6 Best Awning Carpets

There are hundreds of awning carpets, most of which flake apart from excess UV exposure and brittle fabrics. The good news is you can upgrade your outdoor rug or get a new one that’s sun-resistance, splash-proof, and durable. If you’re looking for a brand-new, long-lasting awning carpet, you’re in the right place. The best awning …

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Are Fiamma Awnings Waterproof?

Awnings are a great way of having an added space outside of your RV, motorhome or campervan. These spaces are great for adding a place for dogs to sleep, store bikes, chairs and other equipment you wish not to bring into your motorhome. While Fiamma awnings are technically waterproof they are advertised and recommended for …

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12 Best Awnings for Eurovans

Buying an awning for the first time can be challenging. You have to look for information on the available ones, compare them, and choose the one most suitable for your needs. In most cases, you’ll be inquiring: which are the best awnings for my Eurovan? The best awnings for your Eurovan are large enough to …

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Should RV Awnings Be Tied Down

Awnings are a great way to expand the space of your RV outdoors, while still minimising the number of bugs and the amount of heat created by the sun. However, they can be difficult, and without proper care and maintenance both before, during and after trips they will become damaged. You don’t have to tie …

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