Why Are Caravans White? & Can You Change The Colour Of Your Caravan?

Like many of us you too might be wondering why caravans are white and if you can change the colour of your own caravan.

Caravans are white in colour as their natural materials such as fibreglass are naturally white and so to save money in production they often use the nartural colour. The colour white is also used to reflect the sun to keep the caravan warm in winter and cool in summer.

In this article we are going to dive deeper into why caravans are white, what that means and how to change the colour of your caravan.

Why Are Caravans White?

For as far as I know and as long as I have seen caravans have been white and are still white in colour. They have varied in shade over the years but have generally been some shade of light white, cream or beige.

Yet, I can’t help but wonder why that is. Interestingly, from what I noticed, I am not the only one wondering about such a simple question. While looking for answers, I found many intriguing reasons and theories. 

The most common and perhaps most accurate reason is the white colour’s usefulness regarding absorbing and reflecting heat. For instance, apart from caravans, airplanes and boats are usually white. Commonly, caravans, airplanes, or boats are used for long trips. Thus, to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the colour white is used.

However, most theories are related to the manufacture of caravans. Usually, caravans are made with fibreglass, which is naturally white. Otherwise, they are made with pre-painted aluminium. So, since caravans, much like most vehicles, are mass-produced, it is more cost-effective if all are white rather than have a different colour or pattern choices.

Furthermore, white is indeed a very bright and eye-catching colour, thus in a showroom would be the most attractive. Therefore, it is the best colour choice for both manufacturers, sellers, or dealers. 

Can You Change The Colour Of A Caravan?

Coloured caravans are, in fact, not something new. Back in the 60s and 70s colourful caravans were in high demand. However, there were still a few restrictions, such as the roof more than often was white. But, compared to today, the market is entirely different and more accessible. Nowadays, a client can ask for personal customisation from the manufacturers or dealers.

Or if some people are inspired and wish to customize their caravan themselves, then there are many DIY ways and courses online to accomplish that. 

Overall, caravans are generally white. However, there is no rule they can’t be of a different colour. Already, there are many caravans of a range of colours and even patterns. 

How To Change The Colour Of A Caravan?

Since the caravan industry mainly manufactures them as white, most caravan buyers and enthusiasts indulge in the world of DIY. Commonly, people use Tekaloid 318. It is a single pack coach enamel.

It is known for its excellent flow, high gloss, and colour stability. Before painting the caravan, it is necessary to have a deep cleansing of the surface from dust, rust, mill scale, oil, salt, moisture, and other contaminants. 

After preparing the surface, you can choose from a variety of ways of painting. Some of them are conventional spray, airless and air-assisted airless, brush or roller.

However, from what I’ve read and seen from caravan enthusiasts, using a roller for painting is the most effective and easier way to avoid having uneven texture.

Firstly, cover the edges you do not want to be painted with automotive masking tape. Then gradually, with a gloss roller, start painting within the masked edges.

For a smooth finish, use a soft paintbrush to paint over the joins. Once the first coat is done, wait for 24 to 48 hours to apply the second coat. When the second coat is also done after a couple of hours, remove the masking tape. 

Nowadays anyone can change their caravan’s colour by themselves. However, if you wish to have a smooth colour change, then like the experts, I suggest you seek professional help.

Unquestionably, hand painting is no match for spray-paint. Furthermore, professionals will not allow any imperfections on their creations and artwork. 

Alternatively, experts use vinyl wrapping to change the colour of a caravan. The original paint is wrapped in vinyl. Then a coat of matte gloss is added on top of the vinyl.

Unlike with hand painting, you can have a thousand choices on what colour, patterns, or even image you would like to have for your caravan. Furthermore, vinyl wrapping preserves and protects the caravan’s paint. When the work is done, the caravan looks clean and elegant.

Benefits Of A Different Coloured Caravan

Undoubtedly, by giving a different colour to your caravan, you give it its own identity, which aligns with your personality. Firstly, the caravan with its unique exterior will be like no other. Especially if the customization was done by you or done by experts but with your design.

Furthermore, since it will probably be one of the few, if not the only non-white caravan, it will definitely stand out everywhere. This brings us to the point that if, for instance, your caravan gets stolen will be easier to be identified. 

Overall, I would say the best outcome of a caravan’s colour change is the creation of a unique caravan. It will have a unique personality and identity that no one will miss its presence on the road, the campsite, or even the parking lot. 

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