Why Are Eriba Caravans So Expensive?

Eriba caravans have been leaders in the market for a long time and for those who look at them and wonder exactly tears them apart from others in the market you might also be wondering what makes them so expensive.

Eriba caravans are produced by the manufactueres Hymer whoa re theleading brand of motorhomes and caravans. Eriba caravans are of high quality, have anti-sway coupling with an automatic reversing mechanism and innovative technologies and designs that give the caravan a look and feel of luxury.

In this article we are going to talk about what are Eriba caravans, who makes them and what makes them so different compared to other brands.

What Are Eriba Caravans?

Eriba Caravans are mobile homes prefabricated structures built in a factory on a permanently attached design before transported to the main site. Eriba Caravans can be used as permanent homes or temporary accommodation, holiday accommodation, and emergency housing needs.

The low dead weight, compact dimensions, low general height and the lifting roof of Eriba caravans is quite impressive. With a fantastic collection of caravans under its belt, these have shaped the mobile home industry for over six decades.

Lovers of top quality caravans have developed a cult following for Eriba caravans, making them the first choice for individuals who desire luxury and comfort at its best. Eriba Caravans are produced by Hymer Ag, a motorhome and caravan manufacturer located in Bad Waldsee, Germany.

Eriba caravans come in different models that fit the individual style and preferences of lovers of motorhomes. Its touring range of caravans designed with advanced aircraft engineering technology that enhances its roadworthy features. Weight is between 900kg and 1400kg with a lifting roof headroom of 1.95m. It comes with a length of between 4.83m to 5.76m.

The furniture seating design is made with the classy Ecotech fabric design while finishing it in Trentino Pear Wood. The combination brings out an exquisite setting that meets the tastes of individuals who cherish luxury.

The smallest Eriba’s caravans are the three berth Eriba Touring Familia 310 and the two-berth Eriba Touring 320. The Eriba Touring troll comprises different caravans that offer much living space than the Eriba Touring triton.

Another notable Eriba caravan is the Eriba feeling caravan that consists of three models, including feeling 425, feeling 442, and feeling 470. They come in beautifully designed fabrics that are relatively easy to clean. With spacious and well laid out kitchen space, Eriba feeling caravans are built for the perfect holiday.

Eriba Novel light caravans are a delight for small families who enjoy going out together. The Eriba  Nova light comprises four models, namely the Nova light 425, Nova light 465 measuring 6.7m.

Others are the Nova light 472 measuring 6.47m and the Nova light 442, which comes in at 6.67m. Eriba caravans have an anti-skid system that allows the vehicle to remain balanced by ensuring that the caravan does not swivel out of the lane.

The interior of Eriba caravans comes with high-quality plywood that exudes durability and luxury. Eriba caravans are famously known for their crystal silver exterior that guarantees a fresh and shiny look.

Furthermore, the bodyshell of all Eriba caravans is excellently designed to ensure a comfortable temperature during the summer and warmer temperatures during the colder months.

What Makes Eriba Caravans Different From Others

There are several caravans brands available today, however, Eriba caravans remain the best. They have maintained an overwhelming dominance in the mobile home industry due to their style, comfort, and quality that comes with every Eriba caravans model.

Hymer, producers of  Eriba caravans, are renowned for delivering premium high-quality motor homes that guarantee utmost customer satisfaction even for the most critical caravan enthusiasts. So if you seek a caravan that offers something unique, then look no further than Eriba caravans, and here is why.

1. Customer Satisfaction Is Assured

Makers of Eriba caravans HYMER is synonymous with offering customer satisfaction on every one of their products. The German-based mobile home manufacturing outfit has consistently ranked among the best in independent groups’ best customer satisfaction surveys.

HYMER boasts of the highest level of certified quality in the industry, another reason why our customers have come to trust the Eriba Caravan brand for decades.

2. Quick Access To Original Parts And Accessories

Buying an Eriba caravan guarantees you economic efficiency, quality, safety, and remarkable all-round service. Purchasing the right vehicle must be met with access to the original and quality parts from the manufacturers.

Customers of Eriba caravans can get premium supplies of original spare parts from their various dealers and service partners worldwide. Another unique aspect of Eriba caravans is developing and market original parts and accessories simultaneously with their vehicles themselves.

