How Old Is Too Old To Camp In A Tent?

Camping has been around for many many years and is something mnay generations have been able to enjoy together. It was a popular way to get away and have a holiday before flying abroad was accessible for everyone and still is a popular family holiday style to this day.

You are never too old to go camping but there are things you should take into consideration to make your trip more comfortable. Look at using a pop up tent, camp bed for better nights sleep and staying at a campsite for use of onsite facilties such as toilets, shop and laundry & cooking facilities.

In this article we are going to talk about what you can do to make your trip more comfortable no matter your age, what we think you should be doing when camping at an older age and things to consider.

Things To Think About When Going Camping

While we believe you are never too old to camp (or atleast in some fashion) there are certain things you can do to make your trip more comfortable and less straining on the body.

Putting Up A Tent

One of the most important parts of camping is the tent, your home from home and shelter for the days you are camping. Even if you are at a campsite and have full facilities and home comforts your tent will be where you spend most of your down time.

Think about who is going to be putting up the tent, who is doing most of the set up. If this is yourself and you feel you may struggle look at getting a pop up tent or a tent that is easier to assemble. If you are going with family, friends or even a partner and they are able to help or do most of the work then you can chose a tent you prefer.

Packing & Unpacking

While this part can be as easy as you make it, think about getting the equipment into the car and out again. This is something to take into consideration as if you cannot lift much then you will want to make sure all the packing and equipment you do take can be lifted by you or ther person/people you are camping with.

Lifting items in and out of the car can be straining and not something everyone can manage whether young or older.

Facilties & Amenities

Campsites which have full facilties from toilets and showers, washing up and laundry facilities along with other things from onsite shop and cafe/restaurant. These are all really helpful and can really help make your trip much more comfortable and go more smoothly.

Easy access to a onsite shop, washing and laundry facilities can make a trip much more comfortable and easier. This way you can clean up and get showered without having to struggle or go without.

How To Camp In A Tent Comfortably?

Choosing the right camping gear is a key component to making your camping experience more comfortable.

Sleeping Gear

There aren’t many things that are worse than having a bad night’s sleep. This is why it is important to pack the right sleeping gear when camping in a tent. A popular sleeping arrangement that many campers opt for is sleeping bags. The best type of sleeping bag to use will depend on the weather and how light you want to pack if you are travelling.

For colder conditions, it is best to pack a down sleeping bag, as these types of sleeping bags provide more insulation which will keep you warm at night. For wet conditions, it is best to go for a synthetic sleeping bag. A rectangular-shaped sleeping bag will also provide you with more comfort, as you have more room to move around in.

Another way to make your sleeping arrangement more comfortable is to use a sleeping pad. Sleeping pads provide an extra layer of comfort between you, your sleeping bag and the ground.  An air sleeping pad will provide you with the highest level of comfort. An air mattress is also a good option for comfort while sleeping.  If you want to feel like you are sleeping on a real mattress, opt for a double-thick inflatable mattress.

Adding a sheet, a comforter, and a pillow to your sleeping bag can also make a huge difference. Bring along a sheet that is the same size as your air mattress, a comforter to put under your sleeping bag, and an inflatable or foam pillow.

Once you have your bedding picked out, consider the type of clothing you will be sleeping in. If you have too many layers on, your sleeping bag will become tight, and your body will feel constricted. With insulation sleeping bags, heat is retained, and you might feel too warm if you have many layers of clothing on.

The final way to make sure you are sleeping comfortably is to use a camp bed, these are raised platforms that fold out and create a bed like frame. These are perfect for anyone who is older, struggles to sleep on the floor or just wants to be raised up. USe one of these with a sleeping mat and sleeping bag for ultimate comfort.

Essential Extras

Although it is fun to be out in nature, it is okay to take along a few extra things from home. Earplugs are something you will never regret having. You never know if someone you may be sleeping nearby snores. Earplugs will help you shut out the loud noises that rob you of getting a good night’s sleep.

The bright light of the rising sun could also be a sleep-breaker. You might want to bring along an eye mask, especially for those summer mornings. Most tents do not provide the same functions as your curtains at home would.

Having a comfy camping chair is always a good option. There aren’t many places suitable to sit in a tent, besides your sleeping bag or mattress. Bringing along a camping chair that will fit in your tent will make you feel right at home.

What To Do To Make Camping Easier?

Have The Right Tent

The first step to having an easy camping experience is to choose the right tent. Pop-up or instant tents will be the easiest tent to set up while camping. These types of tents are inexpensive and lightweight. The two most common shapes they are available in are a dome and tunnel shape.

The dome shape is good for hard surfaces, and tunnel shapes are better for rainy weather conditions because they provide for you to dry off your gear.

Always set up your tent in the daylight, don’t set it up in the dark. It is a good idea to test out pitching your tenet before you arrive at the campsite.

Pack Light

Overpacking for your camping trip is easy to do. Packing many things for your camping trip can overcomplicate everything. Packing light is a great way to simplify the camping process. When unpacking your things, always think about re-packing. To make the cleaning process easier, don’t leave your things lying around everywhere.

Keep track of where you are putting items. Pack extra trash bags to throw away packaging covers and any other junk you do not need.

Plan your meals and pre-prepare as many meals as possible at home before your trip. Store your pre-made ingredients in storage boxes or food bags. This will ensure that your cooking experience at the campsite will not be a hassle.  Invest in a cool box to store all your drinks and frozen foods.

If your campsite offers electricity, then an electric cool box is a good investment to make.

Instead of lighting fires or packing extra layers of clothing, you can use a heater to keep the inside of your tent warm. Gas heaters are more convenient to use, especially if there is no electricity at the campsite. Another heating alternative is to have hot water bottles in your tent. Have firewood, a lighter, and any other homemade fire starters.

This will allow you to easily get your fire going without any problems. Consider taking a lantern instead of a torch. A lantern will provide light throughout your tent, whereas a flashlight or torch only provides direct light to where you hold it.

Investing in a camp loo will be more convenient for you on your camping trip. You won’t have to travel far at night to use a toilet; you can have one near the comfort of your tent.

Consider A Caravan

If pitching a tent and unpacking everything sounds like too much work for you, a caravan is an easier alternative for camping.  Caravans have everything you need in them. Most of them are fitted with beds, a kitchen, a lounging area, and a bathroom.

All you need to do is drive your caravan to the camping site, and you are all set up.  Static caravans require towing, which can be heavy on your vehicle. Off-road caravans cost more than static caravans.

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