Why Are KOA Campgrounds So Expensive?

No matter where you plan to go camping in the USA and Canada you are bound to stumble upon Kampgrounds of America. If you have browsed the prices you might be wondering why they are so expensive compared to other campgrounds available.

Kampgrounds of America are more expensive than other campgrounds as they offer more and have exclusive facilities including laundry facilities, games room and swimming pools. They also hold events, live shows and have exclusive pitches including hot tubs and patio areas.

In this article we are going to explore the reasons why KOA campgrounds are expensive and what they offer along with some alternatives.

What Are KOA Campgrounds?

Kampgrounds of America is a group of privately owned campgrounds based in both the United States and Canada. The campground system was founded in the state of Montana, USA, in 1962. Kampgrounds of America makes it easy to travel across North America on tour in a motorhome because you are sure of getting access to campsites scattered across the continent in almost every state in the USA and more than 30 locations in Canada.

All campgrounds in this system have the same quality and offer the same service. Additionally, they have more services than you can get at regular campgrounds, making them one of the top choices for campers. If you have a large RV, there is enough space for you, and you can even set up a patio, a tent, and other things for your convenience. 

Features of KOA Campgrounds

The opportunity to make use of the basic features of KOA comes when you pay the regular price. Some of the basic features of KOA campsites are:

  • Camp stores
  • Swimming pools
  • Outdoor picnic tables
  • Laundry facilities
  • Playgrounds
  • Fire pits
  • Hot showers
  • Tidy restrooms
  • Large campgrounds
  • Free WIFI

Some KOA campsites offer deluxe features, but consequently, they are more expensive than the regular sites. To gain access to the exclusive features, you have to pay more than you would at standard locations. The extra cost might be worth it if your focus is on comfort and making the most of your time out. At the deluxe campgrounds, you would get the following features in addition to the basics that would make your outdoor living space luxurious.

  • Private two-person hot tub
  • Furniture for your patio
  • Stone, wood, or concrete patio
  • Breathtaking view

It is noteworthy that KOA campgrounds might not offer total privacy like you might get at some state park campsites because the tent sites are not secluded. However, the comfort and excellent service people get from the grounds can make them forgo that slight inconvenience. Also, the campgrounds have high standards when it comes to cleanliness and maintenance. The laundry facilities come in handy, especially when you need to wash a sleeping bag or other camping equipment, instead of struggling with them in the shower. No two KOA campgrounds are perfectly identical, but most of them have sinks where people can wash their dishes, rooms where people can play games, facilities for reheating food, and stores where campers can buy snacks.

People who choose to camp with their pets can access off-leash dog parks and might even benefit from pet daycare. Also, there are places for more adult activities like wine-tasting or soaking in a hot tub. 

Why Are KOA Campgrounds So Expensive?

The prices of KOA campgrounds vary from location to location. It costs more to camp in some states than others, and places near tourist attraction sites tend to be more expensive. KOA campgrounds are generally more costly than regular campgrounds because they are owned and operated privately.

This gives the owners the liberty to set the prices at the level they wish. Also, every KOA campground offers more features than regular campgrounds. For instance, in a standard campground, you might be able to access picnic tables, public restrooms, firepits, the campsite itself, and a few other essential things, while KOA campsites give you access to all these and more. You get to use a swimming pool, patio, and other facilities that provide entertainment and convenience.

Sometimes, campers can get treated to live music concerts or animal presentations at no further cost. Apart from the high-quality experience KOA campgrounds offer, they are more expensive because they have to be continually maintained to retain their quality and KOA status.

If you want to stay at a KOA campground, it will cost you anywhere between $40 and $80 for a night. For people in the United States, the average cost for a night at the campsite is $56. You can use KOA campsites even though you do not own an RV because they have cabins available to be rented. The cabins guarantee you quality time on the grounds without the stress of setting up a tent. It will cost you something between $50 and $250 every night to stay at a cabin on-site. 

KOA Campground Alternatives

Camping at luxury resorts can be convenient, fun, and safe, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. If you are on a tight budget, you can still have a great time camping, but you will have the forgo the luxury of swimming pools or a hot tub. There are Forest Service – federal and state – campgrounds in the United States that cost less than half of the price you pay for a night at a KOA campground. You can always visit their website to find the state and federal campgrounds in any location. You might also be allowed to set up your equipment at regional and county parks, state fairgrounds, and public utility lands. 

In many cases, camping on these grounds would cost you no money. You can stay for as long as you want but be responsible and keep the place clean. The federal government has millions of acres of land available for use by the public so take advantage of this opportunity if you want to save money or if you and your family or friends prefer spending time away from other people. The situation is the same in Canada.

On land controlled by the Bureau of Land Management, you can camp for free and not break any law unless there are signs telling campers or people, in general, to keep off. However, make sure you have all your equipment ready because you might need every piece of them. The lands, in this case, might just be plain without any public facility. It is more suited to people who do not wish to camp for a prolonged period. Nevertheless, it is good to be around nature but make sure the place is safe before you settle down.

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