6 Best Awning Carpets

There are hundreds of awning carpets, most of which flake apart from excess UV exposure and brittle fabrics. The good news is you can upgrade your outdoor rug or get a new one that’s sun-resistance, splash-proof, and durable. If you’re looking for a brand-new, long-lasting awning carpet, you’re in the right place.

The best awning carpet is the Reversible Mats Outdoor RV Camping Mat. It comes with a UV-resistant coating and quick-drying material to keep it from getting soaked. There are four stake holes to secure the carpet to the ground. Carry this 4-pound, 6’ x 9’ awning carpet in the provided carrying bag.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following details about the best awning carpets:

  • Why you should always have an awning carpet for camping
  • What to look for when you’re getting one
  • A list of the best awning carpets for your setup

Do I Need a Carpet in My Awning?

Awning carpets might seem like a luxury item to many campers, but they’re an essential part of comfort and outdoor relaxation. If you want to rest outside in the evening or stretch in the morning, you should consider an awning carpet. Once you add one to your caravan, you’ll never look back.

Here’s a list of reasons you need a carpet for your awning:

  • You shouldn’t have to deal with dirty feet and muddy shoes when leaving your RV. Awning carpets provide unparalleled cleanliness without causing you to track debris through the inside of your vehicle or home. Place them near the edge of the steps, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Awning carpets are much easier to clean than traditional rugs. They’re built for outdoor use, so many of them are waterproof and repel moisture. You can sweep them with a broom to get rid of dirt, dust, leaves, and so on. They’re also rugged and long-lasting, thanks to the unique weaving pattern.
  • Whether you have an enclosed or open awning, you can enjoy the lightweight design of awning carpets. They’re much more portable than traditional rugs because the materials are different. Many awning carpets use various plastics, while others add soft fabric layers for comfort. Either way, they’re often much lighter.
  • World of Camping explains awning carpets are much more comfortable than grass, gravel, or dirt. Some of them have interior cushioned pads, while others provide a convenient barrier between your feet and the ground. Thorns, pine needles, sticks, and other debris can be dangerous. Nothing beats being barefoot in nature while staying out of harm’s way!
  • Awning carpets are typically much more affordable than traditional rugs. Despite the previously mentioned benefits, they don’t use as much material (any reason they’re lightweight). You can save money, weight, and comfort by switching to an awning carpet instead of lugging a heavy rug to all of your camping trips.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons you should get a carpet for your awning. They’re an excellent choice for open concept and enclosed awnings, so everyone can keep one with their outdoor kit. 

If you don’t know what to look for when getting a new awning carpet, proceed to the next section.

What Qualities Make a Good Awning Carpet?

Getting an awning carpet is a big deal because you’ll be using it for many years to come. Rather than aiming for the cheapest option, there are a few things you should consider. The benefits from the previous subheading are only found in high-quality carpets. Let’s explore what you need to look for before you get one.

Preview these qualities beforehand:

  • Breathability should be at the top of your list. OLPRO Shop suggests breathability is one of the most important traits for awning carpets, regardless of if you use them inside or outdoors. Airflow prevents odors, debris, and bacteria from building up underneath the carpet. Check the surface to see if it’s porous.
  • Make sure it’s not too heavy. Your awning carpet shouldn’t weigh more than ten pounds (4.53 kg). Many of them weigh less than five pounds (2.27 kg). In comparison, traditional rugs can weigh over twenty pounds (9.07 kg)! If they get soaked from rain, they’ll weigh much more. Awning carpets don’t absorb water, so they stay the same weight.
  • Consider the materials before making a purchase. Most of the awning carpets found in the list below are made of polypropylene. It’s durable, lightweight, and moisture-resistant. Check all of the materials used in awning carpet before deciding if it’s the best one for your setup.
  • Do you need stakes for your awning carpet? Inspect the carpet for stake holes or loops. They’re found on every corner. You can use tent stakes, though some rugs come with them. Stakes hold the rug to the ground, preventing it from flying around from wind above or mud below the surface.
  • How big is your awning? Your carpet should fit edge-to-edge inside your awning. Even if you have an open awning, most of the area underneath should be covered by the outdoor carpet. Measure your awning and keep the carpet within one foot on all sides, so it doesn’t overlap or fall short.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to review the list. Keep an eye out for brands, prices, weight, dimensions, and other crucial factors.