3. Five Years Warranty For New Vehicles

New Eriba caravans carry up to five years of warranty, meaning customers can enjoy carefree traveling with the utmost guarantee of getting original parts and accessories if there is any incidence of a malfunction or vehicle not running smoothly.

4. Innovation Meets Perfection

For about sixty years and more, Eriba caravans have significantly evolved into becoming one of the worlds’ finest mobile home brands. One reason why Eriba caravans have garnered a massive cult following over the years is the innovation that comes with every Eriba caravans.

Eriba caravans’ makers have always relied on improving the prevailing offers and establishing a new standard of quality that ensures customers are guaranteed excellent service delivery and great value for money.

The vehicles are meticulously designed to give customers that luxury and comfort associated with the Eriba brand. As pioneers in the mobile home space, Eriba caravans continue to embody a blend of innovation and perfection at the very best.

Why Eriba Caravans Are Expensive

Have you ever wondered why Eriba caravans are expensive? Well, there are several reasons why the prices of our favorite motor homes may seem to be overpriced. With Eriba caravan 2-4 berths going for as much as £16,340, the cost of Eriba caravans is hitting the roof.

So the question is, why are Eriba caravans expensive? Here are some reasons why.

1. Quality And Luxury

The motor home industry has significantly witnessed an immense revolution in recent times. Before now, caravans rarely pack the huge luxury it carries today. A top Eriba gear comes with air conditioners, LED TV, outdoor entertainment units, washing machines and dryers, slide-out BBQs, etc. Similarly, the upholstery of Eriba caravans is top-notch, giving the caravans a luxurious appeal and style.

As a brand committed to delivering high-quality motor homes to customers, Eriba caravans are produced with the quality of their vehicles as their topmost priority. Note that quality and luxury doesn’t come cheap. So you are paying more for value.

2. Innovative Features And Advanced Technology

Aside from the luxury and comfort delivered by Eriba caravans, the vehicle has other outstanding features that make it one of the most sought after caravans in the market. For instance, the ERIBA Touring comes with an impressive anti-sway coupling with an automatic reversing mechanism.

The standard device equipment helps to correct snaking, thereby improving the overall driving safety of the Eriba touring caravans. The canvas material on the caravan’s pop-top roof ensures that the vehicle’s temperature is perfect.

It also promotes air circulation and allows more light into the caravan. Eriba caravans are ingeniously designed to be fuel-efficient due to their aerodynamically shaped front with rounded edges.

The caravan’s body shape is built in such a way that it offers numerous benefits such as better fuel economy, lower air resistance, better-improved driving safety, and optimal road holding.

Similarly, Eriba caravans are equipped with complex electrical systems with multiple onboard batteries, solar panel chargers, inverters, etc. All of these added features mean that the chassis, suspension, wheels, and tires have to be robust to carry all that weight, which adds to the vehicle’s cost.

3. Structure and Architecture

The structural designs of Eriba caravans have indeed come a long way. Eriba caravans are made from high-strength steel, resulting in more robust and lighter vehicles with better performance and efficiency.

The use of high-quality steel for the production of Eriba caravans comes at a price of the caravans’ increased cost. The caravans’ architecture is designed to enhance the overall safety of occupants and deliver a memorable traveling experience.

4. Sizing Up

Eriba caravans have evolved from the two-berth caravans in the 1960s to a massive seven berth vehicle. The implication is that the larger the vehicle’s size, the more materials that would be needed to build.

Today, several Eriba vehicles come in different sizes with massive heights, widths, and lengths, thereby shooting up the caravan’s base prices.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Every aspect of the production of Eriba caravans is strictly under the watch of federal and state regulators. The production of vehicles is highly subjected to intense scrutiny to abide by government policies and mandates.

From the level of vehicle emission to the safety system operation, Eriba caravans’ production is highly regulated. Meeting up to regulatory agencies’ ever-changing demands creates new and unexpected expenses for caravan makers, including Eriba. These expenses are factored into the price of Eriba caravans.

6. Losing weight

You would think that with the addition of several features on Eriba caravans, the vehicle’s weight should double. Hymer makers of Eriba caravans have invested heavily in engineering to meet the ever-increasing safety standards without increasing weight. For engineers to achieve this, different mixes of materials are used to produce Eriba caravans.

Engineers ensure that they shave off enough pounds during the vehicle design. The company is spending time and money carrying out testing and weighing, which eventually gets factored into Eriba caravans’ price.

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