are only around 20 on the Eurohike site. Therefore, if you’re looking for a specific type of tent, you’re more likely to find it on the Vango website.

Additionally, Vango offers different ranges, like the AirBeam range. Eurohike doesn’t have particular ranges; they separate the tents by size or function.

Cookers and Stoves

Another difference that I briefly mentioned earlier involves the cookers and stoves. While these products are not available from Eurohike, they are available from Vango. 

If you’re camping for more than a few days, it’s a good idea to bring a stove or cooker with you. Having a freshly cooked meal can do wonders for your health and may even improve your mood on your trip. Thankfully, you can find what you’re looking for with Vango.


Vango sells a wide range of awnings, including annexes, bedrooms, hitch covers, storm straps, and mesh doors. Eurohike, on the other hand, doesn’t sell almost any of these camping essentials. These are all add-ons, meaning they’re not necessarily essential for your trip, but it’s always good to have options.

Therefore, Vango certainly has an edge in this instance.


You can only find Eurohike equipment in select stores in the U.K. Some stores that stock Eurohike in the U.K. include Blacks, Go Outdoors, and Millets. 

However, you can find Vango products outside the U.K., making it a more accessible brand overall. Some other countries with Vango stockists include Spain, Ireland, and Germany.


The Vango website has an entire page dedicated to their sustainability mission and how they recycle materials and components. On the other hand, Eurohike doesn’t include any information regarding sustainability on its website.

There is no mention of recycling or anything of that nature on their page, so it seems like Vango is slightly more eco-conscious than Eurohike. 

Note: Although all the above are valid differences between Eurohike and Vango, they are mostly negligible in the grand scheme of things. If you’re looking for a good quality tent, both brands offer excellent choices of similar quality.

Which Is Better?

Vango is better if you’re looking for a wider selection range and diversity in your tent options. If you’re not looking for anything too specific, Vango and Eurohike are equally good choices. Therefore, deciding which one is better will ultimately depend on your particular needs.

Now, let’s take a look at a few scenarios which will determine whether Vango or Eurohike is better for you.

If You Want a Tent With AirBeam Technology: Vango Is Better

If you are specifically looking for a tent with AirBeam technology, you need to buy it from Vango. However, if you’re looking for a basic two-person tent, you can choose either brand as it doesn’t make much of a difference.

In general, Vango offers a broader range of tents. Therefore, it’s likely that if you have a particular type or model in mind, you’re much more likely to find it through Vango than Eurohike.

If You’re Outside the U.K: Vango Is Better

If you’re outside the U.K. and want to buy a tent or other camping equipment, Vango will be a better choice since the products are sold around Europe and online. 

Eurohike is only sold in stores within the U.K. For this reason, it can be difficult to come by its products if you live elsewhere. 

In Terms of Pricing: Vango and Eurohike Are Equal

In terms of pricing, neither is better than the other. Both brands sell tents at similar prices; the bigger the tent, the more expensive they get. The tents from both brands are also equally high-quality and durable, meaning no brand is notably better in quality than the other.

If You Just Want a Simple Tent: Eurohike Is Better

Since Eurohike doesn’t sell as many tents as Vango, it can be less overwhelming to choose a simple design without too many bells and whistles. When you want something basic, looking through many tents can often feel challenging and stressful. Therefore, sometimes having a more limited selection can end up saving you time and effort.

If You Want To Buy All Camping Equipment in One Go: Vango Is Generally Better

If you want to buy all of your camping equipment in one place, such as a tent, furniture, and cooking equipment, Vango will generally be the better choice.

This is because Vango sells certain essentials that Eurohike doesn’t, like cookers and stoves. However, if you just want to buy a tent and other standard camping equipment together, like beds and cutlery, Vango and Eurohike are equally good options.

Overall: Both Are Excellent Choices

Both brands are excellent choices for camping essentials. Their quality is mostly the same, and they sell the same products for the most part. 

Your specific needs will determine which brand is better for you, so it’s best to have a look at both websites before reaching a decision. This should help you choose which one fits your needs the most.

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