6 Best Awning Carpets

Your awning carpet will be with your caravan setup for a long time. It’s important to get one you know you’ll enjoy without it crumbling or falling apart.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best awning carpets below.

1. Reversible Mats Outdoor RV Camping Mat

The Reversible Mats Outdoor Mat has everything we’re looking for in an awning carpet. You can use it inside or outside, so don’t worry if you have an enclosed or open awning. This lightweight carpet only weighs four pounds (1.81 kg), making it one of the lightest options on the market. It doesn’t get water-logged, either.

The outer coating is UV-resistant to prevent long-term damage. While many rugs wear down, lose their color, and fall apart, this one looks as good as new for many years to come. It also has a waterproof layer, so you can use it during rainy days without worrying about slipping or soaking the rug.

If you’re looking for convenience, you’ll enjoy the carry bag. It comes with the awning mat without adding to the price. Roll the carpet, place it in the bag, and bring it with you wherever you go. This awning carpet measures 6 x 9 feet (1.83 x 2.74 meters). The polypropylene material is breathable and comfortable below your feet.

Bottom Line: This awning carpet is exactly what you should be looking for if you want to check all of the quality boxes from the previous section. It’s durable, lightweight, comfortable, and weatherproof. The price isn’t too bad, either. It even comes with a unique outdoor pattern for people who enjoy camping.

Product BrandReversible Mats
Price Range$70 to $85
Awning Carpet Size6 x 9 feet (1.83 x 2.74 meters)
Thickness0.1 inches (0.25 cm)


  • This awning carpet comes with waterproof materials. You can sweep or mop it without a problem.
  • It’s reversible, so it has two sides with the same pattern. If it gets too dirty, turn it over and enjoy a fresh carpet.
  • There’s a UV-resistant coating to prevent fraying, discoloration, and deterioration. Your rug can be inside an awning or in front of a patio.
  • It’s much lighter than most awning carpets. If you’re tired of carrying a heavy rug, it’s time to try a high-quality, lightweight mat.
  • You’ll receive a carrying bag with your purchase. There are two straps and a durable zipper.

2. SAND MINE Reversible Mat

Another high-end awning mat with two sides is the SAND MINE Reversible Mat. Much like the previous entry, this one can be flipped for a fresh look with unique designs. This rug’s edges are sealed to prevent fraying, which acts as a double layer of protection when combined with the UV-protectant coating.

You’ll receive four stakes and a carrying bag, too. The bag is bulky enough to pack the whole rug without making it hard to zip. It has two comfortable straps for convenience. Drive each stake into the awning carpet’s outer rings to hold it on the ground. It won’t blow around in the wind or slide through the mud, even though it’s only 7.63 pounds (3.46 kg).

One of the primary reasons many people choose this reversible mat is that you can choose from three sizes. Decide between 5’ x 8’ (1.52 m x 2.44 m), 9’ x 12’ (2.74 m x 3.66 m), or 9’ x 18’ (2.74 m x 5.49 m), then head to the color selection menu. They offer lattice, checkered, quatrefoil, and many other patterns for you to look through.

Bottom Line: The Sand Mine Reversible Mat is on the same tier as the Reversible Mats Outdoor Mat. They both have excellent size selections, carrying bags, and more. This awning carpet also has four stakes, which save you time and money. Enjoy the convenience and comfort in one package.

