Are Berghaus Tents Any Good

Berghaus are very popular with many different outdoor enthusiasts as their quality of clothing and accessories are high and well received. One item that they do create which isn’t as well known is the tents within the collection.

Berghaus tents are worth buying if you are looking for a higher quality tent and ready to take care of it properly. With proper cleaning and care a Berghaus tent can last many years and provide shelter and a comfortable camping shelter.

In this article we are going to talk about who Berghaus are, that tents they make and whether they are good or not to buy.

Who Are Berghaus?

Berghaus are manufacturers of outdoor clothing and equipment. The company is based in Sunderland, United Kingdom. They are located in the North East of England, and their scope of distribution is worldwide. The company was founded by Gordon Davison and Peter Lockey in 1966. Both founders were mountaineers and climbers, respectively; they eventually began the company as importers and distributors of outdoor products.

Lockey and Davison’s outdoor shop in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, was named after the LD Mountain Centre. In 1972, they started to develop and manufacture their goods for sale in their store. They gave their brand the German name ‘Berghaus,’ which is translated as ‘mountain home.’

Berghaus sells a wide variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s outdoor clothes and equipment, including raincoats, fleeces, underwear, and legwear. They also produce a range of exclusive outdoor accessories and shoes.

In 1970 Berghaus launched the first line of backpacks, the Berg 172 and Berg 272 models with external frames and simple single zippered pockets. This was followed by the Cyclops backpack, which was launched in 1972 and was one of the first backpacks designed with an internal frame.

In 1977, Berghaus became one of the first consumers of Gore-Tex fabric in Europe, a modern, breathable and waterproof membrane that further advanced it to the outdoor gear market.

The Gemini jacket was introduced in the 1980s, and this enabled a walking jacket to have a zipper in a fleece that offered maximum comfort when walking or mountain climbing. Sir Chris Bonington started wearing the Berghaus brand in the early 1980s, and it was also this year that Britain’s most prolific mountaineer Alan Hinkes began working with Berghaus.

In 1986 they launched the Extrem collection, which included the Trango jacket, and the next year the Attak sole unit was launched. Berghaus was given the Queen’s Award for Export, accompanied in 1988 by the Northern Business Award for Exporter of the Year. It’s a great decade for this outdoor company.

1993 was a significant improvement for Berghaus as the Pentland PLC Group purchased the company, and Pentland is home to several major labels, including Kickers, Speedo, Ellesse, and Lacoste. The beginning of the 1990s was also the moment Berghaus started to evolve and concentrate on Footwear and introduced an outdoor line of boots and shoes designed with great outdoors in mind.

This was accompanied in 1999 by a revolutionary packable and compact outerwear range, including waterproof and windproof versions.

Berghaus unveiled the new MtnHaus design and manufacturing team to the public in the 2000s and funded celebrities such as Leo Houlding and Mick Fowler to create kits for various sporting competitions.

In 2015, Berghaus purchased the Brasher boot line, the boots remained virtually unchanged, except for the shift of leather to Pittard leather and the addition of the Vibram heel, which has now been re-launched with the Berghaus name.

Berghaus continues to evolve and dominate the outdoor industry and is a name that is commonly used by runners, enthusiasts, and casual walkers.

What Do They Make?

Berghaus sells a wide variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s outdoor clothes and equipment, including raincoats, fleeces, underwear, and legwear. They also produce a range of exclusive outdoor accessories and shoes.

Here are some products from Berghaus:

Pravitale Jacket

The Berghaus Pravitale is a fantastic, compact, completely zipped fleece. AT Stretch features that offer the fleece a great deal of versatility, which means it’s great for all kinds of outdoor activities. The fleece has an elevated inner structure that absorbs air faster for greater thermal insulation. The Pravitale has three bags, two zipped pockets, and a zipped, bonded sleeve pocket. This fleece, finally, weighs just 312g.

Women’s Light Trek Hydroshell

The Women’s Light Trek from Berghaus is a super lightweight, water-resistant jacket. The Light Trek uses the technology of Hydroshell, which keeps you safe and breathable no matter the weather. The Hydroshell even has a “rain standard” defense. This Berghaus jacket uses odor-resistant Argentium technology, which also has a high level of moisture control. The Light Trek has been reinforced in places of heavy abrasion, is 100percent windproof, and even has body ventilation.

Explorer 40

Are you hunting for a small pack for a day or a holiday hike? Then search no farther than the Berghaus Explorer 40. The Explorer uses the Berghaus BIO FIT back device for a safer and more relaxed fit. You could adjust the size of the pack as well as the chest harness. The Explorer has upper tension braces, side compression straps, wide front pocket, walking pole/ice ax attachments, zipped inside lid pocket, and compliant with hydration.