Product BrandSand Mine
Price Range$35 to $95
Awning Carpet Size5′ x 8′ (1.52 m x 2.44 m) or  9′ x 12′ (2.74 m x 3.66 m) or  9′ x 18′ (2.74 m x 5.49 m)
Thickness0.01 inches (0.03 cm)


  • You’ll receive four stakes and a carrying bag. Who doesn’t like freebies?
  • This awning carpet has two sides. You can choose which one fits the mood or flip it for a clean, fresh carpet.
  • There are three sizes and many colors to choose from. Measure your awning and pick the best variant.
  • It’s designed to resist heat, moisture, and UV rays. This awning rug is as durable as you’ll find.
  • It has thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

3. Maypole Awning Carpet

Awning carpets often have special patterns and designs. If you want a basic model without added features, the Maypole Awning Carpet is an excellent choice. It’s more durable than most of the competition, but it’s not nearly as heavy. This lightweight outdoor rug is only 4.88 pounds (2.21 kg) and doesn’t get water-logged.

The outer material can withstand a beating from the sun, wind, and rain. It’s comfortable on bare feet, too. There are four stake holes you can drive stakes through to keep it from lifting or sliding around. Push all of the stakes outward at a 45-degree angle for the best results. The wide rings make this carpet compatible with any stakes available.

This awning carpet is 8.2 x 13.1 feet (2.50 x 4 meters), so it’s big enough for almost any awning around. Fold the edges if it’s too big for your awning. It won’t leave frayed edges thanks to the double-sealed fabric. It’s also quite breathable, providing much-needed ventilation for hot summer days and nights.

Bottom Line: The Maypole Awning Carpet might not be the most stylish selection, but it’s more than enough for many caravan owners. You can use it inside or outside. It’s ultra-lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. Those looking for a basic model will enjoy every square foot of this highly-durable mat.

Product BrandMaypole
Price Range$40 to $50
Awning Carpet Size8.2 x 13.1 feet (2.50 x 4 meters)
Thickness0.01 inches (0.03 cm)


  • This awning carpet is easy to clean with a pressure washer. It won’t rip apart from high settings, UV rays, or brushing.
  • You can drive four stakes through the edges to secure it to the ground during stormy days.
  • It’s quite big compared to most outdoor rugs. The 8.2’ x 13.1’ (2.50 x 4 meters) design is perfect for large awnings.
  • Despite its large size and impressive fabric, the Maypole Awning Carpet weighs less than five pounds (2.27 kg).
  • The breathable construction makes it ideal to use any time of year. Bacteria grow under non-breathable carpets!

4. AdvenGO Reversi Mats

The AdvenGO Reversi Mat is much thicker than you’ll find almost anywhere else. It’s 0.2 inches (0.51 cm), which might not sound like a lot, but that’s over twice that of the competition. One side has a light red pattern, and the other has a dark red design. Regardless of which side you choose, both have UV-resistant materials.

This 9’ x 12’ (2.74 m x 3.66 m) awning carpet only weighs four pounds (1.81 kg). This remarkable feature is surprising, considering the large dimensions and thickness. Much like the Sand Mine Reversible Mat, this one has heat-treated edges to prevent fraying. The woven polypropylene is ultra-breathable and easy to carry wherever you’d like to.

One of the company’s prized features is the all-terrain construction. It’s tough enough for dirt, grass, gravel, ice, and so on. You’ll be good to go as long as you can drive stakes through the slotted corners. There’s no need for a non-slip rug may or anything else to prevent it from sliding around on the ground.

Bottom Line: This awning carpet is one of the most impressive models on the market. It’s durable, visually appealing, usable in any terrain, and big enough for almost all caravan awnings. The double-sided rug also adds a convenient way to clean and reverse it whenever you need to.

Product BrandAdvenGO
Price Range$55 to $65
Awning Carpet Size9 x 12 feet (2.74 m x 3.66 meters)
Thickness0.2 inches (0.51 cm)


  • This is one of the most durable awning carpets we’ve come across. If you camp throughout the year off-road, it’s a great choice.
  • The price range is quite affordable compared to carpets with similar features.
  • It’s much thicker than other awning rugs, so you’ll enjoy the comfort and easy cleaning practices.
  • The edges are treated to prevent deteriorating from excess use and sunlight exposure.
  • There are two sides with unique patterns and colors. Flip it over to change the style whenever you’d like to.
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure you enjoy the product.

5. T.J. Trading Outdoor Polyethylene Woven Carpet

The Outdoor Polyethylene Woven Carpet is one of T.J. Trading’s best rugs. It’s a bit heavier due to the durable fabric. However, it’s less than nine pounds (4.08 kg). If you’re not worried about a few additional pounds, you’ll enjoy the clear carrying bag. It’s a handbag, so it doesn’t take up much space. This awning carpet unfolds to a 6 x 16-foot (1.83 x 4.89-meter) area.

One of the most unique features of this outdoor rug is the fact that it’s rot-proof. Most others on the list are designed to repel moisture and promote airflow, but they’re not made to fight against rot. Fabrics are prone to deteriorating when moisture and bacteria attach themselves to the surface. This awning carpet prevents long-term breakdowns.

The edges are hemmed to stop fraying, but they’re not raised, which means you won’t run into them or kick up the sides. UV rays won’t harm this rug, thanks to the resistant outer coating. When you’re done using it, spray it off with a hose or mop it. You can also use a pressure washer on a low setting.

Bottom Line: This beige rug is perfect for people who have a large caravan, canopy, or enclosed awning. It’s thin, lightweight, and massive. You’ll enjoy the breathable, soft fabric and hemmed edges that increase its longevity. It’s also quite budget-friendly, which is impressive because it’s 6’ x 16’ (1.83 m x 4.89 m).

Product BrandT.J. Trading
Price Range$50 to $60
Awning Carpet Size6 x 16 feet (1.83 x 4.89 meters)
Thickness0.1 inches (0.25 cm)


  • The T.J. Trading awning carpet is an excellent example of a large, durable, breathable rug.
  • It’s within an affordable price range, despite being much bigger than most competitors.
  • This outdoor rug includes a see-through carrying bag. You can also fold it up and put it in a backpack or duffel bag.
  • It’s made to be UV-resistant and waterproof, protecting your investment for five to ten years.
  • The soft material is much more comfortable than you’ll find in polypropylene variants since it uses polyethylene fabric.

6. FH Home Outdoor Recycled Plastic Mat

Recycled plastic might not be the first material that comes to mind when you’re seeking comfort, but the FH Home Outdoor Recycled Plastic Mat would prove otherwise. It’s soft and ultra-lightweight, making it ideal for those with a small backpack or caravan. It comes in several sizes, including 3’ x 5’ (0.91 m x 1.52 m), 4’ x 6’ (1.22 m x 1.83 m), 6’ x 9’ (1.83 m x 2.74 m), and many more.

Once you’re done cycling through the size selection menu, you can choose one of many colors. FH Home offers teal & white, yellow, blue & white, orange, and many more colors. They also have several patterns. This customizable awning carpet has a hole at each corner for stakes, much like other rugs on this list.

This recycled plastic mat uses polypropylene to increase its durability and breathability. Shake off dirt and debris or use a pressure washer to clean all sides. It has a soft interior padding to keep your feet comfortable from rocks, grass, and dirt outside of your caravan or in your awning.

Bottom Line: This comfortable recycled plastic awning carpet combined eco-friendly materials with durability to keep your awning looking and feeling as good as new throughout the year. It comes in several sizes, patterns, and colors, so you’ll undoubtedly find a match that fits your awning’s color style.

Product BrandFH Home
Price Range$34 to $100
Awning Carpet Size3’ x 5’ (0.91 m x 1.52 m) to 9’ x 12’ (2.74 m x 0.61 m) 
Thickness0.25 inches (0.64 cm)


  • It’s made with recycled plastic and polypropylene.
  • This awning carpet is the thickest one on the list at 0.25 inches (0.64 cm).
  • You can use stakes to secure it to the ground.
  • There are plenty of sizes and styles to cycle through.
  • Cleaning this lightweight awning mat is as easy as it gets.
  • Choose from several protection plans to get an extended warranty.
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