In the meantime, Berghaus continues to reduce product manufacturing and other industry practices’ environmental and social effects. Through most of 2020, the outdoor wear expert introduces new designs that fit under the Madekind banner. By autumn/winter 2021, more than 40% of the Berghaus collection will count as part of the Madekind collection, satisfying at least one of the following metrics:

  • The primary fabrics are Colorkind fabrics and use a dyeing process that drastically reduces the use of water and chemicals during processing and lowers CO2 emissions.
  • Utilizes less than 50% of recycled materials or insulation content.
  • Utilizes less than 90% of Bluesign licensed fabrics.
  • Down is 100% RDS approved.

The current Madekind innovations contain new autumn/winter synthetic padding that utilizes recycled plastic bottles in various shapes. Based on the quantity of padding used in a specific design, this varies from one to 23 plastic bottles per jacket.

The company is now working to strengthen its awareness of the environmental effects of the fabrics and other elements of its products, recognizing the value of working with factories that manage electricity, water, waste, and chemicals responsibly and productively.

It is currently engaged in a large-scale exercise to recognize all the factories used in the packaging and manufacture of fabrics and other materials. It is expanding the coverage of Bluesign approved factories and has also been seen to manage their effects responsibly. Today, more than 70% of the brand’s fabric manufacturers are Bluesign Scheme Associates.

How Much Are Berghaus Tents?

Suppose you’re hunting for a tent for a dream action-packed family vacation or preparing for an up-and-coming event. In that case, Berghaus designs a variety of iconic tents to make your next outdoor experience memorable.

Berghaus Tents can cost anywhere from $500 – $3000. However, these tents vary in design and features. So be sure to do a complete review and research before making any purchase.

What Tents Do They Make?

Berghaus has several tent variations in their line of tents produced. The Air 4, 6, 8 Air porches and their latest the Air 6XL. These tents vary in size and very spacious and good for family camping purposes. Here are some of Berghaus tents;

Air 4 Tent

The groundbreaking air tube system has made it too convenient and easy to erect the tent. The Air 4 has triple inflatable air beams, along with an embedded inflation valve. To pump up, click the valve once so that it is open, attach the included high-pressure foot pump, which bends tightly into the valve, and then start pumping. Interestingly, in a couple of seconds, any beam will go up.

These spring-loaded, quick-release air valves are often used to deflate the tent; merely click each valve once and stand back to watch the tent drop easily. This is a wonderful feature of a fast tent strike.

Air 6 Tent

Berghaus Air 6 is a great family outdoor tent. It comes with new colors, unmatched consistency. You may use the provided pump to inflate the poles in seconds for the fastest way to build a home in the fields. The weatherproof exterior prevents some of the worst British weather in the harbor, while the interior has plenty of space for families or groups of friends.

The ventilated bedrooms mean that you stay cool, and extra-wide windows with integrated curtains enable you to monitor natural light intake. The Air range is a groundbreaking way to camp, with the most painless pitch and flexible room to create your ideal stay.

Air 8 Tent

The Air 8 tent by Berghaus is among the largest of its kind, with a floor area for convenient maneuver. It’s tunnel-designed with a central living area and bedrooms at each end.

There are also two wide D-doors, offset on the front and back of the shelter, enabling entry and exit from both sides and improved air circulation. Berghaus operates low to high air vents on Air 8, and all vents are customizable for precision airflow.

Capable of sleeping up to 8 guests, the bedrooms have adjustable divider curtains and zipped shut for protection. Plenty of natural light is produced by wide windows, and the interior has versatile features such as lofts, ceiling racks, cable routing.

Air 6XL Inflatable Tunnel Tent

The Air 6XL is somewhat shorter but almost double in width than Air 6 and arrives with a front porch for shaded relaxing. Standing 215 cm long, you can comfortably walk into this tunnel tent and even stand up in the bedrooms.

The living room is so big that it matches the Tokyo flat and has plenty of light from the many windows and doors. The sleep room measures 420 x 215 cm and can be split into three curtains if you like. These individual spaces both have their private zip doors and can even be vented using their mesh vents simultaneously as the vents on the back of the tent.

Like all Berghaus tents, superior water resistance is available on the 6XL. A dense floor covering in living and sleeping areas has seams taped and is thoroughly sewn to remove the groundwater from being sown in. Besides, the outer shell is covered with a 6000 mm hydrostatic head, and the doors are built with awnings to hold rain away from the entrance points for a dry outdoor experience.

Are Berghaus Tents Any Good?

The inflatable Berghaus tents have a high-end shelter that can last for several years if used properly and well maintained. Although not the least expensive tents on the marketplace, the price tag is justified. All you need is included in these tents, giving you comfort and peace of mind when you use them.

With their multi-room, fully customizable layout, these tents are perfect for family camping and can be attached to the Air Porch for an extended living area. They have high-quality materials and excellent waterproofing while offering plenty of natural light and continuous airflow for a widely recommended outdoor shelter, complying with European safety requirements.

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